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Monday, January 5, 2009

The King, The Cold, The Country, The Chorus of Humanity, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!

Happy New Year everyone and I hope it was safe, sound and a good start to the year ahead of us. Last year was rough I believe on everyone and I have a video of this guy Uncle Jay who is very popular on you tube apparently ( 5 million views...still no KING though, lol ) who sums up the year extremely well. Thank you all for your comments on my previous post and I wish I could respond to them each individually, however I just don't have the time. I will visit all your sights eventually and comment on your ideas , opinions and life as soon as I can. I had that New York bug, flu thingy , and the holidays , but it did inspire me to create a blog about the comments that were left throughout the year and the many that were a blog in itself. That will be written in the near future though. So let us begin our ride through the city, start the year off right with a ride from none other than........

This picture was taken by one of the three biggest newspapers in the city who were going to do a story on me about how I had to work two jobs,one being The King of New york Hacks and the other that I work in finance on Wall St during the day and manage money. I told them they could use my moniker KING OF NEW YORK HACKS, or my first name Edward for the story , but I did not want to risk getting in trouble with my firm. Other papers have done this for me , but this was a no go. I do NOT sell anything to the public, I manage money for myself, which their editor could not comprehend and scratched the story. The girl who interviewed me was a doll and the photographer as well as we walked through pouring rain to get this shot, Taxi transportation and Wall St. all juxtaposed in one shot. That sums up who I am fiscally, so I thought since they were generous enough to send me the pic, I'd post it. Yeah that's a bit of a double chin, but its the holidays !!!! Give me a break !!!!!! Ahhhhh canoli's , pizza, candy, cake, know all our resolutions for this year NOT to eat.

I hope you celebrated with New York's newest and favorite tasty beverage that goes down as smoothly as eating a cactus !!!

Me? I prefer to start my shift off with my .99 cents coconut juice from the bodega !! Nice sugar rush and tropical with small pieces of coconut in it for those not in the know !! we begin this New Year of many new beginnings and world change , this may be one of the only existing photos of 7th Ave and 42nd St without a soul in sight!!! The heart of times square and NOBODY !!! the economy is still in turmoil by the nature of this picture. Although they did show up on New Years Eve LOL !!!


New Yorkers can make anything their playground in this crazy city , including a frozen fountain in front of luxury condo's !!

Yes the fountain is frozen.....It's cold baby !!!

So as the King traverses the streets and highways looking for a fare with the artful and keen eyesight of a cat, unbeknownst to him he would encounter his own comrades later that evening...

Two cats chilling in an East Village entrance where I dropped off a nice Asian woman, who told me the doorman owned the cats....maybe that's why that Salvation Army dude Eddie called me "The King of the CATS" in one of my prior videos !!! Karma , never know when it will show up !!

Now here is a New Year hint on how NOT to hail a cab in New York City. This nice woman is standing crosstown trying to hail a cab going in that direction , VERY HARD TO DO DURING RUSH HOUR !!!!!

She should just walk to one side of Park Ave , whichever way she were heading may it be uptown or downtown and she wouldn't have been left scratching her head.

So I looked up ahead and Mike Mussina hailed me down right off the pitchers mound in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium to take him into his retirement in Pennsylvania after his great career in New York !! Thanks Mike , glad the King could help !!

Now , this was and always is a disturbing thing to see when driving a taxi. Violence. I saw these two pummeling each other with others jumping in and it was not pretty, but The King slowed to a stop and started clicking photos and they all began to run and cover their faces as I screamed out my window "That's right Don;t F*** with the KING !!!" I didn't like seeing one kid get pummeled by four and a bunch of girls pulling each others hair and earrings out , which my pics only showed dark images , so I didn't post them. The point is , WE are at war and we don't need to be fighting each other on 57th st in Manhattan over more than likely something ridiculous. I pulled up to a cop as about 10 police cruisers started to pull up and the cop said for me to get the F*** out of here . I told him I had photos of who he was looking for and instead of taking a look , he just told me to pull over and wait. Taxi drivers can not wait, time is money, I waited 5 minutes and moved on. I would have gladly gave him my camera if he wanted , however guess his adrenaline was rushing and did not think clearly. I love the NYPD and think they do a great job except for ticketing my ass for the smallest infraction, but such is life in this naked city. Here is one of the better pics that show the melee in the middle of 57th st. I think a camera is more effective than a gun, I click my camera and they ran, if I had a gun, they would probably shoot back !!!

