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Friday, October 3, 2008

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This is the infamous White Horse Tavern where poet Dylan Thomas was a regular and the place that has the urban tale of him drinking 18 shots of whiskey and pronouncing he just broke the record !! He was here celebrating 18 poems he had published to only collapse as he went home to the Chelsea Hotel where he lived, went into a coma and died. This is an excerpt from the first lines of "Do not go gentle into that good night" one of his most famous works.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I had a woman in my taxi who is a poet and told me her poem is hanging under Dylan's photo in the famous White Horse Tavern where Dan Ackroyd, Jack Keourac, John Belushi,KING OF NEW YORK HACKS, and many other artists imbibed regularly. Her poem which has a huge photo of Dylan Thomas above it is in the room called the Dylan room. Her name is Roberta Curley, though she told me she is working on a book and will use her maiden name Leshinsky. She was very engaging and I felt as if our conversation could have went on forever as we discusssed books, poetry, life in New York and how we all have these frozen moments with people in a New York minute that keeps us always fresh and inquisitive of each other, and in this particular taxi ride I was able to meet a poet who tipped me $10.00 on a $9.00 fare. Thats pretty damn generous, AND she said I could post her poem on my blog. She is supercool and I hope she has great success with her book that she is working on. The poem was printed in the West View paper,link below. Hope you enjoy and if not , well go frick yourself !!!! yeah frick !! Whatever that is.

Roberta Curley has lived in the West Village for the past 32 years. For much of that time Roberta worked as a senior administrative aide for the New York Police Department, and she has volunteered as a reader and sighted guide in the community. A voracious reader and dedicated journal writer, she draws her inspiration from her love of nature and from her interaction with, and fascination for, her fellow New Yorkers.


Is it the darkness I’m so afraid of

The harsh bleak blackness of the moonless sky


my own clicking brain like a time-bomb

nervously twitching, set to explode?

Does daylight stave off incorrigible fears?

Does the bogeyman exist only in darkness?

Perhaps he lurks unseen

soaking up sunlight and UV rays by day

gathering electric charges

used to terrify night crawlers

I walk with terror in each step

till my eyes fixate

on the White Horse Tavern windows

Brilliant fluorescent neon crimson lights


Budweiser, Guinness, Coors…

I conjure up Dylan Thomas’s spirit inside

hoist one up to fear


my lone companion of the night

and I

—Roberta Curley

Thanks for the tip, conversation, and poem Roberta.

I may be a poet

and not even no it,

but the tip will help me pay my tax

because I am The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. ah splendid, splendid, who knows what frick is, but I obviously like it, I like it a lot. great poem, great insight into that moment we all have, when we know exactly why we love this city, serendipity I guess.

  2. great poem. I like it alot.
    I got one for you too.

    Vice-Presidential Debate and Me

    As Biden-Palin debates
    I feel my relationship deflates
    Once all the promises
    Then all the excuses
    Expectation becomes speculation
    After all whose the winner ?
    Not Me

  3. Lol - I must say that I'm not a deep-thoughts kind of girl. I much prefer the King's poem :-)

  4. The poem is very good. I never realized there was a famous White Horse. We had a White Horse here, part of a chain, and until they lost the catering contract for the Civic Center they stayed in business, they've been out of business for a few years. I must read Dylan Thomas too now, how did he do it? 2 beers and I can't write a word.

  5. Im on my way to the White Horse King to do 19 shots !!!!!

  6. I've heard of that place even all the way down here in Georgia...

    Not saying the other poem isn't any good but I can understand your poem...

  7. Gah! My bloglines hasn't been updating you. I was sitting here wondering "WHERE IS THE KING?" only to find out I didn't know you've been posting!

    Anyway, cool post, it's so great that you get to learn about so many people.

    Question, then: How many of your fares really open up with you? Are they mostly all business-like, or few & far between?

    I've only been in Chicago cabs, and it's not often a cabbie "bites" when I try to chat him up. Is it "chemistry?" Or do YOu start the conversation, or do they?

    HackScoop! Inquiring minds want to know!

  8. Perhaps you would appreciate actor Michael Easton's book of poetry, "Eighteen Straight Whiskeys." He's far from just another pretty face!

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