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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The King of New York Hacks and the new...New York Yankee Stadium Museum Part II !!

So I went back in September to another game and went to the small museum where you can reflect on the past and present of the New York Yankees. They were on their way to the World series, but the museum didn't have a line to get in as it did in April , so I took my time and snapped my pics for all to see.

Paul O' of the hardest players I ever watched as George Steinbrenner referred to him once "He has the heart of a Lion" ...Paul got one of the longest farewell chants of his name the last game he played there. I believe it went on for 15 minutes straight...THAT'S respect.

Old memorabilia cards.

Giant signatures of the players on a case that on the opposite side has many signed balls from Yankee players from past to present.

Roger Maris, the TRUE home run leader.

Lou Gehrig, The Pride Of The Yankees.

George Steinbrenner...bought The Yankees for 10 million from they are worth over a billion dollars...not bad.

Thurman Munson ..I was a kid at Great Adventure Amusement Park...great day of roller coasters and food and only get into my parents Datsun and hear he died in a plane was a long ride home after such a great day... I'll never forget it.

A statue of Don Drysdale who is known pitching the only perfect game (as well as the only no hitter) in the history of the World Series. The case in front of it is the trajectory of the pitch to Yogi Berra who was his catcher in that game.

Don Larsen. See his hand. That's the same technique you should use to hail the King of New York Hacks. ;-)

Thurman Munson's locker just the way he left it to never return.

Munson's bat.

A sad sight. He had a wife and children and was such a family man he flew his own airplane to be with his children more, and unfortunately died in his plane when it crash landed.

Babe steroids for him, just some scotch and hot dogs please.

One thing about the Babe , even though he was a womanizer and loved to party...There are SO MANY photos of him visiting hospitals and childrens wards, or just showing up on the street to play stickball with children...New York was different as baseball was back then...but he did love children and made it a point to always accommodate them. The Babe..nuff said.

Babe Ruth real jersey he wore in games.

Babe Ruth.

The bat that hit the fist home run in the old Yankee The Babe.

Even a Tribute to Rickey Henderson for all the base stealing he did as a Yankee.

A tribute Home plate honoring the perfect game at the end of the showcase.

My father farting in Yogi Berra's face. Stuttering John from Howard Stern asked Ted Williams in an interview if he ever did that and Williams flipped out on him...I'm sure some guys did it !! LMAO

Statue of Yogi Berra. Famous for his Yogisms like on why he no longer went to Ruggeri's, a St. Louis restaurant: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." Yogi has 10 World Series LOL

This is the view from Yogi's mask.

In the case of signed balls , I found a player I didn't know was on the Yankees, and would have loved to see him play before he settled down and bought a junkyard. Fred Sanford.

I may not be Fred Sanford and have a junkyard, nor have I played for the Yankees, but I will finish this tour up in the next day or three as I remain...The King Of New York Hacks. Peace out peepers.


  1. Keep 'em coming......I can almost hear the crack o' the bat and smell the hot dogs!

  2. Always an inspiring read here at the King's Place!!! Thank you for that!!

  3. i'm sorry i haven't visited for a while, i've been stuck in facebook hell, but am ready to come back to some real life! thank you for the memories, watched the yankees on tv on saturday afternoons when that was the only time there were games on... we would have hot dogs and drink beer in our little house in a small mining town in utah [that's the only time my dad drank beer was when we were watching baseball, he was a burbon man the rest of the time] thanks again!

  4. Wow, that must have taken you hours to put together. Thanks for the great tour!

    Happy weekend,

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  6. we really don't know if Babe Ruth used any performance enhancers, injectable testosterone was available from WW2 onwards.

  7. Some great posting lately about the game and the museum. I hate to admit it, but as much as I love my Astro's, I've always been a closet yankee's fan.....

    I was watching the SNL special last night on NBC and they talked about the first show back after the attacks.....

    It was hard not to watch with out the tears coming on strong.....

    I wonder sometimes how it is that New Yorkers can even tolerate it.....I thought I was resilant (SIC) until I saw you all deal with so much.....

    Be good to yourself and keep your head on swivel out there brother.

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