But , they didn't know that The King is WELL known in the city and as I pulled away I shouted " And don't let Jiggy Civic see you pullin' dat shit again suckers !!! " I think they got the point now they know "Jiggy Civic " is in the hood. By the way I used to drive a Civic CRX, my favorite car ever.

The Firemen are still supporting our troops on their trucks as we should in our minds and hearts to begin this year off right. They are our brother's and sisters who are there to protect us by the orders they are given. As I have said before , they are our Kings and Queens.

And I also know how this man feels, as he walks with his head down... for I long for the same thing... to have our families , friends and even the people we don't like back here in the U.S.A. , in peace. I had a painted jacket in high school but it was Iron Maiden. Painted jackets rock !!

Uncle Jay has SUNG an entire episode of 2008, and here's the reminder why! It's the year-end review of the news, and maybe it'll seem a little better with music. He's not my Uncle, but I believe he is the new Uncle Sam !! Uncle Jay , you rock brother !!!

Now here is a familiar sight , and for those who are naughty his year, this is what you will probably see !!! So you better not pout, you better not cry , you better not shout I'm telling you why , Santa Claus will blow your ass away !!! This is a pic of a friend of mine who is a Vietnam Vet, retired NYC Fireman, and is over in Iraq volunteering while his wife and five children await his safe passage home. The point ?? DON"T F*** WITH SANTA THIS YEAR !!!! GOT IT ??

Auld lang syne...which means The times gone past; the good old days....and fortunately for me , I found our man "One Man" playing it in front of Federal Hall under George Washington. Next time I see him , I will interview him for myself and my loyal following. Imagine these words being spoken by one solid friend to another.. and forget the song! Whoever wrote these simple lines surely expressed what many of us, all too often fail to say to those most important to us.

And there is a hand my trust friend, And give me a hand of yours, And we will take of a good drink/toast, For old long ago.

"Auld Lang Syne" is a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song (Roud # 6294). It is well known in many English-speaking countries and is often sung to celebrate the start of the new year at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day.

Confusion about the exact meaning of the words has led to a common addition of "the sake of" to the last line, despite this not being part of the traditional lyric.

Now , I am no Uncle Jay who creates these great educating entertaining videos, nor am I "One Man" who dedicates his days to playing his tunes on Wall St as the consumer and tourists walk by and really doesn't stop to listen, though I'm sure he hopes one day they do....(enter music for auld lang syne) "And there is a hand my trust friend, And give me a hand of yours, And we will take of a good drink/toast(Non-alcohol included), For old long ago."

It wasn't long ago when I started this blog and had NO direction it would take me to, but now having 100 followers who have taken my hand as we head into the treacherous waters ahead , I embrace your hand tightly and will not let go for I am no man who abandons , I AM THE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS. Thank you all for reading , following , and I promise I will follow up on your sights as well. Peace out brothers and sisters, and a Happy New Year to ALL.


  1. VERY WELL DONE Big Daddy of the Cabs!!!
    Coconut juice??
    Doesn't that makea you LOOSE...
    Leaving brown stains in da cab!!!

  2. Hey! That's the bull statue from one of my fav movies (For Richer or Poorer)!! I bet its a cold sumbich there right now!! Happy New Year, Hack!

  3. Looks like the King haunts some of the Manhattan places I used to haunt. Worked a lot for Merrill-Lynch in the old days so saw the bull a lot. And I believe I recognized the luxury fountain as well. A lot of my old haunts along with some real good friends disappeared on 9/11 - still miss them today. Good to know some things remain constant.

  4. My two youngest kids were in NYC for New Year's Eve. Baby, it was cold! My son ate a canole for the very first time in your little pizza shop. The little Italian lady took a liking to him, and told him he should never eat a canole anywhere but her place. My daughter is now one of your regular readers.

