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Thursday, August 28, 2008

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets !!! My Lunch Hour !!! & Trump !!

So as this King went to take his lunch hour on Wall St which is where I work during the day, I noticed a string of buses lined all the way down the block. I stopped to look at them and said out loud "what the fuck is up with all these buses?" to which a fellow New Yorker heard me and replied"Its the fucking JETS, their in the Cipriani ballroom across the street...I saw Bret Favre go in there about an hour ago. " Thanks for the info bro , as he moved on surely back to work. However since I was just beginning my lunch hour , I had to investigate a bit further King Of New York Hacks style.

SO, as I looked at the front of the bus .....yup IT WAS THE JETS , My favorite football team.

I then walked over to Cipriani and told the door guy I was meeting a client at the bar..He knew what I was up too and as I "accidentally" opened the door to the ballroom , I saw the entire Jets team on the podium and everyone clapping for them. Then security told me to get lost. No worries, I figured I'd have my lunch outside and catch them when they left. This picture is the sidewalk logo engraved in brass on the sidewalk in front of the ballroom entrance at Cipriani.

I then looked up and they had a HUGE flag flying high for the NEW YORK JETS !!!!
I asked one of the bodyguards waiting outside what he thought of this and he told me " Man , this is some bullshit , I'm a Giant's fan and we won the Superbowl, but since they got Favre, ITS LIKE THE GIANTS DON'T EXIST !!!!Now C'mon Bro, you agree with me?" I laughed and said he had a good point as I further planned my route of being the paparazzi for the next half hour.

Eric Barton getting interviewed, he is a big boy , Defensive line, 6'2" 245 pounds at 30 years old. He would be uncomfortable being a hack....he picked the right trade.

Eric Barton majored in criminology , so maybe he'll be one of New York's finest one day.

This guy is Kris Jenkins , Defensive Tackle 6'4" 349 pounds , his younger brother Cullen plays for the Green Bay Packers who I hope for Bret Favre's sake was not an enemy of his brother.

This guy has a suitjacket with the sleeves cut of, obviously Kris CAN NOT shop off the rack.

But he looks pretty happy at being a Jet and being interviewed by good looking newscasters....and He DEFINITELY would be uncomfortable as a hack.

I then had to sneak around the block because I saw all the undercover cops going in that direction, and now that I was in paparazzi mode , The King would not fail at getting a shot of the new quarterback for the New York Jets ....BRETT FAVRE !!!! I got as close as I could and got these shots.
I don't think his bodyguards would even let his players get close to him.
Favre is listed as 6'2" , 222 pounds...and I was surprised because he didn't look as big as I expected. I'm 5'11" 225, so if he plays a pick up game in Central Park I'm sacking his ass !!
This big redhead who gave me a high five as I walked by him and snapped a pic is Alan Faneca , Left Guard , 6'5" 307 pounds , this guy was approachable and cool. He does extensive work with Epilepsy Foundation of America and has participated in podcast called "Speaking Out for Epilepsy” after being diagnosed with epilepsy at 15. Keep up the good work brother. The gentleman next to him I believe was Lavreneus Coles 5'11" ' 193 pound receiver who will be working very hard for Brett Favre this season. Another cool dude who high fived me !!

And as fate would have it , I guess Donald Trump was at the function too, I saw him exiting "The Trump Building" on Wall St which he owns, so of course " The Donald " recognizing " The King" begged me for a photo opportunity to which I complied.

Some asshole Hack honking his horn must have distracted " The Donald" , but the pic is in the books. Unfortunately I had to settle for a profile shot as donnie was mad at some contracting done in his building. Hey , I never knew it , but Donald Trump is a tall guy and has a good sense of humor too.....and the hair, well I hope my hair glistens too when I get to his age.

Donald NOT getting into one of The King's yellow chariots...but thats his preference.
Now , as we come to an end of my lunch hour , we meet these cheerleaders for the JETS !!
Lining up for photo op's and autographs.

And here is a little tidbit of info I learned, they are not referred to as cheerleaders...They call themselves the New York Jets Flight Crew !!! Hopefully they'll help fly us to the Superbowl !!!

I am not the pilot of the Jets plane, nor am I a member of the flight crew, but I was a paparazzi fan for my lunch hour as I remain The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. very nice paparazzi work man. That's one more secret ambition i have. you got what it takes bro.

  2. Now I completely understand why you are the King. All this just on your lunch hour...

  3. nyc photo--- damn right brother , no way they push back a hack to get a shot !!!

    suburbantaxigirl--- I'm honored that you have found my "king"dom, I hope you enjoy as I have added tou to the roll call. Be safe sister.


  4. Dont you agree that it's a shame how these over grown numb skulls are paid millions of $$$ to "PLAY" football and wall street treats them like they're the ceo of some major corp. Meanwhile there are homeless men,woman and children all over the city. Remember people we are our brothers keeper

  5. Schlitze, you couldn't be more right, Its almost as if us normal working people are treated as FREAKS or something sometimes. By the way , that Beany doll is creeping me out !!

  6. Isn't Favre like John McCain's age?

  7. Lugosi you crazy fuck !! You know damn well that McCain is at least 3 months younger than Favre !!

  8. Good job on the paparazzi work. I always thought I'd be cool around celebrities, but I'm not; I become paralyzed and stand there all agog. Ask Muhammad Ali. He'll tell you.