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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 to the P, 2 the KONYH...Holla peeps, its Ten Pic Tuesday !!

The King always chuckles as he drives by this banner and thinks about The Honeymooners episode where Ed Norton is reading a script and says he has a string of poloponies ( sounded like pawlahpanies ) only to be corrected by Ralph saying "Thats POLO PONIES !!!!" lol show was great and still is !...Some of the youngsters in my family have come to love The Honeymooners thanks to DVD, but unfortunately some would rather watch Jersey Shore or Mob Wives...I still think Ralph sayng "BANG ZOOM To the Mooooon Alice !!!" is a lot funnier than one of the Jersey Shore princesses saying "F*** You I'm drunk !!"...maybe I'm getting old. Hmmph.

However, Nurse Jackie has a way of  keeping it real if the King needs some medical attention, or just summing up the bad apples we tend to meet from time to time..."Life is full of Little Pricks" ...indeed Jackie.

Here is a life size creation of what the King will look like in about two more years from driving these NYC streets and having to deal with little pricks...besides my own perverts !! Ha !! ...well, at least I'll still have a sense of fashion. Overalls and a tie are making a comeback ;-)

Surfs up on Broadway...maybe he's headed for the sewers, thats where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Surf...."Ride The Flush !!" as they say.

The window dressing always has a youngster peering out the corner of his eye before his mama gives him a biff off the head and says "get your mind out of the gutter!!"...whats that  ?? No noo , the young King never would stare...too long... before my inevitable biff off the top of me head !!  Ha !!

Competiton feels like a Nascar race at certain times of the night, were not crazy, its just a crazy way to earn a living !

This vehicle I bought at The Museum of Moving Image makes life easier and saves me plenty on fuel too !! Hey, Batman has his Batmobile and the King has...well..umm..a bicycle with a ceiling fan...Hey its great on gas !!  This museum is in Astoria, Queens and has an ever changing theme which is always worth a visit.

Music, Mosaics and mood...all in a subway may encounter half a dozen musicians in your travels on some nights...

...and while I'm riding my Kingjet ( ceilingfan bike ) for some R & R or in my King Kave ...and there is a passenger somewhere freezing, lost, drunk, sick, pregnant, sober, lonely or just plane late to work who needs a Yellow Taxi...the King will exit his domain...

...if you shout those sacred words that only The King will respond to.....'YO TAXI !!!!" .....and The King of New York Hacks will be on his way to save your day...

I may not have a string of Polo Ponies, nor is my Kingjet as fast as the Batmobile...but should you find yourself saying those sacred words in my city, ponies and bat's will not show up... but who will is faster than a hansom cab...more powerful than a luxury limo...its a pigeon...its a ceiling fan bike !... its... The King, of New York Hacks.

Peace out peeps. : )


  1. I always get a kick out of your posts!!! The Honeymooners was great! Nope. You are not getting sirreeee!!

    You just might be interested in MY post today ... wink!!

  2. love love love ten pic tuesdays ;)

  3. thanx for the tour!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


  4. I'm glad to see you're doing well and still posting! I've been away for a while. . . but you've still got it. Yours is one of the most unique blogs that I have bookmarked.