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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long Island City Fun, Flava Flav Sr, King of Hacks Sr and DWI.


This great looking and VERY happy group of people from Long Island City in Queens gave me the honor of driving them home, and directing me to their destination using the shortcuts that they know. They were asking me questions about the taxi industry and we had a few laughs about it, but when we got close their home, the girl in the middle ( please forgive me , but I never took their names down !!! So if you read this LIC friends, send me your names and I'll update), so the girl in the middle says to me, at a red light that if I "gunned" it right when the light turns green, that I would hit all green lights right to their door. Ok, I thought, I'm in. The two gentleman completely disagreed with her saying it was one of the worst streets with NO sequence of lighting and continued to ridicule the statement as she defended it. The light turned green, I gunned it, and we went at about 60mph for about twenty feet as we hit a dead red. I turned around and said " well, that theory was shot to shit" and we all laughed . She then said "it was the next light to do it on"....this time we went about 50 feet before a dead red as we all laughed again. We gave it one more go on the next light and actually made it through one green before another red. Laughter again, but we did feel the progress we made as we laughed through this test of traffic lights in Queens. Then one of the gentlemen said to me " you are probably, the 3rd best cabbie I ever had" ...I thought to myself THIRD ?!!?!?! I'm the King!!!! , what did the other two do?.... Just then the other guy and girl chimed in saying I was the best and after conferring with them he agreed and said , "yeah he can't be the third he's , THE BEST !!" Now I was happy, I told them I'm the King of New York Hacks , and handed them a paper with my logo and website, and then I asked them if they would like to be on my blog since they recognized me as the King now. They were more than happy and I got a great picture of them at the end of our hilarious ride....not to mention they tipped me WAY too generous, but I was grateful for it. These people were some class act New Yorkers who give this city the vibe that is expected, and without them we do not exist. Glad you enjoyed the ride, sorry I didn't write your names down and hope you get in my ride again. These are the first customers I ever posted on this blog, Congrats Long Island City, way to represent. I am knighting all of you, so always refer to yourself as a Knight of NYC... and if you ever get me again, free ride for you !!!! Peace.


This hustling cat hailed me down on 10th ave in front of a club to only find out he was hailing all cabs down for people leaving the club and asked them for a tip on getting their taxi. Thats some slick shit, cause my man had a wad of cash in his hand and as you can tell, he looked like he was having a good time earning his money and had a wad of cash in hand, guess I'm in the wrong business. This picture shows he was EXTREMELY happy with the way his night was going .That made me feel like I'm in the wrong business, but if I was I wouldn't have been able to meet the LIC crew. So when he opened the door of my cab with his hand out for getting his customers a cab. I watched as they gave him a couple of bucks and at the end of the ride they tipped me a buck. Good tip for a ride, but they tipped my man the hustler of tenth avenue a few more dollars. So kudos go to my man on tenth ave wearing a tie, the shades AND the attitude to get a cab quickly. Truly a New Yorker.

DONT DRINK AND DRIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thse pics are from the end of my night , as I sat at a red light with a double parked car next to me , all of a sudden I heard a crunch....that was my passenger side rear door..I got out of the car to see what the fuck was happening h, and as I approached the minivan which was leaning against my cab, I saw the guy was ASLEEP at the wheel. I knocked on his window and he looked angry and wouldn't roll the window down , so I got in my cab seperated our cars dent and scratches in all, and got out to trade insurance and etc....This guy was DRUNK...period...He got some of his senses together and reacted....He wasn't into this protocol and clipped another parked car as he headed toward my taxi head on as he was escaping. I went into KING mode which is similar to "The Bourne Identity" mode, and as my drivers door was opened,I jumped into my cab and wailed it into drive to turn the corner , hit the gas to get away as i watched him swerve down Ft.Washington Ave ,got out of the car to get his plate, which I did successfully ...and then my night was over , I called dispatch and told them what happened , and they said you have to come back now for pictures....The King's first accident , just sitting at a red light. That sucks. It would have been a lot cooler if I drove through the Federal Reserve and shared all the gold with the people.... oh well, with the happy face of Flav Sr , and my new Long Island City was still a good night....

So I may have been hit by a DUI guy, but it's not the end of the fact , the photo beneath this diatribe, this is my father and all the medals he won in the Staten Island Senior Olympics , New York...He's also holding tickets to the last game at Yankee Stadium which he attended...Life is good..just look at it in the right perspective people...I'm not an Olympian , but I am THE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS. Peace.


  1. Wow - That was quite a night...I'm exhausted just having read about it. Look at you, making friends where ever you go. Well, except for that guy who wanted to mess up your vehicle. gnightgirl and I get free rides if we ever wind up in your car? ;-)

  2. Danni, I'll drive you and Gnightgirl to the moon if you ask me too, FOR FREE !!..Just keep those crazy ass donkeys away from me !!! All kidding aside, should you ever get the urge to leave that beautiful farm of yours my free ride will always be here for the both of you, and an honor it would be for me.

  3. Oooo, yay, free cab rides! The red-light/green-light game cracked me up, think I'll try that in my town on the way home...because I need a speeding ticket.

    Hope you find your customer's names.

  4. So I take it you were NOT able to get his insurance info? Plus no cops? Sounds to me like the cab company is going to stick it to you for the damage. At least that's how our company would handle it (assuming it's a company car).

  5. fun story! i was hoping they had been to your blog and commented! that would have been great!

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