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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The King reviewed by fellow Hacks !!

A couple of fellow hacks reviewed my sight recently, so I thought I'd let you know what they thought, thank them for it on my blog, and I'd also like to know what you think. So feel free to comment.

This one was from known as Diary of a Mad D.C. Cabbie, He knows how to talk the talk and he makes you feel like your right in the cab with him.
This was his quote:

"Finally check my man King of New York, this motherfucker is the real deal!"

Yo Mad Cabbie,thanks for referring my motherfucking ass as the real a New Yorker and brother hack I couldn't ask for a better compliment !!

This one is from known as NYC Taxi Photo, Great NYC Photography on his blog that he takes from all parts of the city to make you feel like you spent the day there.

"The King of New York Hacks
, gives you a peek at the absurd, and all the interesting things one sees when they set up behind the wheel for 12 hours. When the cabbie anticipates a day of work I'll bet they never expect to see, oh, I don't know, a man with a cat on his head!? Yeah I saw him too, but The King heard his words, "Cat on the head, yes that's right Cat on the head!". That cat dude must be an insomniac."

Yo NYC Taxi Photo, thanks for calling my site like it is.....ABSURD !!! LOL ...but truly what my man says about getting a peek at all the interesting things one sees when they set up behind the wheel for 12 hours, well that goes for all our brother and sister hacks in all time zones, races, creeds or color. We see all the shit and shine, trust me the King knows this for real.

So in closing , Check out both these brothers blogs and all the one's they recommend , most of which are already on my sidebar list. Enjoy, and be safe everyone. Friday night tomorrow, and that yellow cab that looks like the real absurd motherfucking deal flying down Broadway, well no worries there, it's just me , THE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS.


  1. Haha, yeah dude, I didn't mean it badly. You got a knack for finding that different stuff and showing us.

    Thanks much for the support and plug. I always appreciate it. I heard that football thing at Columbus circle messed up everything bad. I wasn't driving, hope you weren't either.


  2. i totally second your mad dc cabbie recommendation. there is never a dull moment on his blog. who knew driving a dc cab would be so fascinating?

  3. Hi Mr New York cab driver. I visit your sight regularly for some entertainment, which you always deliver. My blog is made up from a number of different drivers posting as a sort of club. Trouble is when you get four cab drivers together you get five different opinions. Our site sometimes get a bit political for my liking, as a prefer humour to politics. Some say they are the same thing.
    If you have time pop over and have a look. I have to monitor the comments as we have made a few enemy's from the private hire drivers here in London. If you like to post on our site as our man in New York we will be only to pleased to know what's happening across the pond, but will understand if you would rather pass on that. We have a link on our site to yours.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks a bunch thomasthetaxi, I just checked out you sight and love it as well !!! Added your link to my taxibloggers !!

    Cheers brother and be safe out there !!

  5. Hey there your majesty. I drive a cab in NYC too, and write about it. Thanks for putting your two cents out there. We indeed have a voice that we ourselves create.