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Friday, August 22, 2008

Need a Toilet in NYC fast...Now you can find one!!!

I was interviewed via e-mail by a newspaper in Queens called the "Queens Tribune" by journalist Josh Spiro. He is doing a piece on New York Hacks and he found my sight and asked me a bunch of questions to which I responded to accordingly.

I did mention to him how us drivers have a difficult time finding a place to relieve ourselves in the city. I told him how most of us carry a large empty Gatorade bottle for a number one but a number two is a problem. I told him that I did once resort to, and yes this is humiliating, but I had to crap so bad I found a secluded spot on Riverside Drive ( a pricey piece of real estate to relieve myself ) leaned against my cab praying no one would walk by or see me (which is a very hard thing to do in Manhattan), reminding myself that I only did this while hunting once before. I finished my business and cleaned up. I carry toilet paper, purell hand sanitizer and paper towels in my bag which is really my survival kit.

I felt like I shit all over the stuffy upper crust who live in this area who have stiffed me without a tip many times so there was some retribution in this act, however when I was done, I drove off hoping this would never happen to me again. Well Lo and behold my new journalist friend sent me this website which is a toilet locater for New York City and told me that he hopes it will help. My fellow blogger and driver NYCTAXIPHOTO responded in the comment section because I added the link to my sidebar of Taxi links, so I thought I'd post about this ingenious search engine. Happy toilet hunting in NYC everyone. Here is the link:

Diaroogle helps you find quality public toilets from your mobile phone. a pretty little thing

It's for the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience. It is also a community authored database of New York toilets.

Good luck to you,
The Diaroogle Team

I'll follow up on the Queens Tribune article, he told me it will be out next week....wonder if he'll mention this story? LOL

Thank you Diaroogle Team, from the bottom of my heart and "bottom" of The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. Nice. Wow you come prepared, and so I'll say it, to have taken such precaution, truly keeps you as , the King of New York Hacks.

  2. The Exxon nearest my favorite stand closed about a month ago, and it has completely disrupted my bathroom routines. The place was incredibly convenient.
    There is a deli on the same service road, but the problem is that the bathroom is towards the back. If you go in, every employee in the place stares at you. I feel obligated to buy something.

  3. This reminds me of my son telling me that while he was in Iraq, driving in a convoy looking for roadside bombs at 3 mph (yes. THREE), he just opened the door and "hovered" while he continued to drive. Try that next time!

    I've been to NYC only once (so far), and I remember that public restrooms were few and far between. You had to stop and buy something just to use the ladies.

    When I come back, I'll keep Diaroogle in mind.

  4. Thats a great idea gnightgirl !! Please thank your son for what he is doing in Iraq and the now patented "hovered" technique which I will use as I drive down 5th Avenue and crash the Thanksgiving day parade this year!!