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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best Ice Cream Tune Ever!! ...and perhaps most annoying. You decide.

The Infamous Mister Softee

Anyone from New York and most who have visited this great city have heard the hypnotic tune of Mister Softee which lures you almost in Bugs Bunny floating through the air fashion, smelling sweet ice cream and goodies he is holding ransom from you. If you never heard the tune but live in a neighborhood where you hear it quite often , it may cause you to kill Mr. Softee. He did at one time remind me of the clown from the movie Poltergeist, so I used The Good Humor guy for a few days until I felt safe enough to order a milk shake which only Mr.Softee made and Good Humor did not. Anyway I took this while I pulled up next to him near Union Park where A LOT of people congregate. Sticking with the ice cream theme of the last post I will leave you with the link to the theme of Mr.Softee...don't listen too long it may cause delusions.

Click here for a listen: MrSofteeTheme

Hopefully Eddie's sweet shop doesn't have a similar tune playing inside when I visit or I'll beat his ass like the Poltergeist clown got his ass whooped....I'm no Mr.Softee , but I still remain at the wheel of this yellow chariot that drives The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. Bones recently reran the episode in which Booth shoots the clown off the top of an ice cream truck because the music is pissing him off.
    Now I know where the writers got the idea.

  2. that truck was outside my shool my whole elemenery life ...and i always bought a parfit with extra whipped cream,,,,unless i was bad in scholl and got a kick in the as..but while I got that kick, i thought of doodle dee doodle dee doodle deee dind ddee dong dee dong etc......the music took away my pain as i looked forward to antoher parfait. good times y'all

  3. I remember that music from when I was a kid. It was nice, soothing tune unless you have to hear it for more than a few minutes. The new tunes on the wagons out here are sooo annoying - one has a fake duck quack that is just grating.

  4. Ducks Quacking !!! Elmer Fudd time if I hear that in this city because it would be DUCK SEASON !!!!
    Do they sell duck flavor ice cream though? hmmmm.....Hey King , keep them posts comin bro, you crackin me up with this weird shit

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