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Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Bird....Not the Thanksgiving Kind.

I grew up loving Big Bird. My friend used to tell me he was a bird who took too much acid and thats why he always saw the snuffleuffagus elephant. He also said Oscar the grouch was addicted to heroin and that cookie monster was a pothead who always had the munchies.Well in the summertime I was talking to a couple of the other drivers as a group of prostitutes walked by, one being about close to 7 feet tall and she was a woman.

This old time Italian driver told me her name was Big Bird. I told him thanks for ruining my childhood thoughts of Big Bird and now when I hear the term I think of the prostitute , not the puppet. I tried to get a couple of pics of her but they never came out right.

However the other day I got out pretending I was getting something from my trunk and she saw my camera and said "gimme a dollar for my pic". I denied, but got in my taxi and stuck the camera too the window and clicked away. She turned around and I didn't think I got a pic of her until I reviewed them later. Not only did I get it , but I got Big Bird giving me the bird !!! Classic !! I will try to interview her on video in the near future. She is at my garage all the time. Seedy area.

The old Big Bird.

The new Big Birds advertising slogan.

New BJ 99 cents !!! The economy really is hurting !!

and here she is Big Bird giving me the Bird !!!! Gotta love it !!! She wasn't happy as she called me a few things that I will not post to protect the pg rating of my blog. Click the pic to get a good view of her.

Lets start off the season with one of my favorite musicals from when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoyed that one, I am not heatmiser nor snowmiser and I did NOT get the 99 cents special from Big Bird !!! I am not a puppet, I am just The King of New York Hacks. I will try to post every day this month. either a story. some pics, or any requests you would like to see from New York for those who cant make it here.peace out. I am not getting Big Bird to pull the full monty so don't even go there perverts.


  1. so that's what happens on Sesame Street, huh?

    Looking forward to your blog.

    PS... Due to popular demand... I'm posting a picture of that Squid-on-a-Stick you requested. Seen that in the City?

  2. Ha ha! Loved the Big Bird giving the big bird shot. Nice!

  3. You think my friends and I look like a bunch of MILF's? Does life get any better? :)


  4. I like to imagine what people's puppet alter egos would look like. I picture you with a cape. And possibly slicked back hair with a widow's peak. Wait a minute....that's the Count. Damn!

  5. Nice photo of the human Big Bird. That video interview would be much appreciated. Also, a video interview of a Salvation Army bell ringer and a Department Store Santa would be great.

  6. Really like your blog. I'll make it to New York one day but for now...I'll just read about it

  7. Your friend may be on to something. It sure explains a lot. I would never be able to spot a prostitute. My husband laughs whenever we are out and he sees one and I totally can't tell who he is talking about. I call my "blinders" the "KD Bubble Syndrome"

  8. I like getting the sights and sounds of New York from your blog! Never been there but I hope to make it one day.

    As for Big Bird? Sigh. I'll never think of Sesame Street the same way again. But I will giggle.


  9. That girlies wishes someone would fuck her.. EW!!!
    Did you catch something when she flipped you off.

  10. If a new BJ is 99 cents, what's a used one cost?

    Nevermind. Don't really want to know.

  11. I agree. what is the world coming to BJ's for Ninety-Nine Cents. One can't get rich with that.


    - Jennifer

  12. She's a prostitute? Heyyyy, That's not what they look like on NYPD Blues.

    99 cents, huh? I have a sudden $3K dental bill coming up, and prostition had been discussed as a means of paying it off quicker. I guess I'll pass, at 99 cents a pop.

  13. I also grew up watching "Sesame Street" though I preferred the charms of Mr. Rogers over Big Bird and company.

  14. Chez Helen for me. Kind of like Mr. Rodgers in french on Canadian tv.

  15. Hey, wow, King...thanks for giving me nightmares about my former childhood idol, Big Bird. I'll never think of him quite the same way....

    Most horrifying to me, believe it or not, was where he's flipping me off. :-o The Bird Bird I know wouldn't do that... :-)

    I feel sorry for the 7 foot tall prostitute lady...she looks like she's seen some rough stuff..

  16. I always knew there was something 'off' with Big Bird now I know what it was! Thanks for the smile & stay sane out there!

  17. Not many people can say that they have been flipped the bird by the big bird. Classic.


  19. Wow, I thought prostitutes dressed like hookers, LOL. This girl looks like a regular person, except for the dirty knees.

    I miss New York.

    It's hard to see how tall she is without a doorway or something to put a perspective on it.

  20. I am sorry for not stopping by sooner. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I loved the pictures, and going to New York is on my bucket list!

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  22. As a cab driver from florida, I can appreciate a good blog from New York and this is definately one of the better ones!!