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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The King, 2008, Musicians and Mike Alaska the Drummer !!

Thought I'd try this new video editing movie maker on the internet called Animoto. It lets you do a 30 second slideshow for free. Pretty cool. NYC has no lack of talent on the streets ever, and most everyday is like watching American Idol, except most of the time we just walk by and take the talent for granted.

Well,the King tries to stop and watch the world sometimes, and you know what? It's pretty damn good.. That's one of the supercool things about a New York minute.

Looking forward to bringing you the best of the New York City streets and my humble Wall St opinions in the upcoming year, thanks for reading.

I took pictures of these first two musicians before I knew my digital camera could videotape with sound. My bad. However you will get to hear MIke Alaska's drum solo!

This dude was playing some Bob Dylan, and doing a damn good job of it !

Yes, musical brother tip your hat, it was good , and the King will get it on video next time!!
What's that ?? YES I GAVE HIM A BUCK !!!

In front of a hip city mural , my man was cranking some Bob Marley as I headed toward my Taxi garage, and I reflected on his version of Redemption song during these turbulent times.
The King will NOT miss the video of this musician next time !!!....and YES I GAVE HIM A BUCK TOO !!!!!!!!!!

And as I crept closer to my garage and switched trains, I knew NOW how to use the video record on my camera which I couldn't figure out , but Mike Alaska tore it up in Times Square as the holidays approached and the King made it to his train.

Mikey doing the ole foot balance drum tempo !!!

Hell yeah!!! Mike does the flying stick routine too !!

Mike told me he also does a flaming drums show and showed me some Kevlar coated drumsticks that he uses in his routines !! I WILL get that on video eventually !!

However for now, check out this cool solo, NOT just plastic buckets either which was more unique than most street drummers!! Sorry no flames.

I am no musician, nor am I the conductor for the rhythm of the talent that roams the underground of New York City, maybe I will be one day, but until then I will settle for being The King Of New York Hacks. Peace, and good luck to all in the year ahead.


  1. No, but you're the conductor for the rhythm of talent that rolls off this blog, King :) Another doozy, well done...:)

  2. Love the slide show and the pics. Thank you for being morning entertainment over coffee!

  3. The slide show was awesome-the pc weregreat and how cool was the guy playing the drums!
    I alays feel like I am right there when i see your pics,commetary and now vid

  4. just one more reason I love visiting this blog, King.

    Keep it coming.

  5. Happy New Year King!

    That's some very cool drumming--but I do want flames next time!

  6. Looks like you get around a lot. I should mention that a blogger friend of mine AbFab Geek is in New York this week, so if you see them give them a shout out from me.

  7. So cool!
    Did you see the movie The Visitor about a college professor who learns to play the drums...very good!

  8. All the great stuff, without the smell or crowds!!!

  9. I love street musicians/entertainment! Keep up the good work.

  10. You have a great talent for bringing the city to your readers, making us all feel a part of the madness and the joy. Thanks.

  11. I've been dying to visit NYC for some time now...and your posts always make the desire stronger. Thanks for letting the rest of us take a peak into life in the Big Apple.

  12. Killer slideshow and bringing the streets LIVE to all of us out here! Love it! Nothing like a good street musician to flavor up the urban scene. LA has some good street musician spots - namely Venice Beach but that subway vibe has something special....

    Right on King!

  13. that was pretty sweet. theres these two guys that i always see in minneapolis that play on buckets too. They don't have as nice of a set up as this guy though.

  14. Once I get my camera up and running again, I will start posting pictures of what B-more is like. It's kind of like a kitschy NYC. I heart it!!!

    Great pics and video by the way.

  15. New to your blog -- very cool!

    I love NYC and for all the reasons you've shown. I'll be back for my fix of why NYC is beyond compare.

  16. King: Love the slideshow, and the Matt Alaska piece was uber-cool! Good work!

    You know what I like the most about your blog? There is a genuine affection for the city, that really come through in your pics/vids and writing. It gives what you say a real depth, and offers us a really unique perspective on a city that seems more myth than real sometimes. Thanks, and keep it up!

    And thank you so much for the tip on the Papaya King hot dogs. Good to know for a hungry traveler like me!

  17. I watched the drummer with my 3 year old granddaughter. She and I both loved it. I loved what you did with the stills.

  18. Only in New York could people walk past a drummer like that without looking at the drummer AND past someone videotaping it without looking at the camera. Simply amazing!

  19. Wow that is so Cool!!!! How do you get anything done each day with all of the exciting shit going on in the city!


    - Jennifer

  20. wow, that matt alaska was hot shit. I betcha he'd rock the cab driving gig better than us both, betcha he uses his signal everytime.

  21. oh ps, i changed my url to a simpler - the old url still gets re-directed, but i dunno for how long.

  22. I want ot see a concert in new York
    29 of Jan Kings of Leon, I like them.

  23. These guys are so cool! I would love to walk around NY and see these street performers. I can't believe all the talent that is out there! Great video of the dummer and hopefully you'll get him on video with the flaming sticks. Awesome!

  24. Great stuff. I have to go to Chicago to catch the street drummers, they are so much fun.

  25. This is the stuff I miss the most. I just got back 10 tens day and I'm dying already.

  26. and we ALL bow to the king......

    that damn Braja is so damn fast. Does she ever sleep???

  27. The street musicians were my favorite part of my one trip to NYC so far. That and the guys that do paintings in Time Square and the people and the store windows.

    Yah, I need another trip there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. It's been a while... like you busy as hell for a month, too much. Tryin to get back in the swing of things, caught up on most of your posts. Still enoy your tours of New York, love the music, I'm music person

  29. Jeez but that bloke's fairly handy with a pair of sticks!

    The backing track to your most excellent slideshow reminded me of this:

    Weird Al Yankovic - Beer

  30. That was a pretty neat little slideshow! Looked like alittle commercial for you! sweet!

  31. Impressive.
    Once again you have me missing NY.
    I frequently wonder what ever happened to the piano playing 10 year old that was ALWAYS playing in G.C.S. subway about 15 years ago. I hope he grew up and found his way out of there.

  32. It's amazing what interesting people you can meet if you actually take the time.

    Long live the King!

  33. im the drummer you see on the king of hacks

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