  5. Happy New Year King!!

    As always, thanks for the tour!! (I'll be in NYC for the FIRST time January 30 - Feb 1 for a conference at Grand Central Station Hyatt!! Any tips???)

    Love the tour, and congrats on the interview! Damn, I should've thought of that.

  6. This was an amazing ride! Loved it- Happy New Year!

  7. I am now dying for a coconut juice!! I doubt I could find one ANYWHERE here in Maine!!


  8. The King is back! Whew, I was getting a little worried. Happy New Year, bro! Great post.

    That Jiggy Civic pic had me spit-takin', serious LOL. I love the tour, I get to see the city from a cool POV. Thanks!

    Question: Jim Harrison (The Raw and The Cooked, Legends of the Fall) mentions Papaya King hot dogs anumber of times, loves 'em. Have you had them? If I can get to NYC, I have a hankering, just wanted to get some first hand experience from someone who might know.

    And I most definitely WILL NOT f**k with Santa...

  9. Ok, if it only takes a camera to break up a melee, the next time my three boys go at it, I will whip out the camera and hope for the best!

  10. Happy new year.. It was an awesome post!

  11. Must be some tasty treats from that fountain— mmm pigeon poop!!!

  12. I also love to start with a coconut juice but it's a real one and costs 5 rupees, which translates to about minus 3c in the US :)))

  13. Where are all the pictures of Brett Favre dolls being hung in effigy?!

    I'm assuming there were some.

    We did it ourselves here in New England, too.

  14. Awesome post, as usual! I loved the Santa pic. I'm thinking 2008 must have really gotten to everyone, if even Santa has a 'tude!!!


  15. 'Nother great post, King, thanks!

  16. every time I come to your blog it makes me want to go to new York!

  17. welcome back and thanks for the icy tour....I will be back in a few days and need to thicken my blood a bit.....mmmm papaya king...and I don't normally eat meat....and cannoli...i just can't wait...and Fo cold sesame noodles await!!

  18. You King Dude are a real original and I think I'm in love with you. I adore your posts, your photos, your perspective on life. And oh yeah, I posted Uncle Jay too! He's the man!! So yes, off we go into '09 and I will be a' followin' the King of New York Hacks!!

    And don't worry - I'm only in love with you in the bloggy kinda way. :-)

  19. All I have to say is that Uncle Jay is fabulous!

  20. I love the tour. I especially like the Santa in the..uhhhh. well whatever it is with the gun! Thanks, King!

  21. Blogger, did you eat my first comment???

    Uncle Jay, pretty good singer too. Flute guy, bet he lives in a big penthouse.

    And THE KING - ridding the NY streets of crime with a single click of his camera button.

    YOU rock!!

  22. You should of run them over with them cab and held them under your tire for questioning.

  23. great post! Although i highly disagree with them not publishing the story... thats messed up.

    Oh, and good job at breaking up that fight! Free cappuccino for you!

  24. Does your cab smell like air freshner? Why?

    I rode in a Chicago cab and it smelled like air freshner. They all do.

  25. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  26. happy frikkin new year, king! may it be a GOOD one for ya!
    i always enjoy your photos, makes me long for the big city...
    thanks for all the work you put into it.
    great stuff.


  27. I'm a little behind on my blog reading but certainly enjoyed this. Your photos are great - as usual.

  28. Hey! You've got a very interesting blog going on here...I feel like I could really get to know NYC if I read long enough here. Thank you for commenting on The Jason Show today. See you around!

  29. Great blog and post...grew up on the island and miss the city...Zman sends

  30. Very comprehensive job. There is nothing like a co-conspiracy theorist (check out G. William Cooper's "Behold A Pale Horse"); nanu nanu 2u2 and may the force remain with those of us who seek only truth and knowledge and try to do right - w/ a left-wing slant! Apolitically, I consider you my NY replacement. I'd do a lot for those cannolis, strufala,sfogliatelle and rum babas, let alone a pigout at Ben's or Second Ave. Deli. Heck, I miss the Munchie Pizza Place! Keep on bein' there. You are the man!