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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fall. Not just a season.

This is a post ...and a vent if you don't like vents..wait til my next post..I got plenty coming. ;-)

People...well..sometimes... people suck. Enemies usually suck... Sometimes acquaintances suck....and yes ..indeed... sometimes friends, or whom we may believe, or people who may display themselves as a friend or even get you to consider them as a friend..will inevitably SUCK.

New York City...will never suck as long as The King presides over it. ;-)

I have been taken financially by many of them over the years , but especially this many have... Wall St never changes, only the faces.... However the King has not written on his blog much lately, because during my day job, I had a what I consider a " mini Bernie Madoff " and a person who I thought might be a friend... use my name, my social security number, and my business as a conduit for profiting on their behalf, and leave me in major debt at Wall St firms. In my name..I fell for it hook, line and sinker over a steak dinner at Cipriani's right across from my day job on Wall St as this con man explained to me how this was my chance....It wasn't.

However, he reads my blog..he likes I will use it to vent...He has threatened my family by saying " I will send some Mexicans to your house for $1200"...And he does not owe more than 10 thousand dollars to the firms in my name... yet he threatened my family for that much ...Indeed this can take away from the King's writing abilities and his affinity for Wall St. However, all it did was reinforce the fact why I taped all of my phone calls with him and his cohorts , who were more mad at me for calling them names than they were in the fact that they are con men who are predators of the public..and private.. still at large...

The Law will take its course and I will update as is necessary. One even said "WHY would you tape us ?? I have never done that" Well shame on you thief, I was trained to tape everything when I began on Wall St and your employee who took me to dinner recommended the same.

Too bad Bernie Madoff's clients like Fred Wilpon who owns the Mets didn't ...or maybe he did...but...maybe Bernie sent him a text message saying "people in glass houses" never know...but I'll tell you this ...all of you will know what happens with me...

$1200 he said on tape.... to kill...well no excuse me, I don't want to misinterpret, he actually said "to take care of my family"in a threatening tone as the tapes were heard ...and he referred to a Mexican who would do it...Surely he was not referring to an immigrant butler or maid...Pffffttt...This man, and his friends are racists....Insane...Sociopathic...The TAPES I made prove this.....This is where we are folks. People like this stalking the weak or uninformed during these hard a phone and a short meeting...BUT I RECORDED EVERYTHING....Why ?? ....because I had DOUBT...because...I found out he is a JUNKIE...a liar...because..I AM THE KING...because I pretended to be his employee for months so I could gather my information expecting the inevitable...and he is the jester only here to amuse me....and I have been a step ahead of this piece of shit the whole time...perhaps the first one to deny him of his victory...

His benefactor and he find it offending along with his accomplices that I called them names...They referred to me as a Taxicab driving loser amongst other derogatory names...threatened my friends, family and their livelihoods..HA..childs play......Wall St and Taxi Driving are one in the same....I see honesty and lies all day long, and when you do a double shift know who to doubt...too bad I never drove Bernie Madoff...I would have saved everyone from that scumbag bullshit....The King does not lay down on this one...I will be posting pictures of his family and friends, and the moneymaking websights his family owns...which revolve around a word called trust....I am here to tell you don't trust...QUESTION !!!

Who runs your pension...who runs your IRA...who is manipulating your money...WHO ??...Find the truth. I spent countless hours calling banks overseas, banks here, people who are connected to him....I FOUND THE TRUTH...and they don't like it...Well, I don't like it either, but how do you like those apples ??

FIND THE TRUTH PEOPLE...DO NOT BE HAD LIKE THE KING WAS.I am ready to go public with my whole life on this blog because of this ..I have nothing to hide and come from a very well liked honest New York City family...I am the truth...I AM ...

..THE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS.....oh and what makes me say this ?...PROOF

You need help??....send up a signal to the KING...and I'll do all I can to save you from assholes like this....NUFF SAID !!!!!

Sorry...OK....lets move on....

OK...this was the weirdest costume I saw Halloween...AND he was riding a bike...A Peacock was my guess....but I did see a guy in a suit wearing a lizard mask that I asked " what are you from "V" the TV show ??" He said a monotone calm voice..."No...I'm Bloomberg"...I started laughing, caught me off guard with that one and no photo to boot !!

going to Kennedy Airport...getting chilly out here !! BUT great weather too !!

This photo I thought was appropriate with my opening dialogue...the shadow doesn't match the person...almost lurking about...Welcome to New York City...I should have known better about those posers from Jersey. No offense to Jersey intended, but that's where the scumbags are from.

SO I breathe deeply and remember that the holidays are here and not to let anyone get in the way of keeping my family happy.....this is Queens Steinway and Broadway...

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and please ignore any ill written comments, this guy is infamous for creating anonymous email accounts to slander people he screwed. I will delete them when I have time. Regards to you all. I drive these streets and bring them to you through the holidays ...and now if need be my public life as well... I will always remain your friend, truth seeker, and guide through the streets of New York City and I will try to post a holiday picture a day in spite of all that is around me...I comfortably remain ...and will always be...certainly not Santa Claus...but I will do my best to be....The King Of New York Hacks.

Peace out peepers.



  1. Wow, thats hectic. Wondered where you were and I wish it were something simple like just taking a break. The wolves are always prowling looking for easy meat and all too often innocent victims fall prey to these devils who dont want to work for their own money but are happy to live off another man's labour. Well done on taking a stand and not giving up.

  2. Thanks Momcat...I WILL NEVER GIVE UP while I protect us ...The People. Thank you for your words. ;-)

  3. hey
    thats hectic i wonder y ppls do this disguised as frnd, wish u good luck

  4. jeez, that sounds horrible. I'd fall to pieces over such pressure.

  5. Go get 'em. You sound pissed off enough to survive this scumbag.. may he end up under your tires.. welcome back.

  6. I too have wondered where you've been. Now I know. Sorry that your world is looking darker rather than lighter these days.

    I pray for all the many people who are experiencing so many difficulties. I pray for your situation.


  7. are in my prayers. Ahhh...I do hope you enjoy THE most beautiful city in the world, this Christmas season!

  8. I have such a hard time understanding how people can do horrible things like that.

    I pray that it all works out for you and that you're able to find peace soon.

  9. Agree with you, don't ly down and take it! I presume you've been to the police about this and hopefully, they're acting in your behalf.

    Just be careful, King. People like this have no scruples and often nothing to lose while you have a family to protect. Be careful in your pursuit of justice.

  10. ...when things are sucking as hard as this it's especially hard to keep in mind that the Universe will look out for you, but it totally will, King. These kinds of things don't go unnoticed by the Powers that makes me sad to think someone would go all 'Shark Week' on your kind heart and try to do you wrong like this. Don't let em bring you down, King!!

  11. Glad you're back. Not glad to hear what's been going on. But you're the King and you will prevail, with Blogoland cheering you on.
    You are my hero.

  12. i missed you! glad you are back. please be careful out there in your city, people can be such scumbags its unbeleivable! so sorry you got ripped off like that. people are becoming evil out of greed and boredom. stay safe, friend. godspeed. get those fuckers, eddie.


  13. Holy crap!!!! I wondered why you were dark for so long. Glad you're back, glad you tape recorded those jerks and glad you're bringing us some Christmas cheer for NYC.

    Hang in there.

  14. I don't know what to say....just be careful! You and your family are in my prayers! You are the King of New York Hacks!