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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Has Change come ??

As I drive and see many people suffering financially and emotionally during these turbulent times, I wonder if we will have some kind of reset and hold those who have hijacked our America responsible for their greedy actions...or will we just keep moving along like business as usual...Anybody have the answer ? I'd love to hear it...Is there an answer ? A way ?

Unite ?

Speech still stands tall. Over 70 years later, instead of radio and airplanes, we have internet and space shuttles, but we are still the same... We have changed technology, but can we change our mentality...

I'm not Charlie Chaplin, or a Great Dictator...but I think of these things as I witness the changing of the world on these streets driven by The King of New York Hacks...and I hope.

Peace out peeps.


  1. i've been a hit or miss blogger, sugar, but what a post to come back to! i wish i had an answer, but all i can do is hope for better tomorrows and to keep trying to do the right thing. xoxoxo

  2. The only constant IS change. Nothing ever remains unchanged. Managing a state of ongoing change is life's challenge. See? I just changed again.

  3. change does not happen takes time, look how long it took for women to get to vote, slavery to end, how about john glen on the moon? positive things happen slowly and if it seems the positive happens fast its probably because its been under wraps until all the kinks are out.. patience, is definitely a virtue.

  4. There must be an election coming up because I'm starting to hear the same promises I heard 3 years ago!

  5. The only way everybody will have their needs met is when the rich people of this world distribute their wealth. If I was a ruler of a country, I would never allow anybody to accumulate more than $1 million.
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  6. The video is both brilliant and sad at the same time, I stopped at the 3 minute mark. It makes me realize just what sheep we all are. Keep feeding the machine.....
    love for the family.
    Cheers, Sausage.

  7. ~ whoa! ~ there's some power there, King...very powerful message. Thanks for that. In fact, I'm biting your steez and posting it up at my place too, it's such a big strong message and an important perspective. Feed the soul, do unto others, be inclusive instead of exclusive while there is still time..and I believe there is still time...

  8. LOTs of folks are starting to think about that re-set, Bro!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  9. Hi There, HEAVY post ---and one to make us all THINK. I don't have the answers --but I certainly agree that we do live in a greedy and selfish world.

    Here in the USA, I would love to see us all get back to the 'olden days' when our grandparents worked hard for one another, didn't have much, yet found happiness in the land and in nature. They didn't sit around wishing that the Govt. would take care of them. They never asked for a dime. They just worked hard. People today don't do that.

    We have a Govt. that thinks 'they' know better than we do--and they want to control our every need. Personally, I want LESS Govt.

    The debt crisis... GADS--that's been coming for years and those fat cats in Washington have just ignored it... They expect us to stay within our budgets but they are exempt. Huh??????

    Thanks for coming to my blog. Come back anytime.

  10. how is a huge question...are we too far gone? are all those that want the office at the top too screwed up in the wanting to actually do any good?

  11. The one thing that never changes is people thinking things used to be better. I grew up with no running water. Lemme tellya, any world in which I do not need to use an outhouse is better than it used to be.

  12. Hey King. I thought long and hard about your post. It's something I think about every day.

    We all have this desire inside of us to be free. To be able to do what we want, when we want.

    But the truth is, we are all just bitches and ho's.

    And Uncle Sam is our pimp.

    He's been pimping us since 1776.

    We really haven't changed. We are the same we were 200 years ago. Just with iPods an iPads.

    Looking forward to September and coming to pay my respects to all those lost on that horrible day almost 10 years ago. I hope we can connect while I'm there.

    Be safe out there brother.