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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hell....Or .......Hello Kitty ?

Click on 3 photos to enlarge.

I appreciate things for kids, and especially embrace anything that has to do with putting a smile on a kid's face , but I draw the line at stuff that makes me feel like I'm in a bad movie about some kind of cult taking over the world ...which is what I thought when I took these photos at 53'rd and Park Avenue... I didn't even know what Hello Kitty characters were, much less found out driving a customer later in the week that it was the THE Hello Kitty characters that he pointed out to his children and they were thrilled to see it, not traumatized as I was, when I initially drove by it and thought an 18,000 pound 21-foot-tall Cat water fountain and it's friends were in combat mode ...or Pokemon mode..or Naruto mode....or whatever the fuck the new Godzilla is that wants to destroy all of us. I get classified information from my nieces and nephews on these matters so trust me on this. I also have a PHD in Bullshit. Why else would I be The King of New Yrk Hacks?....

1. Hi I'm here to destroy you

2. Me Too !!!!! and collect money while your children chant my name.
3. I'm Just pissing out my eyes , no worries about me mate....but a quarter would be nice!

According to the creator of these Tom Sachs . "Hello Kitty is universal. The purity makes her a great vehicle for understanding the truth in our lives. They'll be up all summer so the children of New York City can enjoy the fountain [where water pours from kitty's eyes!]." He continues to say Hello Kitty has "an almost Buddhist sense of nothingness." I have a different opinion and I'll bet you do too , since NYC tax is probably paying part of the bill although I haven't confirmed this information. Annnyyyhoww....Just like I told you about the Channel 11 Executive and his slogan line in my earlier blogs....whats your opinion , I'd like to know. That's why..... I am , King of New York Hacks.


  1. sounds like you've seen that South Park episode where all the kids want the Pokemon.

    Anyway, this does seem pretty disgusting. Why would our tax dollars go to something that encourages the kids to spend their parents income on these toys? If it's commercial or endorsing a product, it should be payed for by the company, and not by the government. that's my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the input Lucky , as I agree with you already and your opinion is what i want to know.