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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

King of New York Hacks and The New York's Village Halloween Parade Part II - Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Geriatric Superheroes !!

Well, that was an interesting election night, good or bad I hope we are on a yellow brick road to recovery because this economy has been blowing like a Twister !!

So, keep following The Yellow Brick Road like this dude your BRAIN.

These empty scooter were in waiting for their elderly owners, who reallllyy can't keep up like they did back in the day...and they WEREE REALLLLY GOOD back in the day....but as the night goes on you shall see that these are for the Geriatric Superheroes !!!

Green Lantern...Grey Hair now...His ring looked a little tarnished too.

Elderly Joker, beard and all but still laughing it up !!!

Elderly Joker still has the moves as his "old" arch enemies are getting along fine with him now !

Old Green Lantern and Old Captain America..."Hey Cap', stay away from those buffet's bro !!"

Old man Batman on the left dancing with Old man Joker hitting on Old Lady Wonder Woman....never would have bet on that one as a kid . LOL

Old man Superman taking a break as the female keeps rocking and she's sporting a can AND Roller Skates !!! Gotta love it ! Supes had skates on too though. :-)

Super Heroes and Villains all dancing together in their old age...its like a bizzarro world !

KING : "Uhhhh ...yeah Batman , the bathroom is the other way"
BATMAN: " Don't get snippy with me or I'll whoop yo ass just like I did to Alfred my butler !!"

Super Grover !!!!...Old with a diaper of course.

Wonder Woman already tuckered out gets on her scooter !

BATMAN: "Thanks King , I found the Bathroom !!"
KING: " No problem Batman, as I think to myself "That was the coat check room" O_O

Poor FLASH having a wardrobe malfunction with his Depends diaper...looks like he's not as quick as he used to be ! ;)

However , there is the generation they left behind to continue their shenanigans !!
Joker and Batman in action again !!!

The Mighty Thor and his winged damsel.


Thee Batcycle !!!

The Batmobile !!! THIS should be what a New York Taxi LOOKS like !!!

Whoa there Batman !!! Just me The King, don't run me over !!

Hula girl looking happy.

Aloha girl looking happy.

70's statioon wagon tricked out for crew.

They were having fun waiting to drive up the parade route.

Freddy Kruger , ALWAYS hooks up with a girl !! pun intended. ;)

Dr.Body Parts was accepting new patients.

Frankenstein always makes it for Halloween.

...and how better to finish than with a Great Dane...ooops correction SUPERDANE !!!!!!

That is some dog, and I'm dog tired, hope you liked round 2 and more to come the next few days.

I may not be Old Superman , or Old Batman, but I'll tell you one thing, my yellow taxi could have taken out all those scooters filled with Old Super Heroes and I would have become the most evil villain of all time known only as...The King of New York Hacks. Muhoohahahaha.but The King would never do that ;)

Peace out voters.


  1. Nice work.It looks like a dry night.
    It rained like hell here.

  2. Thanks so much for the fabulous photos!

  3. Great set of pics. The Thor and Captain America costumes should be much more popular next Halloween as movies based on both characters come out next summer.

  4. great photos, sugar! we missed going downtown on saturday because the yahoos in office decided that trick or treating had to be on saturday, bceause god knows kids can't be out on sunday! i really am beginning to hate small town living! xoxoxo

    (oh yeah, my little town made the NYT because they changed the night! )

  5. I'm glad you appreciate the old guys. Like Pogo said "We have met the enemy and they are us." I am one of the old guys now, so I appreciate them more.

  6. Wow! What a wild Halloween ride ya took this Ozark chick on! Thanks the costumes are as great as the pics.

    God bless ya'll and have an amazin' day!!!

  7. so now i know where all the super heroes are, even the old ones!!!