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Friday, October 10, 2008

HackScoop....Inquiring minds want to know

Gnightgirl who blogs This Just In left a popular question I get asked by a lot of my clients in the taxi and sometimes in the comment section. I will answer for all the inquiring minds that want to know.

Question, then: How many of your fares really open up with you? Are they mostly all business-like, or few & far between?

Good question. I think whether or not a fare REALLY opens up to me is always depending on what happened to them in the last 5 minutes before they get in my taxi...or perhaps what my prior fare was like for me. I guess as human nature goes its 50/50 on the real conversations or just fun conversations that I have, however sometimes even if I try to engage in conversation, they are just not in the mood, or they are an itard with their ipods in their ears and not hearing me ask them exactly where to drop them off only to have them complain later. Such is life.

I try to feel it out and sometimes I'm wrong. Sometimes I'll think they look tired, just got off a long flight, and just need to zone out a bit only to find when I comment on the weather or a current event it seems the conversation should have begun when they got in the taxi. NOW how are we going to catch up on all this good stuff were talking about with all that lost time?!?!? LOL...but thats what keeps it interesting, fun, and sometimes adventrous as New York is never boring, even if I'm just people watching as no one is looking for a fare. I try to always keep it fun though.

And your other comment:
"I've only been in Chicago cabs, and it's not often a cabbie "bites" when I try to chat him up. Is it "chemistry?" Or do YOu start the conversation, or do they?

First,YO how come you never been in a Noo Yawk taxi lady? Whaddya got against us ??

Seriously, though some taxi drivers I know are just plain miserable and dont want to chat or socialize, and some are on their cell phones ignoring passengers most of the time. The King doesn't use his cell when their is a client in the car, AND I love it when someone throws me the chat bait, because I ALWAYS bite, sometimes so hard I forget to turn the meter on !! I love talking to people from all over the world and all over New York, and fortunately I have the unusual job that we both have each others complete and undivided attention for the duration of the ride.

Surgeons, Lawyers, Doormen, Bartenders, Busboys, Superrich, Superpoor,Crackheads,Prostitutes, different classes, races and makes for some brilliant conversations that I wouldn't be exposed to otherwise. The Big Apple. It certainly is, and should you ever take me up on my free ride , you'll have a hard time shutting me up about all the stories I have to I'll leave you with this bit of knowledge from a fare I had who was a mariner who sailed the world and told me that dolphins can swim and sleep at the same time (did not know that).....I told him New York City Taxi drivers are very similar as we can sleep and drive at the same time....He took a quick look through the partition to see if I was smiling, which I was, and he laughed...I may be no mariner, but I am The King Of New York Hacks. Peace.


  1. Great post King! New York has always been one city I'd love to see before I kick and maybe someday I'll be tapping on your window for a tour!

  2. You got it Freddybeach !!! Although you would owe me a tour in your chariot which seems to be filled with smiling women all the time....what am I doing wrong Freddy?!?! LOL , but indeed should you make the trek to this city, you have a friend waiting for you. Peace brother.

  3. I had a ticket scalper who was in town for the Penn State - Wisconsin game in the cab last night, going from the stadium to his saloon of choice, end of business day. He told me all about his business, fascinating guy.

  4. It is funny isn't it, how we all whirl in our own little worlds, which you have here so well and interestingly put. I could be in any one of 20 moods upon entering a NY cab. But I'll be sure to be in a super-chatty mood if ever I'm in your taxi!

    How long you been driving?

  5. You're lucky!! I get the 20 questions from passengers in my cab... where am I from? How many kids do I have? What ages are they? Where do I live? What did I have for dinner last night?

    Every fare is like an interview.

    I had to put a tattoo on my arm just to give them something different to ask about!!!

  6. Real cab driver --love those scalpers,you gotta see the ones around Yankee stadium,truly fascinating as you say, and good!! They could sell ice to Eskimos.

    Jannie Funster--our own little worlds are quite funny ,only 20 moods, i'll bet you have MANY more and I've been driving since I got my drivers license silly. ;-)

    K8 the Gr8--here's my tip for interview passengers...LIE ..the conversation will be interesting for them and funny for you. Where you from? Russia...really?!!?!! you don't have an accent...yes well i was raised by american wolves. I do stuff like that all the time , just use what you know about and laugh later as they scratch their heads wondering what a life you have had!! Let me know if you do it , great stuff!!

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  8. GQ- I work out of a garage off northern blvd , and I drive the night shift because I have a day job too...thanks for the phone and havin' my back brother, I'm sure we'll meet up eventually, keep up the great writing. See you on the streets when I give you a ring if I work a day shift...and I got cho back as well.

  9. I have been to Chicago, but never in a cab there. The only cab I have been in was a mini-van in San Antonio, TX - how lame is that?! lol It seems I'm way overdue for a ride along in NYC! Maybe someday...