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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The King and New Amsterdam Part One

This was the festival I saw before 9/11 last year that I told you I would write about...They were celebrating 400 years of The Dutch being such a huge part of how this city evolved...So here is part one...Hope you like it.

New Amsterdam (Dutch: Nieuw-Amsterdam) was a 17th-century Dutch colonial settlement that served as the capital of New Netherland. It later became New York City.

“We came here on the sailing ships, and the wind brought us to New Amsterdam 400 years ago,” Gajus Scheltema, the consul general of the Netherlands, said from his New York office. “We were proud to be at the very root of New York, and the windmill, for me, is the symbol of the energy that drives New York. The wheels are spinning around, and it shows we are going back to energy resources we were using 400 years ago.”
Citation, New York Times.

"We're gonna need A LOT of fucking windmills and maybe a few hamsters in the wheels to power this city now" King Of New York Hacks said from his moving yellow office on Park Ave..."

"This city should be ashamed going back to stealing all the people's money, like they did 400 years ago, 300 years ago, hell even in the last six months !! Forward progress would be nice" Citation, ...yes I've had a few. ;-)

Didn't Mayor Bloomberg tell you NO SMOKING near windmills !!!! Well, ok, we'll let ya go since you're from the Netherlands.

The Royal Netherlands Navy were a friendly bunch and I chatted with them as a lot of people took advantage of taking pictures with them...I asked them how is their time here going... and they told me they loved New York City and were surprised at how welcome they felt here and people were very generous towards them. I told them to drive my Taxi for an hour and then answer my same question...we laughed..The universal language. They certainly were making a lot of kids happy that day. Good job RNN !!

They had a set up so you could be in the famous painting "The Milkmaid" by Vermeer...Now, had Vermeer painted that dude on the left or right in the painting... or even the King, that painting would not be famous today....although I would hang it in my kitchen. ;P

Johannes Vermeer-The Milkmaid (De Melkmeid or Het Melkmeisje), sometimes called The Kitchen Maid, is an oil-on-canvas painting of a "milkmaid", in fact a domestic kitchen maid, by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. It is housed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which esteems it as "unquestionably one of the museum's finest attractions".

Girl With a Pearl Earring (1665), is also considered a Vermeer masterpiece which they made a movie about with Scarlett Johansson.

Here is a replica of the masterpiece on display for all to see...without me or the other dudes in it...Thank God. LOL

I really felt like I was on a small street in The Netherlands...They made it look genuine.

DE TULP...meaning "The Tulip"...The Netherlands famous for its cultivated tulips is one of the most dominant exporting countries of tulips and tulip bulbs.

Now this was interesting, a Johannes Vermeers look-a-like selling seeds and bulbs for all different prices which reminded me of "Tulipmania" which was probably similar to the dot com boom and bust.

This occurred in 1636-1637 while 1 out of every 7 people were dying of the bubonic plague and felt to speculate and profit as quickly and successfully of the trading of Tulips. If the Tulip had a stripe in it, it may have traded its weight in gold being that it was unique to other Tulips, when the stripe really was a virus attacking the bulb...Sounds like a Black Tulip was an or a Cream colored one a way, it was a HUGE bust !!!

I stayed away from this dude, he wasn't going to fool me with any of this bullshit again !! Tulips costing their weight in gold ??? All I have to say to that is Pffffffftttt the Tulip !!!

Now, this is more like it, as I was talking to the girl in the poster who had set out some flowers and a bottle of wine for the King, I asked her if I could put those flowers on my piano and she replied enthusiastically in her Dutch accent " Neen, Neen, King, How vould you like Tulips on your organ instead ?? "... O_O "You had me at Neen" I said. LMAO

Watching the craftsman carve out wooden shoes of all sizes amazed me as he explained they would last me a lifetime and that they were great for garden use...just hose off when you're done. Not quite sure if I could drive with these on my feet and he actually told me he puts steel in the tip on request...Nice to know if I ever need to kick a passenger in the balls for a tip !!

Old beer wagon with name brand Beer Old New Amsterdam...An artist will use this wagon to draw in in part two.

Great idea for Bar support...old beer barrels...I like Old New York.

The fast food burger joint of yesterday, except no beef...only raw or cooked fish.

