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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The King turned the big 40 !! Salvation Army Greetings and the Wall Street Tree lit to singing carolers !!

First off, thank you everyone for all the genuine comments that were left on my prior post. They all were very kind and am grateful that so many of you took the time to say some great things to start the season off right. I apologize for not responding to each one as I normally try to do , just too damn busy this last week, sick, and turning 40 is not fun except that I had a great surprise party thrown for me and a good time was had by all !!!

They even turned my party into a King theme !!!! Good Stuff !! Maybe 40 and on will be just as fun as the rest of life, keep tuning in here til I'm 80 to find out.

Yes , the King turned the big 40 last week !!
...still will be keeping his eyes on the city and bringing it to you !!

This was my Birthday Cake which will NOT wind up on the website CakeWrecks !!...hopefully.

I was shocked at the cake , King face and all, I had a feeling they would smash it in my face and say you're no king !! ...however they let me have my cake and eat it too.

My man Eddie was ringing the bell on Wall St raising money for all the good things that the Salvation Army provides for people in times of need. I asked Eddie if he would say hello to my readers and he asked if I would make a donation which as I always do for the Salvation Army put my cash in the pot , he thanked me, wished me a happy holiday and asked me what to say.

Here is my man Eddie wishing us all well just as a band that was traveling to each Salvation Army sight, just arrived to play a song and then move on to another charitable sight. Perfect timing for the King.

Not quite sure if I'm King of the Cats,The King of New York Cats, or The King Of New York Hacks !!! No worries though I'll take any title !! LOL

Can't see the tube link here- Happy Holidays King of New York Hacks and Readers !!

If you have read my prior street fair post , this is the "One Man" who was playing the National Anthem as people protested America, however on this day he was chillin' playing "Silver Bells"...and he looks like Santa to boot, or maybe he is.

Can't see the tube link here- The King of New York Hacks videos "ONE MAN" playing Christmas Carols !!

Announcing the New York Stock Exchange Tree Lighting
Entrance to the New York Stock Exchange and their Christmas Wreath.

Usually there is a full flag flying covering the columns, but they changed it up a bit and made it look supercool for the holidays and to remember our troops overseas. Classy.

Not a very clear shot, but the tree is not lit yet , and I'm a lousy photographer.

Tree lit during the day.

Looking good as the sun goes down !!
Now that's a Christmas Tree !!!!

They had a pretty elaborate show planned with a finale of Aretha Franklin singing some christmas carols, but I had to get to my second job driving the taxi, so I got to see this talented group of carolers who could give Aretha a run for her money, enjoy.

Can't see the tube link here- King Of New York Hacks and Wall St Christmas Carolers !!

So in closing , I know I said I would try to post everyday this month, but I failed miserably at that. So , I will TRY to post something everyday or every other day to show you how the city is shaping up for Christmas and the Holidays. I will bring you to the sights you want to see as if you are in my taxi with me, not only am I your Holiday tour guide, but I am also The King of New York Hacks....or Cats...whatever. LOL


  1. Now, Happy Birthday. I'll be back to read more, I'm running out the door to pick up Bitchy! I'll be back.

  2. Happy Birthday! The cake looked like it was awesome. The Wall Street tree is beautiful at night!

  3. Love the video clips. Keep them coming!! My sister in law lives in NYC and loves it. This makes me feel a little closer to her.

    BTW, contest over in my neck of the woods.


  4. Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birhday To You...Happy Birthday Dear King Of New York...Happy Birthday TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :) Oh and I turned 30 today!! So yay for us Sagittarians! Oh and thank you for making me jealous by showin all the beauty of New York, I have neevr been there but I swear sometimes my soul feels like it belongs there..I'm a die hard Yankee Fan and Giants and Jets and Rangers Fan..LOL...I don't discriminate :) Hope you enjoy your night!!


  5. Happy Birthday, long live the king! Great photos, thanks for sharing the NY holiday scene with us.

  6. A Happy Happy four oh! I love the best of NYC too.

    Next time I'm in the city, I'll be sure to ask if the driver knows you.

  7. Happy, happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    You make me truly believe that NYC is the most beautiful city in the world!
    Thank you!!

  8. Happy Birthday my friend. ONLY 40. Just wait till 42 and your body kisses you goodbye and doesn't care what you love to do, where you like to go and especially what you like to eat! :)

    Can't wait to see my hometown again.

