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Monday, January 19, 2009

The King, Out with the old in with the New, and Barack is Irish !!

The KING going through the Holland tunnel along with some of his fellow yellow brothers in the city of hacks.

This is a gentleman from the finance sector who has some pretty good insight with his you tube updates. He calls himself THE MAN OF TRUTH. He's does frequent updates and called Bear Stearns going out of business a year before it occurred. So, check him out if you feel like it, some say he is a little over the top, I don't because he does make me think about what they try to not let us know about. . I like how he mentions about how President Obama has a lot of work to protect money that was in place for young children and may be absorbed under a new or different economic platform. KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD MOT !!

I'm tired of seeing this guy all the time.

Well, I'll miss all the Bushisms he had, they were good for a laugh....but this was a very shady president in my opinion.He has certainly left a LOT for us to deal with.

A song composed and performed by Rob Bryanton, making us wonder about the secret societies that exist among the elitist here in America and abroad. Skull and Bones, The Bilderberg Group,Bohemian Grove, Illuminati..etc..Are these the organizations who keep us in fear ?? Fear of economic turmoil, terrorists, anthrax, or perhaps just fear itself. Something to ponder.

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave.
...All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.
--- Blade Runner

I don't like living in fear, and I hope the feeling that we are becoming slaves is reversed with this new administration.

General George Washington, on his knees, prays during the harsh winter of the Continental Army's December 1777 encampment in Valley Forge. This plaque was sculpted in 1904 and is on The Federal Building on Wall St. I'm sure George is still praying hard for the transition, and economy, AND the fate of American people to prosper again and have some peace, so we may enjoy what the constitution was written for and stop spending OUR money on bailing out people who don't really need bailing out, and give back to the people the freedoms and financial leniency that they deserve from the system that was created to help people, yet has begun to destroy our wallets, spirits, and hearts. I hope Presidebt Obama (yes Presidebt...Bush left him with plenty) can inject funds into the proper areas to create growth and begin a new era where America can flourish as we deserve it too.

However in the end, we must enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate what we have as human beings whether it be our family, our work, our volunteer work, our blogging,laughing, or the just random moments to do something silly like when it snows out and I act like a teenager who just got my license many years ago.

It has been revealed that Barack Obama's maternal great great great Grandfather arrived on a ship to America from Liverpool, England.

And, yes, his birthplace was listed as Ireland.

Falmouth Kearney arrived in New York on March 20, 1850, settled originally in Ohio, then Indiana. He had 8 children, one of whom is Obama's great great grandmother.

This is a version of the song which is quite funny. The actual video which is a clever cartoon showing Barack doing the Riverdance was created by the Corrigan Brothers. Here Is the link There's no one as Irish as Barack O'bama , good stuff.

So in closing once again, and now to a new President. President Barack Obama, whom I wish nothing but the best for and hope his "change" brings a happier nation to us all. I am not a politician,(yet)nor am I a reporter for fox news, I am a reporter for the people known as The King Of New York Hacks, who works the finances in the day and drives the city streets at night to bring you my humble opinions from the diverse group of people I interact with on a daily basis. Good luck to us us all in the coming term and I wish you all a great year ahead and change that brings our country to a better economic and peaceful existence. Peace out peeps, stay warm out there and should you be to cold to take the bus, just raise your hand in the air and perhaps we'll both get lucky and The King of New York Hacks will pick you up in his warm chariot...maybe even do a donut !!Worse case scenario, now that we know O'bama is Irish, at least we'll have a hell of a St.Patricks Day celebration !!!
Slainte everyone !! (Good Health!! in Gaelic)


  1. Thanks for your update... I've been homesick and wondering what it would be like to be in the US today.

  2. We had the kindergarten watching the news today and we assured them that they would someday thank us for interupting their free play to watch our new President on television.

    I have so much hope for the next 4 years. I hope things turn around.

  3. Thanks King - beautiful as always.

    I love the vid with Rutger Hauer - best movie of all time. The Best.

  4. Great quote from Blade Runner!

    Happy Inauguration Day!

  5. Great post. I believe our new President is up for the challenge. It'll be the politicians in Washington who will have to change their thinking and selfish ways.

