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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The King, Year of the Ox, Chinatown New Year , Gung Hay Fat Choy !!!!! Shortened it up a bit.

The Ox is thought to be the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. The Ox is a power sign, like the Rat, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, and Monkey. The King Of New York Hacks is year of the Monkey. They're quite dependable and possess an innate ability to achieve great things. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. Sounds a lot like a New York City taxi driver called the King Of New York Hacks.....hmmmmmm don't you agree ??

If ever lost in Chinatown, this gazebo has all the info you need in Chatham Square, great place to get a pic of yourself as if you were in China.

I love the hidden treasures that we take for granted as we walk by some of the most unique items that exist in this city such as this dragon handrail post. ONLY in Chinatown.

Awesome....I have to get one of these....that breathe fire of course.

Red Lanterns under the Manhattan Bridge. Since ancient times. The red lantern of China is not merely a kind of illuminations, it symbolizes the happiness even more, happy and beautiful yearning for the future.

Even the Chinese want the Bull to have some luck and get us back to working and living a more quality life.

Strange foods you will see everywhere in Chinatown , such as this dried out squid.

Another kind of squid.

Baby spearings.

Dried out Jellyfish...yuck.

While celebrating Chinese New Year all over China, each place has their own characteristics.But there is only a common Chinese symbol, every place is the same,this is a red lantern of China.

A very nice row of inspiring lanterns for the upcoming year.

Walking by the windows of Chinatown is great because you NEVER know what you will see. I saw these fish , and if I wanted to eat one , all I need to do is go in to the restaurant point at the fish, they cook it and give it to me. No words spoken. That's what I love about Chinatown.

They have shops with elegant and quite elaborate designs which are stunning. I think I'll get my girlfriend one. They look too good , I wonder how much they are? I'll find out.

Ahhhhhhhh....more live food just taunting me to start eating. Crabs...mmmmmmmmmm.

What am I lookinat ?!??!? What the F*** are you looking at you damn dungeoness crab. Geez, New Yorker crabs got attitude !!!

This wasn't a live fish , but it was cool to see a spiny blowfish from China albeit a taxidermy one.

And so we see our first dancing lion.

Here comes the crowd, and all the clanging and drums beating...very exciting.

A beautiful tapestry with some sort of warrior on it.

My nephews who are identical twins and were the one's who were so enthused about me bringing them to Chinatown. One of them will have a kidney transplant next month so please say a prayer for him.They both have the same kidney problems however one got worse quicker. Great kids, and they LOVE Chinese food, AND Chinese women !!!!

My friend explained in the restaurant we ate at a Phoenix on the left and the Dragon on the right. Very significant creatures in their culture.

The Phoenix.

The Dragon.

The ritual is the owner will hand the group of dancers a red envelope with money in it , and the dancing lion will come in and bring good luck and keep bad spirits away. I caught this lion bowing just as he spun and danced back out into the street. Fun stuff.

We then witnessed many dancing lions and one went into the Chase bank where I'm sure he got a BIG RED ENVELOPE !!!

Another Lion , this golden lion exits a place with a glowing sun making him shine.

Red Lion head mask.Each color represent different meanings. You can read about it here if you like. Very interesting backgrounds.

The Lions usually consist of two people and the Dragons at least ten to operate efficiently. All are usually martial artists.

Even this guy was so scared he turned white !!!

Those tubes are confetti shooters that blast confetti about 30 feet high and they cost five bucks a pop. Fireworks are banned in the city now, but plenty of people were blasting these tubes of celebration.That beautiful girl in the middle is Miss. Fujianese !!! The King don't mess around !!

They must have made a bundle selling these confetti tubes , people loved them and every one was having fun playing with it as it snowed confetti on us !!

This was my favorite dragon and it did the best dance of the day I thought.

Click on the pic to watch this hypnotic Dragon dance !!

Two young Chinese children in traditional garb snapping those little fircrackers that pop when they hit the ground.

They were having a ball !!! Yet so was I !!!!!

The Cops !!!! Run !!!! No worries, this time he's leading the next group of dancers.

These tapestries are exquisite and some have been used for many years !

Keeping the rhythm of the day going strong !! Bang that drum brother !!!

Great place to view it all from.

In Chinese this sign says "WE Love You King Of New York Hacks !!! "

And when they saw me they let the confetti rain on me !! So thoughtful of the community !!

This is one of the largest red lantern displays I have ever seen. These are VERY expensive and it really did add some great scenery to Chinatown that day .

Now inside this store , I have never ,EVER seen this for to guess???????
Go to next pic an I'll tell you.

A genuine crocodile claw, which I wouldn't even know how to cook or eat.

You can buy the whole arm if you prefer.

Or a good old fashioned Boars Head.

