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Monday, June 22, 2009

Bloody Sunday in Iran...and everyday here.

I work with many and have driven countless people who have extremely different thoughts on the world recently, and it seems as though these thoughts are changing by the day...

What are yours ?


I don't know what "change" is happening except the little left in my pocket, but I do feel as if we are at a pivotal moment in our world where a simple "Yes you can" will not do. Too many lives lost on our soil and abroad. I want impact.

North Korea..China..South Korea..

All those countries exist within all 5 boroughs of NYC. All of them ride in my taxi.
Staten Island..Brooklyn...Queens..The Bronx...and Manhattan.

We've got Iranians passing off cabs to Iraqis splitting shifts.
We've got the Van Cortlandt St Irish standing
right next to Englishmen talking baseball.
Nobody... wasting that is a miracle.
Can you dig it ?

I am no President..I am no Dictator..
I am no Cyrus from the New York Gang movie the Warriors whom I paraphrased..
I am only a taxi driver looking for the answers
to why a teenager is killed by a sniper...

Why American teenagers are coming home to a life of prosthetic fittings?


Why all these bailouts have not helped the ones who need it the most ?..


Why good people are being shit on everyday ? ..And more important..
When will it stop?

Can you dig it ? CAN YOU DIG IT !??!

I know I don't fucking dig it.

King out ...Peace.


  1. I am concerned about the muslims having more children than anyone else. They are scary!! They plan to take over the world by out breeding everyone.

  2. Sickening, isn't it? I'm inclined to think that we're going to do ourselves in, if some sort of compromise ism't reached soon.

    How much stress & hatred can one country shoulder?

  3. Blood fests have been around since the dawn of man. "Tis is okay though (please read the sarcasm here!) as we are all going to be dead come December 2012.

    "...All we are saying, is give peace a chance!"


  4. Sadly, there are a lot of messed up things in the world. This is merely one of them. Makes you wonder if anywhere in the world is really peaceful?

  5. i hear ya, eddy... and i ask the same questions. all you and i can do is make sure we do things right and treat people with respect and brotherly love in our little corners of the world. the rest is too big for us to take on. but its heart wrenching none the less. we are all the same inside, no body is going to get out alive, we just come in different packages. there is no reason why we cant all live in peace on this planet. greed, hatred, jealousy, fear, and anger is what drives the crazies to do what they do. fear of what, i ask? of life? of peace? of love? of god? fear of what, for fuck's sake????? maybe just fear, period.
    i dont have the answers eddy, only the questions. if you figure it out. lemme know, K?

    what a fucking waste of humanity it all is, dieing for no reason....


  6. Personally, I do believe we're in for very very good times not too far ahead. Just a couple more little bumps and we'll be out of the woods and into a new kinder gentler consciousness.

    Peace and love shall kick butt!

  7. More questions, no answers!

    Sorry King, wish I had something great and wonderful to share.

  8. Just found you site and was looking at some old posts. You've captured so many different sides of one of the world's greatest cities.

    I wish I had something to add but I'm speechless. My grandmother used to say that it is always darkest before the dawn and I just pray that's the case.

  9. have a super 4th of july weekend! :)

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  11. Wow, you are GOOOOOD! I just found your blog from "Martini Mom" and I'm glad I did.

    Nice to meet you. I will be back again soon.

  12. Got you a link at last!
    Just back from Cyprus another divided land, as one woman told me Greek Turkish? If the politicians would just fuck off and take the clergy with them we would all be fine and happy.

  13. Change just seems like more of the same old to me.

  14. Loving your blog. Will never view a taxi man the same ever again.

  15. Love your t-shirt! You live such a fun life!! I was this (holding fingers together) close to you in May! Driving from Mass to Philly, on the Interstate - almost took a detour further into NYC but didn't really have the time - hoping to next year. :)

  16. Too many lemmings rushing toward the cliff.
    Great post.

  17. Your blog is great. I really want to visit NY one day. I don't think we will ever see real peace worldwide, so I'm glad that at least for a minute and on a smaller scale, you get to see it everyday. But IMHO if you think that the ego's of the powers that be will ever learn anything...lets just say that its still a worldwide game of King of the Hill, and if innocent lives get lost in the game, what difference does it make? Its only my son or your daughter....