  9. I feel just awful that I missed your birthday. I sure hope it was a happy one, and I'm actually quite sad because it seems WE are the ones who got the presents. I just can't get enough of all the city images you bring us - it really is a joy, especially at this time of year, to see the splendor that is NYC!!

  10. Happy 40th Hack..I've still gotcha by a year.

    I have an idea. Seeing I live in Minnesota, I'm curious if you could write a the bad economy has affected NY City. Do you see any changes? Is it Very Obvious that things are getting tough? Or not really. I think that could be a great post, from your eyes. Thanks

  11. I don't know why those links are there. I am blogger confunded right now?

    Happy 40th! Great pictures and music -- and all for you, King of the NY Cats? Hacks?

  12. Happy Birthday, King!

    And thanks for all the great pix!

  13. You be da King and at 40 you be da baby! Give me a break. But have a good one anyway. come b ack and visit. You can go to Paris with me anytime.

  14. It is official. I do not like the city anyomre. But I can still live through your pics!!! King of NY Cats!! That dude was a riot!!!
    Happy B-Day. I remember what it was like to be forty...

  15. Happy Birthday King! Welcome to the Naughty Forties. Have a great Christmas.

  16. Happy Birthday, King!

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

  17. Happy Birthday! The cake is awesome. I enjoy these sort of posts because it lets me see things I would not normally see. The tree looks great I bet it looks even better in real life. Thanks for sharing these pictures and videos.

  18. Happy Happy Birthday. LOVE Your Blog. Love your photo's. Its like we all life there right along with ya!!!

    Have a super 40th Year!

    - Jennifer

  19. Sounds like you had a great birthday. I'm trying to get a group of Pittsburgh kids to visit me at home so they can experience a New York Christmas. They've never even been there.

  20. All Hail to the King!

    Hey, tell Eddie that Irish Gumbo says hello.

    40th b-day, eh? Hey, kid, welcome to the club!

    Speaking of, thank you for jumping on the IG vanwagon. You honor me, sir!

  21. Oh, happy happy bday, King Ed!! May this next year be your best one yet!
    And I just have to say, life doesn't REALLY get interesting until you hit 40, so get ready! :-)
    p.s. please send me a piece of that cake. lol

  22. The Salvation Army should hire that Santa to ring some bells. He's a dead ringer.

  23. hey ~ wow!~ this blog has it all, man. I loved the story of Mrs. Loper. Great birthday pix and guess what? It's my birthday too. (Mine's today). Anyway just sayin hello from another part of the world...

    Don't worry 40 is a breeze!

    Love all the festive pics...was that bearded man Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull? :D

    Have a magnificent holiday my friend and a fantastic New Years!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday! I love the hat, and your cake looked awesome.

    And hey... 40 is the new 20, right?

  26. Happy birthday oh King of Hacks!! How's 40 treating you? (she queried nervously as this taxi girl is right behind you!)

  27. Happy Birthday to you! NYC looks so magical this time of year! I have only visited once and it was in the summer...I would love to come back around Christmas! So lovely!

  28. Happy Birthday King.

    I like your pictures and vids ... they tell wonderful stories.

    Thanks Hack or Cats ...

  29. Looks like a great birthday. I love the cake. You and I live very different lives and I love the peak into yours. Have a great 40th.

  30. Yeah, singing the chorus! Happy Birthday!!!!!

  31. wow, surprise, surprise, happy belated, King!!

  32. Happy Birthday. I am so close to NYC in Doylestown, but so far away because my daughter, whose birthday is today, is about to have her second child and I'm in the "help out" crew. Maybe next year.

  33. I swear I left a comment here on Friday. I must be losing my mind. Anyway, Thanks for the great tour of NYC at Christmas time. I love it. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sounds like it was great!

  34. terrific cake decorator befitting a terrific writer. 40 - hohoho- 's got nothin' on 50, the day it all truly comes together and u no longer give a rat's ass (NY or otherwise)! You do make the City a stage, and are an always interesting reviewer. Now, going over the SalArmy budget, do you truly think they ever part w/ a buck for those most in need? I sure can tell you otherwise but why ruin a great Christmas memory? I place my faith in you for you surely deliver!