And as we rounded out the day we stopped in front of one of the biggest buddhist temples for a quick pic. Don't forget, that little nephew on the left is getting a kidney transplant and his identical brother will as well one day , so please say one prayer for both of them and the donor.

The King and his posse were lucky enough to be in an herbal store when one of the lions came to give luck, and we filmed it first hand. Hpefully year of the ox will be good for all of us.

To see more videos go to you tube

In closing I wish you all a Happy New Year again and hope I have been able to show you just a glimpse of what Chinatown is, and if you are born year of the Ox, hopefully you have a fantastic year !!! Me , I'm just a monkey, however I still am The King Of New York Hacks. Peace out Chinese food eaters.


  1. Amazing as usual! My thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery for your nephew.

  2. when I've been away from New York and need to feel the authenticity of it asap, the best place to go is Mott street. I always told people about the live frogs in buckets, but wow, I had no idea about all the other stuff. Thanks for the excellent post. I wish you and your family the best.

  3. Love all the pics but especially the ones of your nephews. My Dad got a new heart 6 years ago so I truly know how wonderful the outcome of transplantation can be. I will keep both of those very handsome kiddos in my prayers.


  4. Looks like you and the kids had a great time in Chinatown. Its great that you have a close relationship with them.

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Nice of you to take your newphews out for the day. They're cute kids. I'll keep them both in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. I adored that walk through Chinatown - and the incredible celebration.

    I will keep your nephew in my prayers!!!


  7. I'm the year of Ram/Goat...Happy New Year and Happy V-day!
    I will keep your nephews in my thoughts and prayers. :)

    p.s. When we get up to NYC we like to get massages in Chinatown. They really work you over...but you feel like a wet noodle afterwards! :D Ah, so good...

  8. Good looking nephewes. Yes, lots of thoughts and prayers for them both.

    You're a good uncle, King. And a good guy.

    Happy Chinese Valentines to you too, if they have one.

  9. I literally feel like I have been to the parade IN PERSON!! Thanks for yet another piece of NY. I love to read you and yet it makes me cry sometimes, really that I am not there.

    Please give your nephew a big hug and kiss from me and tell him I will send a big one up to the man upstairs just to make sure he is paying attention on the big day

  10. Good luck to your nephew. We take our good health so much for granted. US health system sucks, thats for sure.
    That photo on my blog is not a taxi protest its archbishop Tu Tu who was meeting people of the Nial Mellon trust which builds hundreds of houses in the slums of South Africa.
    All volenter labor.

  11. Hello, King! I so loved the story you told today on Virgina's site...the one about the "kindness of strangers" ...that I decided to drop in on you. Wow! I have been to the ultimate Chinese
    New Year party! I have only been to your Big Apple once....and it WAS a grand time I had there. Thanks for all the images, and may God be with your darling nephews in the coming weeks and months!

  12. Love the pix, but love that you spent quality time with those good looking nephews of yours more!

    What a great uncle!

    You cracked me up with your comment on Valentine's day on my blog.

    Have a great weekend!!

  13. Yes, and definitely! Prayers for your nephew's quick and full recovery!

  14. hiya king! long time so see.... hahahahaha
    thank you again for the great tour of chinatown. i just love nyc. would love to live there, except thats where godzilla, king kong, and all the other monsters roam. and i'm afraid of 'em!

    kiddin. you know nyc holds a special place for me. when i look at your pictures, that same old longing is there, every time.

    god bless your nephews little hearts, kids shouldnt have to go through stuff like that. bless them. godspeed to their recovery and success.

    very good lookin, too.
    what a fun uncle you be.

    take care.


  15. You're so awesome! Love reading about NY and going on tours through your eyes! Prayers to you and yours! Have a happy sunday and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  16. Mmmm. . . .boy, did those squids look delectable. Lol.

    Man, Chinatown looks so cool. Thanks for bringing south for me.

    My prayers go out to your nephews, as well.

    This year will indeed be a grand one.


  17. Oh, and thank you for checking out my blog!


  18. Thank you so much for a fantastic post! I miss the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    My thoughts go to your nephews now. May they have strength and good health.

  19. Great tour, King. I have fond memories of my one trip to NYC and Chinatown. We ate lunch there and I asked for a fork when I was struggling with my chop sticks. The waitress pulled one out of her pocket and handed it to me. Eww.

    I will keep both your nephews in my prayers.

    Thanks again for sharing your city with us.

  20. It's killing me, how much were those dresses?

  21. Judy - So CaliforniaFebruary 16, 2009 at 2:16 AM

    King, Visiting from Virginia's Birmingham Post. Thank you for sharing the Year of the Ox with us. More then that - prayers and good thoughts not only to your nephews but to the family that will be caring and loving them well. All the best - please.

