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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Street Fair, Wall Street, and One Man.

This is a typical street fair that they were having on Columbus Day on Broadway ( The Canyon of Heroes ), always great for changing a taxi drivers plans to get you near Wall St ....NOT !! Well at least you can pull over somewhere and get some cheap food if you want, and smell a lot of different countries foods and be exposed to the products and potions of the traveling salespeople who really sell their asses off all day.

Yes, you too can have a New York attitude beginning at infancy a la' Calvin.

And.....if you weren't lucky enough to have the "tude" since infancy, you can always get your superhero boxers which will give you much support....and some New York, or Gotham, or Metropolis attitude. Whichever you prefer of course, or you can purchase all for some real attitude and probably turn into a New York Taxi Driver !!

I think if the entire world purchased these unique salt and pepper shakers there would be peace...or more likely a lot of broken salt and pepper shakers !!

Now as royalty goes, it would not have been proper foreign policy had I not bought some toasted corn on the cob from the Corn King himself, so I did and fortunately what Kings like myself need after eating the ole' corn on a stick, click the pic and zoom in to read what only a King can get in the well placed porta-potty behind the corn king's stand.......what else could he need except for a ROYAL FLUSH !!...ok,ok, I thought it was funny and NO I didnt use it, I hate those things.

This street musician doesn't look happy with his earnings from the fair as he leaves ....but when you got the Corn King versus Mozart at the street fair, its NO CONTEST!!...CORN KING wins every time. Sorry music dude, but no corn would sell at Carnegie Hall if that's any consolation.

This lovely woman who sells roses on Wall St probably is making more than most of the investment bankers right now and isn't locked in a cubicle...AND has a personality !!!!!!
She sings really loud in an accent "RRROSES, Beeoooootttifooooll RRRoses !!!!!" Roll your "R"'s as you sing along please.

And , this was for sale at the fair and reminded me of how scary the economy is, or would this ward off the evil spirited bankers???......these things creep me out either way, so I did not purchase one.

This preacher was screaming to the people that we will be saved if we embrace God and to do so is now and if we don't .....well you get the gist of it I'm sure.

This Preacher was just saying the end of the world is here and to join his foundation against capitalism....I didn't join since there would be no future meetings since the end of the world was here.

This guy was chanting "Stop the Capitalism, Start the Revolution" over and over , however no one joined in.

He paused for a moment and I saw his flag did not resemble mine so I moved on......

The Greed Kills people are still making their presence, they walk around, stand in different places throughout the day but they are still here as they await the UFO to pick them up.

and then there was ONE MAN...

ONE MAN amidst all this chaos of the day playing the National Anthem on his flute over and over.......ONE MAN.....amidst the chaos of this day ONE MAN.....ONE PATRIOT.

I don't know what to expect with this economy and if I were to vote for the President tomorrow, it would be for this ONE MAN who sat on the curb underneath the place where George Washington was sworn in as the 1st President of the United States, and played The National Anthem over and over trying to drown out all the cries of anti American chants. I am not this ONE MAN, I am just the humble King Of New York Hacks. Peace.


  1. I'm with you on the porty-potty aversion.


    how much they get for a cob of that World-famous corn?

    (I think I just fell in love with the flute guy.)

  2. Oh, I love fairs! Glad to see the patriotic one amid all the weirdos.

  3. ROCK ON! American Anthem rocks.

    The aliens freaked me out.

  4. I really enjoy reading about the chanters, seller, aliens and such - not much of that in the Philly 'burbs at all. Thanks King!

  5. We had a guy here who played a piccolo on Library Mall, perhaps he still does, daytime. The venders and others who worked within earshot absolutely hated the guy. He always wore a jumpsuit. We, for years have had a regular passenger who chants Koombaiyah, and after 30 minutes of the broken record, it will get to you.

  6. My hubby couldn't even stand one line of koombiyah.

  7. Seems like something is always going on in NY....

    Glad you make it feel like we're all almost there :)

  8. jf-Corn on a stick BBQ'd ..$2 bucks!

    Q---- ditto !!

    tornado--yes those greed kills people are freaky ...big time!

    STG--glad you told me you don't get much of that there..i'll be sure to give them a GPS heading toward the philly burbs next time.

    RCD-- piccolo+koombiya=ouch

    slick-- yeah , there's a bit going on here slick but not as much as that crazy house of yours...i've yet to see a guy in nyc dance with a broom !!

  9. ah, so that's why the x1 took the detour. I was driving that day too, but I wound up doing midtown and the columbia u neighborhood. I don't get why one parade could mess things up so much.

  10. Great Post!

    I think we've seen the least short term.

  11. I find the Greed Kills peoples intriguing! You DO see lots of interesting people!

  12. Tell me you gave the flute guy a buck.

    Wait...that means he would have made money. I think that counts as capitalism.

    Best case, you could have seen flute guy and capitalism guy in a fistfight.


    Thanks for the link, by the way!

  13. where else could have so much and get paid for it???

  14. I need to send you money.
    Now, before you get too excited, it's not really for you, but for you to do me a favour.
    I need a pair of the batman boxers. size small.
    I would like one set of the salt and pepper shakers. If you could get dark blue and red, that would be preferable.
    I would also like the hairy wooden mask, so I can wear it on the streets of Niagara Falls with a sign that reads "Hug Me." I won't look as cool as the alien greed people, but it could make for an interesting blog post.
    Oh, and buy a Beeoooootttifooooll RRRoses and give it to a random woman walking down the street.
    Okay, that should do it.

  15. That ONE MAN is an amazing man.

    You've got me hooked now!

  16. i enjoyed loking at all the random new york photos and reading about the people - very cool post

  17. "This Preacher was just saying the end of the world is here and to join his foundation against capitalism....I didn't join since there would be no future meetings since the end of the world was here."

    Priceless. lol

  18. LOL, this was great. So much New York in one little post. Reminds me a bit of that part of The Stand, the book and the movie, where the monster shouter was running around Manhattan shouting stuff at anyone who would listen.

    The greed kills folks were uber creepy. Wow. I'd love to see them in person, though.

    And the sweet little man playing the flute. Awww...So cool.