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Thursday, August 14, 2008

3AM Williamsburg,Brooklyn

Welcome to Williamsburg,Brooklyn, I'll be your host this evening.

Once I get my sock and shoe on, I'm gonna "behead" you King Of New York Hacks !!!
SOOOOOO anyway , as I dropped a young lady off in Williamsburg,Brooklyn I noticed this bloke in front of a car where her apartment was, so I told her before she got out to be careful, that there was a dude who looked a little fucked up and that she should walk around the back of him. She rolled her eyes, grunted and leaned up to the partition so she could see what I was talking about, took a look at him and sighed "Ohhh Shit !! Thank god I don't know him !! I thought I was going to have to take one of my friends home !!" She gave me a nice tip and happily left the taxi knowing she did not have to chaperone anyone...So I pulled up to this dude and I say "you o.k. dude?" ....He looked at me with bloodied face and dead stare as he emptied what was in his sock into his hand which "looked like little envelopes filled with candy"and he proceeded to dump about 3 envelopes into his mouth to which he then said , "I'm glad you're here , you can drive me home, I live right there", pointing to the house across the street. I told him "not tonight, I think you'll make it though". He then cursed me out saying fuck cab drivers and told me he was going to fucking "behead" me and that I should go suck some cock. "Behead" me ?? What the fuck ?!?! What do you watch Lord of the Rings all day ? 300? Shakespeare in love?? He looked like he was going to spit at me so I couldn't get an action photo of this because I had to pull up a little. I took a parting shot as I laughed my ass off once again and headed towards Manhattan back to my throne with head still attached to the body of, The King Of New York Hacks.

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