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Thursday, October 28, 2010

King of New York Hacks, Halloween... Graffiti is it art ?? Part One. You decide peeps. Comments are free !!

I grew up in the "tagging" era...and it still resides here in my head and heart even though I was never a tagger...but is still here nonetheless albeit not as you would see in a movie like "The Warriors"... However it still exists...and it is still so very much, NEW YORK CITY , and I consider it many do... much more than some of the shit I see at the tax deductible donation museums where a piece of dogshit on a Popsicle stick is considered an educational enlightening experience satisfying to the senses...

" What the fuck did you just say about that shit on a stick ????" Oh Yeah , OK I get it , your friend made it and you're the curator.... Sheeeet ...literally ! LOL

Art is cultural, inventive, dignifying, and gifted....

"Sheeeeeeet, now that I read what I wrote I should spray paint my blog on the walls !!"

What the hell are you laughing at ...I'm serious LOL

...nah , I'm not that good....but these artists are ALWAYS me, I know some of the best personally and they got the SKILLS !!! Period !

I'll write more personal stuff about the culture in the future , but for now ...sit back and enjoy urban ART !

Ahhhh...Crisp day, my favorite building in this grand city...The Chrysler...'nuff said.

A Destination, not in Manhattan of the old , but the Queens of the New.

A sight on my way there...I got a feeling he does love NYC.... deep down. :-)

This is what an electric company bulb looks like in the dark for not paying to use him. ....what do I say to this...Fuck 'em...light a candle. ;)

These are the pieces that you need to stop...and..absorb the...whatever it is you feel.

The Grizzley inside of you....yeah, you know where it is , just go and use it...its there use it .

New Yorkers Represent. Peace brother.

Death...Life...No Symmetry needed on these streets...or buildings as we look up.

Hey Obama, is Dental included in that new Health-care Bill ? I know of some cabbies in need ...

NO ...FUCK NO !!! ....and we never FUCKING will !! But GOD forbid they put this in the Met, or MOMA...This IS art my friends...I don't really give a shit if you think it's not.

INK is expression...doesn't have to be on your skin...still ink tellin' the story. Peace.

Dude is trying tto eat my name because he found out Dental is NOT in Obama's health plan ! LOL

Hey Neon lights, or paint on the wall, I'll take it and props to the painter !! Holla brother, this is some real NYC art !!! ...not that I'm biased 'cause my name is Eddie. ;)

Walk down the wrong alley in the N...Y...C...and this is what you'll see.
Happy Fuckin' Halloween any day of the year yourself...Fo' Real !!

TNT..Shotguns..and probably Acid...hell, I feel like I'm back in High School LMAO !!

Unfortunately this was me !!! LOL

Round the world Graffiti Art peeps, don't get more real than this...artists from around the world come to leave their mark or "TAG"....and it's only PART ONE. From Munich to 5PTZ NYC ...:P

So I hope you scare the shit out of everyone for Halloween, watch scary movies, and make sure you look at the candy you are getting so you have no allergy issues for the children or even worse stuff if ya know what I mean...I'm a Celiac, I can't trick or treat my ass round the way like I used to...I gotta read LABELS !! DAMN !! LOL ! ...Most important item, keep the kids safe peeps...but hey, you don't have to listen to me...Who the hell am I ??? Oh yeah....

Peace out peepers, hope all is well with you, and hopefully see you next time for part 2, which will be BEFORE HALLOWEEN...til then...I'm just....

....wait for it....

The King Of New York Hacks....( enter Shaft Theme ) Damn Right !!


  1. I love the art. I was at 5 Pointz last year visiting from Cali. NY is amazing. I want to go back.

  2. Graffiti definitely can be art. It can also be crap. And for me, crap is not art. For some cool french graffiti, check out this and the surrounding posts:

  3. I also think of most graffitti as art but we don't have much of it around my small town. Where I see it is on the passing trains and it's incredible.

  4. I agree about graffitti being art and I think there are a lot of great artists that don't get recognized.

    I am so with you about some of these art displays...I think you used the words, "shit on a stick" of these things I've seen are shown to be worth a lot of money and it blows me away because I wouldn't pay a penny for it.

    Hope your having a good Thursday!

  5. I agree! That is definitely art! We have some talented grafitti artists locally, also.

  6. the eye of the beholder, sugar! shit on a stick will make me laugh all day! rock on, dude! xoxox

  7. ~ woop! ~ right ON!! ! I been waiting for this post, King!! I love public art and feel it's very important for people with talent like this to be able to enhance and beautify public spaces at will, gueriiila style!! Ever since I saw STYLE WARS & the website for WOOSTER COLLECTIVE I was inspired and filled with admiration and inspiration for anyone who chooses to participate in this club not a private club at all, by any means, incidentally!!....~ thanks for the pics & can't wait to see more!! ~

  8. Thanks so much for the fantastic snaps of a true New York City..I've missed them. Moody said "Character is what you are in the dark," but I will add, true emotion and character is what you notice walking through life....simply looking, listening and just being still. ;) still enjoy your blog and it's given me lots of inspiration!

  9. I agree with you! Graffiti can be art!! The kind that you have pictured IS art!! There's some not too cool kind of graffiti that is definitely NOT art, but we don't have to talk about that...

    Have a superb Halloween Edward!!! Be careful out there!!

  10. art is in the eye of the beholder! A mom will see a work of art is something scribbled on a receipt by her 2 year old...but I agree that graffiti definitely can be art. I remember the first time i was in NYC and saw a subway train completely COVERED in was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!!

  11. Whoa King-- You are on a roll today!!! Great post and some awesome art in your wonderful city. Thanks for showing us around.

    I'm a huge Halloween fan... have a blast!


  12. All of these pictures are excellent examples of art. And I must agree, some of the shit they put in art galleries is a complete joke. I have seen the best art in places like local coffee shops, walls in a college walking tunnel, from the notebooks of teenagers just doodling. Undiscovered artists. Unknowing artists.
    Graffiti can be art, although not all is, however doing something that "destroys" private property is illegal, either way you look at it. And as much as I can appreciate the artistic talent of those who do the graffiti, I would be pissed as hell if I found some painted on my wall.
    Places such as 5Pointz are beginning to be found around the country, this is a grand idea. To give these street artists an opportunity to create such works yet to it completely legally.
    Thank you King for the art show.

  13. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!