  22. Hey King, welcome back :) Great photos as usual...loved the ballistrade ones...

  23. Hey King, welcome back :) Great photos as usual...loved the ballistrade ones...

  24. Interesting timing that I'd read this post...

    I just got off the phone with my uncle who's having some health issues, and I was thinking how nice it is to have an uncle that I'm so close with...

    Your nephews are very lucky. And I'll definitely keep all involved in my prayers.

    And for the record, I must be a southern girl at heart...I saw the crocodile claw picture, and before you said what it was I said (outloud, no less), "gator foot."

    Great post!

  25. That last comment was ME. Signed in to the wrong account. Duh. ;)

  26. Thanks for that freakin' AWESOME tour of Chinatown!! Uhhh, but I could have done without the crocodile claw and the dried squid! Eeeeewwwww!!! Maybe I'll save those pics to use when I'm tempting to snack on something bad for my diet - that'll ruin my appetite! ha!

    Prayers are going up for your nephews. I hope the surgery goes well!

  27. Thanks for that freakin' AWESOME tour of Chinatown!! Uhhh, but I could have done without the crocodile claw and the dried squid! Eeeeewwwww!!! Maybe I'll save those pics to use when I'm tempting to snack on something bad for my diet - that'll ruin my appetite! ha!

    Prayers are going up for your nephews. I hope the surgery goes well!

  28. Thank you all for the kind comments and prayers, it is very well received. I will keep you all posted on the progress. Thank you.

  29. Yo King, I changed the site location for my TIPS FOR CABDRIVERS blog. It was at trafficrulesnyc but now it's on so if you get a moment, fix that on your links cause the old link doesn't work anymore. I will try to update this blog more often and I could use some input. Perhaps you'd even be interested in co publishing things on it. That would be neat. Anything and everything a driver needs to know (without giving away too many secrets).

  30. that was a fab tour, King. Thanks! I was in Chinatown the week before but I did see a dragon or two - they are so neat :-) That's not an alligator paw - that is my foot, in dire need of a pedicure, which I had fully planned to get while I was there - no where else in the world can you get a mani/pedi for $20....but I never got around to it...oh well. next time!!

    I will keep the nephews in what passes for prayers!

  31. King! Gung Hay Fat Choy, indeed! Loved it, my daughter was fascinated by the lion and dragon dances. I was too.

    Good stuff. Your posts always make me want to head to NYC. Soon, soon.

    And I'll be putting up some prayer flags for your nephews. :)

  32. Excellent flavor for the Chinese New Year!!!

  33. Um, spearings? I'm so out of touch apparently.

  34. Amazing photos, man. Mind you I'm kindof put off the idea of lunch... scrambled eggs pales in comparison to dried jellyfish with a side order of uber-chewy crocodile paw. Yummy.

    I'm crossing my fingers and toes for your nephews, both of them, and praying for strength for a speedy journey towards full health... they're fierce good looking, I fear they'll break a few hearts later on!

  35. When I lived closer to Canada, I liked visiting China Town in Toronto. Cool neighborhood to visit.

    No Mardi Gras in NYC? I used to live in NOLA and like most yankees I liked Carnival a lot. The natives tolerate it mostly. I kind of miss those parades every February.

    Best of luck with the kids.

  36. The longest best post I've ever read/seen. Prayers for your nephews.

  37. Where are you? Miss ya...I hope everything is ok! :(

    Just wanted you to know that the April "Vanity Fair" magazine has a postscript about the "Peeler Man".
    A short blurb...seems like he has a daughter that might take up the trade...

  38. This is an amazing post!!!!
    I feel like I am there, like it was 'my' experience ... thank you for all of the time you put in this!!

  39. where are you King? I hope everything is ok with you and the nephews...check in with your fans if you have a chance!!

  40. How odd: Orlando did nothing to celebrate Asian New Year this year, despite many phone calls. So you did it for us! And brought my "Old New York" back to me; she never leaves this fawmanuyawka. Nor did my first cousin, kidney recipient last year, wife donor and both 100% fine. Owe it all to Ohio State Univ. medical center. Of course, I've got kidney probs too, so this monkey (yes!) can truly identify. I send healing energies to your nephews and involved family and expect a glowing recovery/report. Naches, paisan.

  41. hey king- where are ya? havent heard from you in months! i hope and pray all came out well with your nephews surgery. lemme know, k?

    take care, eddie...


  42. Awesome pics. Weird food options in China town. Crocodile claw???

    Hope all goes well with your nephews surgery.


  43. What an amazing post! I so appreciate and enjoy all of your pictures. As a native NJ girl living in TX, I regret getting to NYC so seldom. So I am loving seeing (and hearing)Chinatown through your lens.

    I think I like the little details best (the gate post, for example) but the red lanterns are gorgeous and I could look at those all day.

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