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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The King and New Amsterdam Part Two

Well we left off part one with the little Dutch girl walking down the stairs in her wooden I guess its appropriate to start off part two with the Dutch Band Kleintje Pils (Half a Lager) from the town of Sassenheim playing one of their folk songs, they also played at the Olympics this year...AND they wear wooden shoes !!!! Its 2 minutes.

This I found interesting because although this festival was on a day that they used to have Memorials for 9/11, an artist who created a Panoramic drawing on a continuous piece of paper, kind of like a high quality paper towel that you'd wipe your hands with at a public bathroom...had her work on display and was also drawing people's requests.

The panoramic drawing was created by Amsterdam artist Corina Teunissen van Mannen in 1990, and The King thought it would be a brilliant idea to compare her drawings with the real thing, except the pics are from 1987.

I am grateful for my very dear friend Frank Zachary Cassano who gave me permission to use these photos from 1987, and they are brilliant.

Frank Zachary Cassano has been a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and is also a noted food critic and photographer for various sources of information with a specialty in Chinese Cuisine from Chinatown, Sunset Park Brooklyn, to the maritime meals of New England. Frank worked on the 81st floor while The King worked in the smaller World Trade Center building number 4 on the 7th and 8th floors ( which 8th being the top floor ) which were the Comex and Nymex exchange back then..Thanks for the pics brother, they are great.

So take a look and judge for yourselves...I found the comparisons eerie being that the view of the city I and Frank knew everday, is sadly no longer there.

Order from the artist a piece of the skyline who you will see in a bit using the beer wagon... and, what really looks like a paper towel roll from an office or restaurant bathroom...LOL ..only artists would think of that...although a girl wrote a nice note to me on toilet paper once.

The entire drawing was protected in plastic and wrapped around a downtown park that led to the festival. There was no security , and nobody messed with it at all...New York gets a bad rap if it was left there overnight, it would be graffiti the next day no doubt !! HA !

Plane flying by The Empire State building 1990...Small aircraft have to take different routes since Cory Lidle of The New York Yankees flew his small plane into an apartment complex in 2006. R.I.P Cory.

The Empire State Building view from The Twin Towers 81st floor in 1987.
~Frank Zachary Cassano

Empire State Building at night Summer, 2010.
~The King

Twin Towers view 1990 approaching from the Staten Island side on the Staten Island Ferry.

Twin Towers view approaching from the Staten Island side on the Staten Island Ferry.1987
~Frank Zachary Cassano

The Statue of Liberty 1990

Statue of Liberty 2010, still standing strong.

Side view The Twin Towers. 1990

Side view The Twin towers from 1987
~Frank Zachary Cassano

Manhattan Bridge Drawing 1990

Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge 1987 view from east side of the 81st floor of The WTC.
~Frank Zachary Cassano

Wow...great shot Frank.

Chrysler Building drawing 1990 ....The King's favorite building in this city.

Chrysler Building summer night 2010...STILL The King's favorite building in this city.

Corinna Teunissan van Mannen ready to draw any scene of the city on her roll of paper on request !! No you can't dry your hands with this roll !!!

Smiling and taking requests, she was a delight, and was very knowledgeable of all the famous and not so famous buildings that she drew in 1990...she was also very emotional about the fact that The Twin Towers are was a part of her like all her art she told me.

The King bows to her talent, and her return to the city she drew from all angles in 1990, thanks Corina...and keep smiling.

The newly proposed New York City Taxi Hack uniform...
I voted on the one with blue suspenders !!...but I refuse to wear the bonnet !!! LMAO

Lilies...they really do know how to cultivate their flowers as you can see.

Back of Windmill...This is where they sold knock offs of wooden shoes !! HaHa !!

Bumblebee cycle...which are very important for the flowers that they need, and are a huge part of their economics.

The Honey comb growing


The King holding over 100, 000 baby bees ...and didn't even get stung...RESPECT DA KING !!

Kids were amazed as they watched the bees safely.

They have a green movement across the pond to make your roof into grass...certain roofs would collapse in a rainfall, so they would have to install support beams too I was told...Whoa. Can you imagine, "Honey time to go on the roof and cut the lawn"..." No problem Hun, divorce papers in the top drawer !! " LOL Landscapers would be paid nicely I would imagine...or be in scarce supply.

More Raw fish , no rolls this time...The King downed one. With a sour cream and chive sauce... Slurp !! Not the tail though ! Wasn't that bad...I should have filmed this for the food channel !

This dude went right to the tail as well, but chucked the tail into the garbage.

And there ya have it folks , just another hour or so in this crazy city when you never know where you might wind I did in Holland this day.

Oh and this little tidbit you'll love...Best Fucking Real Estate deal ever...excuse my Dutch !!!

In 1626, the settlement of New Amsterdam was established at the mouth of the Hudson River. Peter Minuit, director general of the company, purchased all of Manhattan Island from the local natives for 60 Dutch guilders, which some have calculated to equal $24...

About the cost of a cab ride from Queens into Manhattan...and I haven't been able to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to NOBODY !!!! ..Damn that dude was good !! He'd probably would work for Goldman Sachs or Barclays today !! HaHa !!...anyhow...

Dutch villages of Haarlem and Breukelen would later become the New York neighborhood Harlem and the Borough of Brooklyn...Things have come a long way...just as you and I have come a long way through this long blog...who knows what New York City has to bring in the future or the buildings and neighborhoods that will change and what they will look like ???

....but I will tell you who is watching, and will be the first to post about, no , not a Dutchman...although I did the "Dutch Shuffle" after eating all that raw fish ;-)...I have been through the Holland Tunnel many more than 400 times...and have traveled up Amsterdam Ave EVERY time I driven my Taxi... wait for it...wait for it....That's right baby !!!

The King Of New York Hacks !! Thanks for riding along, hope you enjoyed the ride.

Stay safe out there all... Peace out peeps !!


  1. Awesome Pictures King. Your Friend Frank had some smart sense to take those pictures back in 1987. Usually native New Yorkers don't even think to do that Being that they see that View every day. It just goes to show you what an Awesome skyline New york "once" had. When people who live there and see it everyday take time out to snap a picture of it. BTW King exactly where is this festival at I would like to chow down some of that raw fish myself.
    Cheers Mate, Shlitze

  2. Love the pics, dude, and thank you for the tour! Ida o, bro, you might rock that bonnet ;)

  3. Awesome post and great pictures. This looks like it was a lot of fun!

  4. It's really nice that New Yorkers have this day to remember what the influence of the Dutch has been for the city! And it looks great too! All the dutch goodies heheh..!

  5. Love the panoramic picture. You said the artist was taking requests - she was sketching from memory?

  6. great pictures... very sad to see what used to be but is no longer there.

    thank you for thinking of us and sharing...

  7. love the peace sign in the mirror king..wassup with the mosque protests ?? be safe over there bro, looks like its getting ugly ! great pics as usual Mr.Royalty, keep us posted on the reality of NYC...I used to live there and know you r the real deal.

  8. Such great pictures and an incredible tour.