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Monday, August 31, 2009

Silent September..9/11...and ...The King of New York Hacks.

The following you tube video is silent ...which gave me an idea for the month of September. I will be blogging hopefully a picture a day,or almost everyday in respect for all those who perished or are involved with the war to this very day. My posts will be a pic of the city, a person, a memorial for 9/11 and I may make a short comment or not...

I call this Silent September.

During Silent September all my posts will have no lengthy writing until I do my walks around Ground Zero as I did last year, and if you didn't read it you can click on the following words.. 9/11 Tribute . I will do these walks again on 9/09 and 9/10 and post about it with all my thoughts and feelings on 9/11. Til then. Here we go.

A New York filmmaker captured the Manhattan Bridge, which I photographed myself driving over in my prior post, however I did NOT know the swaying occurred until I viewed this in a time-lapse video that's causing concern among commuters...and Taxi drivers !! (psst..and if you cross a bridge....check it out bro's and sis's)...ok NOW HERE WE GO !

However...HEY !!!WAKE UP !! Here's the good news from a Columbia University engineering professor who says the motion in the video is not 'necessarily a cause for alarm.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....reminds me of the Columbia Economic Professors and Goldman Sachs experts telling us that Bear Stearns could never go out of business and to buy Yahoo at $101.00 in 2000, or what was that other item...hmm...oh yeah , the levees will not break !! ....I think the King will inconspicuously suggest " Hey , I just heard through my GPS that there is less traffic if we take the Brooklyn Bridge !!! " LMAO !!...and I would sell some of my stocks right now too ...I'm not kidding..I will...ok kidding....not. ;-)

So in closing, I hope you check out my thoughts from last year and compare them to the one's I have this year as the seasons change again and unfortunately as a world we are still... broken...and as the seasons change so do we, and again and hopefully , for all of us the weather will get much better inside and outside as a whole.

Please also read the follow up Guest posts following my 9/11 one with their own thoughts and pictures....I "truly" don't think you can find many firefighters around like Firemen Francis J. (Jerry) Kennedy in this city and his memories anymore, or the intelligent and thoughtful way my friend Frank...and his doll Beany revealed their thoughts ....Beany ?? I knew you'd ask...
Well you'll have to read to find out about that !! . Frank is a perfect example of how we used humor to overcome some of our tragedies. Some of you will remember the Beanster !!
Click here to read the guest posts: Guest Bloggers Response to 9-11 Tribute

Thank you Jerry and Frank for contributing and should you like to do the same this this year I'd be honored again, with your thoughts...Until then , and as we reflect on the progress or lack of, I will be peeping..ahem, I mean KEEPING watch on this city and bringing it to you as I faithfully remain your friend and loyal taxi driver through these streets...
....wait for it ..wait for it...The... ......King of New York Hacks !!!! LOL Peace out peepers...


  1. You continue to amaze me. Stop by my place. I left something for you!

  2. So glad I put you in my reader! I did know about the bridge but not that it moved that much! And will have to view your older post on this. Kathy's brother( my bro's girlfriend's bro ), was in tower 7 when the Hell broke loose. Kudos for putting this up!

  3. Looking forward to letting the pictures tell the story. 9/11 has forever changed America and the citizens of NY.

  4. Your words help so many. Think your idea for Silent September is an awesome one.

    You continue to amaze me King. :)


  5. I thought the engineers built in a certain amount of "sway" to make it more durable. Just saying.

    I loved your 9/11 post of last year and am looking forward to your Silent September posts.

    Happy day!

  6. this world of babble...a Silent September!
    We know you will do us proud oh Great One!! ;) Peace & Love to you too my brother.

  7. Loved your tribute last year and am looking forward to seeing what you do this year. Thanks for being the eyes of NY for us folks in the middle of the country. And thanks for remembering.

  8. Thank you for your remembrance! I spent many months after this attack pulling Homeland Security and transporting food , clothes, and letters to Ground Zero from people all across the country. May the 2,997 men, women, and children who had their lives taken from them rest peacefully.

  9. I suppose most Americans can tell you where they were and what they were doing on September 11 because the day is burned into our brains by the events of that day. We worked 24 hours shifts altho we were hundreds of miles away...we kept radio transmissions down to the essential...many of us had to pull our patrol cars over to the side of the road that day because our eyes were blinded by tears. We pulled up beside each other to give quick moments of comfort. It's a day like I never hope to go through again. God Bless America. God Bless New Yorkers...

  10. I'm looking forward to your silent September posts. September 11 forever changed America. Like all other Americans I will always remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.
    That bridge looks scary.

  11. What a fantastic tribute and a completely novel idea!!! I'm really looking forward to your posts!


  12. Wonderful tribute to 9/11 for us.

    I get scared sitting on bridges too!! I do not like the swaying. I try to make stay in the middle lane to swerve around and off if I have too.

  13. AWE-SOME! Thanks King for doing this.
    I'll be watching/reading.

  14. Wow, I had no idea of the sway. That is way (eerily,) cool! :)

  15. Hi Guys,

    this song "Last Goodbye" was written for all of first responders and others who lost their lives on that horrible day. It is free to those who wish to download it. Hope it gives comfort to those who need it.