  6. Great post! Jan. 20 was a good day and I am looking forward to the next four years, and maybe eight.

  7. I join the chorus for "Blade Runner." I watch it often. I spent yesterday enjoying being an American.

  8. Great Post! Hoping for change myself!! Let's hope he can do it!!

    Have a super Wednesday!

    - Jennifer

  9. Our new president is certainly left with quite the challenge on his plate, but I think he's up to the task. Here's hoping for much, much needed change.

    Thanks King!

  10. " that we know O'bama is Irish, at least we'll have a hell of a St.Patricks Day celebration !!!..."

    Awesome!! !! I had a feelin' he was 'one of us', laddie! The four winds bless O'Bama!! Barack to the Future!!!

  11. The first time I have come here to your blog...the connection? A guy in Toledo! I live in the middle of nowhere in France, but previously I spent 25 years on the corner of Avenue B and East Fifth Street.
    I watched the inaugaration here in La Sechere on CNN Live and was awe struck by the pictures of Times Square standing still as thoudand of people watched on the giant screens....and the info that Barck is truly Irish warmed the cockles of my heart...My real family name is O'huich....but no one at Ellis Island could figure out how to spell it.

  12. I voted for Obama in the primaries, when I didn't think he had a snowball's chance in hell (I couldn't have guessed that McCain would pick Palin for VP). At this point, I think we better quit worrying about who we voted for, and start praying for the success of the man that won the election. The country is in bad, bad shape.

  13. King,
    your blog is a fountain of information. How do you find all this stuff? I've missed you. will have to come by here more often!

  14. The Holland Tunnel, Financial Advice, a speeding donut in the snow !!!! and finish out with an Irish song for Obama!!!! LOL !! WHO are you KING ?!?!?!? This blog kicked ass !!!

  15. What a great post! Thank you.. How are you doing?

  16. I read your singing on Hallie's blog and had to stop by to find out who is this king? So glad I discovered your blog! I'll be back to read you again soon!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

  17. King, I left a comment to your comment over on my blog about Dr. Strangelove. Now about this Irish guy in the White House... Do you think he might like to learn some choice Gaelic words from a Gaelic lass like me?

  18. Great post. I especially like the donut. It's been a long, long time since I've done a donut. (by consumption or vehicular)

  19. Hes got a lot of work to do but right now we really need a hero

  20. There is just SO much to say about this great post...but mostly I can't get beyond imagining myself, for some reason having left my wee farm, bizarrely winding up in New York City. I'm cold and have no clue where I am. I raise my arm in an icy wind and, feeling very unfamiliar with the gesture, hope desperately it will have some kind of effect. Suddenly, The King spies me from across 4 lanes of frantic city traffic, spins a noisy donut in his yellow chariot, and dramatically rescues me from my plight. ...It could happen, right?

  21. Love that link to the cartoon, barry doing the irish jig is priceless !! we love him across the pond here in england !! cheers mate great blog!!

  22. Great post! I really enjoyed the Holland Tunnel video, very cool! :-)

  23. Farmgirl ,not only would I rescue you from the plight of NYC, but I'd let you do the donut big enough to drop you off in Oregon !!! Hey , I've seen the video of you driving that tractor , I totally give you my yellow taxi with trust !!! Hey , ya never know? LOL

  24. Can't see any of the pics!! Ugh.

    Still singing WIENER DOG, WIENER DOG, WIENER DOG????

    Hallie :)

  25. dude , i feel like i just was given a tour of ny city and a lesson in economics...why am i in college when i can be driving around with you all day REALLY learning something !! Blade Runner clip was perfect, secret society is scary but so true,and a Donut in the snow rocks !!! King, I have to read all your other posts now,great stuff !!

  26. That was brilliant and entertaining!! As usual, you ARE the King.

    I am curtseying right now.

  27. Hey King, it was great to hear your voice. Loved the financial guy vid. That quote from Clinton sort of changed my life. Sorry to be such a downer, but I do not have hope for the next four years . I think the only thing that has changed is the mouth piece. At the end of the day, they are all just politicians.

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