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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This city can be quite beautiful sometimes and make us forget all the critters that surround us and how we mostly ignore them or just give 'em a quick glance and keep walking. So I was inspired by another great blog to write this post, Read on and enjoy...If you have a pic of an animal in NYC that you feel should be posted feel free to send it to me and I'll do a follow up post. We can't let all the farm folk have ALL the fun with their critters. Click all pics to enlarge.

Central Park Great Lake at Dusk

I was given a website by gnightgirl called "On The Way To Critter Farm" and Its a website about a city girl who becomes a farmgirl, and posts many of the creatures and experiences that she encounters on a daily basis,( definitely worth a look..many actually,,,VERY WELL WRITTEN FUNNY SITE) . So I figured I'd give her our version of urban critter pictures I have encountered over the last few days all over the city . We are truly an urban jungle real and fake, however I didn't have to use all the animals I see like rats, raccoons,possums,cockroaches and of course the human animals who are of pedigrees I can't put my finger on sometimes. So here goes, nothing exotic but , what the shit!!! This is New York !!Here we go!!

This is something I've never seen before. I've seen guys with parrots or guys with boa constrictors walking around hawking a photo for five bucks...whatever...This guy takes 2 guinea pigs, 2 dogs, 2 cats , and I'm sure he has a mouse up his sleeve. He puts these animals out as you can see on a dinner tray and boxes with a red bowl for the public to fill with money....and people do. Hopefully these animals get food besides the Benedryl that he gives them because they are comatose. Nuff Said on that , weird, I'd rather see the old monkey and music box routine than this dull animal experience. To each his own. This was taken on Broadway a block south of Wall St when I was leaving my day job.

So this leads me to a simple household varmin that has scared the shit out of us at least once in our lives...The Centipede !!!! No, no, not the videogame, for us 80's enthusiasts but a real one that was next to the bed in my fathers basement...Creepy..and yes I squashed him.

Pigeons Bathing in the water as I wait my next fare in JFK Airport Parking Lot...notice my cab ini the reflection of the puddle.....almost Picassoesque, no monsieur? A fellow Indian driver told me to catch them, boil them for an hour and drink pigeon soup, it would cure my asthma as it has done recently for his daughters,,,"no more ezthma my friend" I thought he was saying excema the skin problem at first til he mimicked coughing and such, he also told me best to use a white pigeon or a very light colored one,,"This is best my friend I assure you" he said,,,,,OK thanks a bunch Dr.Ornithology ....but I'll pass on that one.

New Yorks Finest Mounted Unit headed down 8th Ave with their horses to some club that was becoming overcrowded.....Trampling with horses ALWAYS solves the old overcrowding issue , QUICKLY !!

This cat has balls....sitting next to a fish market right next to the snow crabs on sale for $9.99. This cat has a plan, and he's going to call all his friends to capitalize on it. A TRULY hustling New York City CAT ! I took this photo on Canal St in CHINATOWN !!

Metropolitan Museum of Art ..Horses display all over the museum until September.

Louis Armstrong loved to continue the performance via the from steps of the Met or could be one of the Marsalis'.

This little farm with, ostrich and friends were made of leaves carved from a Chinese artist in chinatown, each one cost from 5 to 25 dollars.

Perhaps a little gruesome for some but when surrounded by lovely Christmas lights, the head of a horse almost makes me break out my rendition of "oh horses night,the bar is brightly shining" , sorry just got in the Christmas mood there for a second. Paddy McGuires Ale House, always a good place for a pint.

And who in their right mind can forget the Catman of Times Square who walks around with his feline perched on his head all night screaming "thats right CAT ON THE HEAD !!! presumedly a slight to Dr,Seuss for keeping his cat in a hat instead of using the animal for a hat I'm sure,this cat is very alive by the way.

And lastly , one of my favorites in this jungle, The cow that is perched on the Old Homestead Steakhouse Restaurant awning. ( They do have a great steak and everything else too by the way) If ya click on the pic, it says he's the King of beef.....

and that may very well be, however this urban zookeeper remains, in this city of many critters, The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. Ha! Never knew so many forms of wildlife took up residence in the Big Apple!

    Thanks for the visit...

    Enjoyed the blog...great writing man, great writing.

    I'll be back

  2. Ha! How freakin' fun this was for me to read your post today! Nothing like a good ego stroke to put a smile on your face, eh? Indeed, you've got some bizarro critters on your end of the states, too. So there ya go...we've got way more in common than I ever would've thought. Hands down, my fave is Mr. "That's right, Cat on the head". I would like to meet him. Not everyone can walk around a crazy city like New York while successfully balancing a feline on one's noggin.
    So, now that we know each other a bit, should I call you "Mr. King", "Mr. Hack" or the more familiar "Hacky" for short?
    And thanks for the shout out :-)

  3. Hey Slick: I haven't even tapped the wildlife in this city yet , but thanks for the compliments as I read your blog and after reading it always think mine sucks.

    Hey farmgirl_dk ,

    I'm working on finding Cat on the Head guy again for a video interview post , and if I find him I'll be sure to have him give a shout out to your blog. I've only seen him twice so far , but I'll see him again, no worries there.Like I said I have more city critters to come , and as far as what to call me ...well I remain anonymous so my day job won't find out .So until I "out" myself "King" is fine..some people take it the wrong way , its just a goof, so enjoy,interact and most of all I hope you visit and reccomend to all. Regards farmgirl, one of my favorite sights and one of my dreams to be surrounded by animals without human relations. LOL

  4. You got it, King. :-) And I get the "lark" aspect to all of this, believe me.
    Looking forward to more of those crazy critters and, especially, the CAT ON THE HEAD guy.
    Drive carefully.

  5. Completely captivating! Brilliant comparison, your city animals to Farmgirl's country critters.

    I don't know though, I think she might have driven that centipede to the countryside, and set it free. Let's ask her!

    I hope you get to interview the cat head guy too. Every time I try to have an interesting conversation with a weirdo, I only discover that they're just nuts, and I should run for my life. Be careful!