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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Pic Tuesday 2 and The King of New York Hacks

See, I told ya I'd make this T to the P happen...I may even throw in a few Twenty Pic Tuesday's being that I am such an incredible photographer that The New York Times has called "The only man who can juxtapose New York City while someone is urinating in his back seat" ...OK, maybe they didn't say that but it did happen, and they SHOULD write about the King !! Ha !!

Gotta love sweet summer NYC days with a nice air conditioned refuge of literature at The New York Public Library...This is where the planned statue of Edward, King of New York Hacks will be erected in 2012 to remind us how important reading his blog has been to the world...Seriously, I read that somewhere...  :-)

...and when I celebrate my statue, I'll kick back with a smoke at Nat Shermans where you can get some of the finest cigars in the city...and a cool clock with some Native Indians.

The King's friends are always happy to see him...even the imaginary ones ;-)

Never gets old, my favorite building The Chrysler...I could take pics of this all the this skyscraper.

Down the road these baby's will be extinct...some people are buying these to preserve them for the future because they are such a durable car and a New York City icon...The Ford Crown Victoria.

These SUV like the one below will be replaced with the new mini van Nissan NV 200 ...still wish the ole checker cab came back.

Cluster boxes for mail delivery saves a lot of knee problems and time for the mailman on these Harlem streets that have many stairs and obstacles...these pop up more and more round the way.

Harlem Shuffle...always a pick up game somewhere...not quite a dunk yet, but you're gettin' there kid...The King beat the Knicks in scrimmage this year and they refused to make this news public...seriously, I read it somewhere..  ;-)

Nothing like cooling down on a hot day or getting a free car wash by  a NYC fire hydrant...just dont keep your windows down because the kids have pretty good aim using a hollowed out soda can to get the water pointed at you to soak your dry ass. HaHa ! I'm serious !! I don't need to read that anywhere, its happened to the King !! ..The price I pay for royalty...ahhh but I digress... :-)

...and if you ever need to know what time it is, get warm, or get lost...Grand Central Station is a pretty good place to accommodate all...

So there ya go folks, my second successful 10 pic 2sday, well its not successful until someone reads it... so congrats and thanks if its you, this is a team effort...

Eventually, all NYC streets merge into an avenue, and hydrant water runs through it. The streets were paved by the labor of great people, and my taxi flows on the blacktop, over the sewers of time. On some of these streets are endless thoughts. On top of the pavement are the words, and some of the words are yours...I am haunted by the streets of NYC.

So until my next post which may be before next Tuesday, all I can say is...I may not have been written about in the New York Times (yet), nor have I beaten The New York Knicks ( I probably could though ), but a nice young lady did urinate in my back seat once, right on the floor behind me, not a very pleasant experience...and that statue just may come to be if my literature ever makes it to the NYPL... However until then, I'll be driving through the urban waterfalls that cascade through a soda can held by the children of NYC...and remain...

Edward...The King of New York Hacks...and future statue ;-)

Peace out peepers.


  1. Great pictures and great post, I read that somewhere...

    I love the Chrysler building too... from on top of the rock. Gotta get back to NYC soon.

  2. I have been in Love with NYC since I went there for the first time back in 1984. Finally I returned this year in April and the fire is still burning. Your posts on your Blog or at FB make my day, always. I love the pictures and your story behind it. Great! In German I would say: Fantastisch und Dankeschön:) Viele Grüsse, Susanne

  3. I've GOT to get up there! I wanna see!!

  4. You definitely deserve a statue! Great photos and great post. I think I read that somewhere!

  5. Yes! There a statue for THE KING! think I read that somewhere too! You did it...great photos...all of them...and I loved going on the tour with I have to check out what Nat Sherman is all about...since I really liked that photo! Be safe happy what ever yellow you care to drive!

  6. I absolutely adore you. Your blog is beyond exceptional , an artist of the written word!! Long may you rule city streets!

  7. I like the pictures... went to visit NY last May, and enjoyed it.

    Nice to meet you~

  8. great pics, amazing blog...I follow now :)

  9. That was Courtney Love in your back seat, wasn't it. wasn't it! *hahaha!!

    I learn so much about The City from you...I'll get back there some day...!!

  10. I love the walks and rides in New York. Maybe I'll try some pictures of a little East Texas town. You'll get a laugh!

  11. Ah, I'll make it there one day King!

  12. I don't get to NYC too often, but I love it, and you really showed why!

  13. nice...took me back to my visit in your city man...

    thanks for the bday wishes!