Expensive too !! $7 bucks for Herring on a bun ??? The King tried one, sans the bun...very salty but the sauce was good.

Funny how the hat resembles the fast food workers hats of today, some things never change.

And equal opportunity prevails as the ladies are as hard at work as the men...these weree being sold out faster than they could make them !!

Poffertjes look like tiny/small pancakes, but they are much sweeter. They're fluffier than American pancakes because of the yeast. In contrast with pancakes, poffertjes are turned before one side is completely done, which results in a much softer core than pancakes have. Typically, poffertjes are served with powdered sugar and butter. $5 bucks for 8...The King is in !!

Preparing my and many others orders...I have seen a similar item for sale in Chinatown except a lot smaller and served with creme inside.

Perfect batch...OK...Hand them over now !!

Ahhhhh perfect...powdered sugur and a buttery cream topping that I put on just a bit...they were delicious !!! They should have a few vendors selling these year round !! Good stuff !!

These delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles or Syrup Waffle (called Stroopwafels by the Dutch) with richly filled chewy centers are one of Holland's true specialties. My Grandmother was Italian and we had similar cookies but they were called pizzelle cookies..Just as tasty, but Nana's had more love in it which made it even more tastier. Sorry Stroopwafels. The King did enjoy them though.

"Hoi, goede middag !! ...How about some Stroopwafels and wooden shoe shopping ladies ???"
Ladies ???...oh well can't have good luck all the time like I did with the Tulip girl. ;-)

Traditional children dress male...with wooden shoes.

Traditional children dress female...with wooden shoes.

...and this precious little girl was the real thing and so proud of her pretty dress as she wowed everyone on stage !

Here the little doll demonstrates just how hard it is to walk down stairs in those clogs !!

So in closing, I hope you enjoyed part one of my little diversion from the city within the city that used to be the city...I am not Dutch, have been through The Holland tunnel at least 400 times if that counts for anything, have eaten their delicacies and was happy to meet many kind people that day as I was then and am now, until part two...The King of New York Hacks. Vrede uit vreders...or as I will say for you non Dutch speakers, Peace out peepers, stay safe out there.


  1. Enjoyed it alot... bet those Dutch clogs were slippery!. The desserts are the best part! omg..

  2. Loved the tour and now I'm hungry...thanks King! :D That little girl was so cute...I bet her feet were hurting. :( Not my first choice for foot wear!!

  3. Great Post! Loved the comment about the steel tips on the wooden shoes...hahahahah!!! I think if I were you...I would stick with the Italian cookies! You are too funny!

  4. what a lovely celebration...mmmm soft doughy pancakes with creamy stuff.....mmmmmmmm

  5. Great photos, but cant help thinking wooden shoes are just wrong!!

  6. wow it seems that I have already visited Amsterdam through the pics and info that you had posted. I love the burgers.

  7. Man, that was enjoyable! I'm not grouchy any longer! Great post.

  8. Stoopwafels are much better warm. If you bought a bag, try putting one in the microwave for 10 seconds.... the stroop turns gooey and that's when they're delicious.

  9. Hey King, I love the way you tell a story and show us around NYC. You make it feel like we're right there with you.
    Thanks for the tour!
    Cheers, jj

  10. Awesome post! Thanks for keeping us updated ^_^

  11. thank you - yes, I enjoyed that very much. I can't imagine eating raw fish on a hamburger bun. you are braver than me. and about those wooden clogs, can they possibly be comfortable? as comfortable as crocs? LOL

  12. Thanks for the great write up of the festival. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I think I would have avoided those fish sandwiches, though.

  13. im from n.y.c. too.... lets get to the point. I need a cab for september 12th, going from Corona queens to Newark airport, how much will you charge me?

    Thanks. finally blogger did something for me.

  14. Nice update... I don't think I'd really like to eat a raw fish on a bun either...

  15. wow...I think I need some of those steel-toed wooden clogs in my wardrobe!!

    & trivia:! there are so many varieties of tulips! WOW!I planted some in my garden this year that ARE so dark purple they're almost black, called "negrita" *heehee!* crazy. Thanks as always for the great tour, King!!

  16. I enjoyed the post very much.Priceless images and so cool to learn a little history every day. I miss the city !Thanks

  17. I'm really Glad i came across this blog.Added to my bookmark!