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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The King of New York Hacks, 90 year old WWII Colonel Jack...and, September is here...Again.

As September is already here... and Hurricane Earl may be approaching the New York City area...I will be doing random postings with photos up until I do my annual 9/11 Tribute which I will post on the 11th of September with updated pictures and thoughts of Ground Zero today.

With all of the talk about a Mosque being built nearby, the fact that we are still at War, perhaps going into another War ( Iran ), A Government in disarray, the Economy as volatile, and the World uncertain as it ever was, it seems as if a Hurricane has been here since that tragic day in September 2001....oh and I heard today Lindsey Lohan is going to be professional from now on.


There's a storm coming.

The United Nations...ain't so "United" right usual they tell us its partly to mostly. ;P

...but before the storm comes, or if it doesn't...lets watch 90 year old Colonel Jack sum it up for you...

Feel like you just swallowed a rock ??... tell me if it's time to put down our guns and pick up our trumpets ...The song he played was Lili Marleen . It was a huge song during WWII...that's why Col Jack knew it.

I don't know the answers...maybe together we can find them...I'm no Colonel Jack...there is only one of him as there is only one of I ...Thanks for sharing Colonel...I bow down to you and all the other scared men and women then, now and in between who weathered and are weathering their own storm, wondering...and... perhaps singing to themselves... the same thing.

It's been a long time...and there STILL are no answers ??

...just some food for thought people, as we have had MANY wars since...I'm no King tonight...

I'm just a New York City Taxi driver thinking about the 19 year old amputee from the present War whom I witnessed in a car accident the other day.

...and sometimes we think we have bad luck ??

Peace out peeps.


  1. wow - so moving - thanks for sharing it - his piercing blue eyes show a life well lived, an honesty and a lot of wisdom. It reminds me of the story of the soccer match payed in one of the world wars, first I think, between the germans and the english between the trenches on new years day. the next day they all went back to shooting each other

  2. Love this song! Happy September

  3. We call Col. Jack's contemporaries the Greatest Generation. I like that. I think we need heros to look up to and emulate. There are some in this generation, too. Maybe we would see more of them if that is what we look for.

    Thanks for saying it so well.

  4. Lovely, lovely post. I have been remiss in stopping by. Thank you for the visit. I hope the storm passes for you (and the rest of us).

  5. thank you for your vist...your blog is bloody brillant...i do have a NY poem you must read...i sent it to the New never is from my other


    blessings to you and NY....bkm

  6. I have a huge lump in my throat. What a powerful video and an even more powerful statement. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That was a beautiful, touching video. thanks for posting it.

  8. Just fell upon your! You've got some stories to tell. Trying to get through them all and looking forward to more.

    Music could quite possibly run the world, probably better than most of the yahoos that do it now

  9. Lohan is gonna be a professional what? Visitor of rehab programs? Sorry, couldn't resist... I feel no sympathy for her.. Can't wait to see your post on 9/11

  10. Loved the post sir...loved the music!

  11. Great post as always...keep dry King! ;) p.s. I'll be up there weekend of 25th...neice is gettin married...reception near the Battery!

  12. It's always a good time to put down our guns and pick up our trumpets!

  13. I love your posts. I want to come to New York even more. I'm looking forward to September 11th posting. The old man touched me, his music, his insights and his heart. Keep up the good work.

  14. This is a very powerful post and very intelligent writing (not sure I can keep up!)
    Looking forward to reading you regularly!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm honoured to be on your blog roll. Thank you!

  15. You really are an amazing guy King! What a world we live in. Very moving.

    Take Care and Be Safe out there with the storm coming. Waving at ya from Upstate!!


    The sad thing is we are not any safer than we were nine years ago after 100,000+ people dead!

    That's one bad ass old man King!

    Great post.

  17. Hey King. Thanks for your words the other day. And thanks for this say things alot of the time that I want to say but I don't know how. I will be thinking of you and all those in NYC this Saturday like I do every day.....I will never forget.

  18. King, this is only one reason that you truly are the KING. God bless you. Peace out man.

  19. oh that was lovely!! sad and sweet and ever so touching! thanks for sharing that. The power of music indeed- you know the song goes, "I left my heart in san francisco" but they have it wrong....Mine was left in NYC and it will be with you on Saturday...

  20. never has there been a time until now where the weather was more than just small talk. I've been really fascinated with it, the hurricane that was supposed to come seemed to only bring a dry heat with cool ocean breezes. it has been absolutely fantastic hasn't it? I went on vacation in L.A. only to get more of the same great weather as I came back.

    And also as for 9/11, I feel there has never been a better year 'till now to talk about all of it. did you see in the metropolitan section of the new york times, the sunday paper, they had an article on how it has been getting developed at a very fast rate now, when even as late as 2008 there was zero activity there.

    it really is quite fantastic. and then there is also the contrasts of thousands of people coming together to build on the site, while a controversy surrounds the building of an islamic cultural center two blocks north. seems to me there have been many muslims who died while working at the towers, and perhaps some who are working there right now, building it up. anyway, my two cents.. I'll stay tuned for sure and read your 9/11 tribute.

  21. Lohan? Professional? There's definately a storm coming...a shit storm.