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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rudys Bar & Grill and The King of New York Hacks

If you're in NYC and happen to be in Hells Kitchen before a storm comes , I got a place for you to ride out the storm....

Rudys Bar & Grill ..Perfect 10 by the King.

This historic bar and grill for imbibing was one of the first in New York City to get a liquor license in 1933 after prohibition ended, its also one of the first to serve the King when he became legal and could barely afford a pitcher of Rudy's blonde ale ( Delicious and only $7 now !! ) !!.

Rudy's is the best of what some consider a "dive" bar in the city, others refer to it as a coined term from former manager Ernie as a place for the "upper low class" ...regardless of where you think you fit in , Rudy's is a place where you can meet anyone from your local taxi driver to the most popular celebrity of the moment and have a great time in a very relaxed and upbeat atmosphere.

Baron the 6 foot Pig has been here for twenty years, and aside from being stolen twice he has been a welcoming sight for hungry and thirsty eyes !! ...His Bacon Butt is now bolted to the pavement, so don't think you'll be taking him for a third time !! Ha !! Always makes a fun picture entering and leaving !!

The atmosphere is dimly lit, but not too dark where you are squinting at things, and just light enough to tell what gender you are looking for, or if you need to run out the door because thats your wife in the corner !! Ha!

If you are too young and not of legal drinking age, don't even try it...they have experienced NYC bouncers who have seen it all and have TWO posters like this made up of false I.D.'s stating "You fake 'em, we take'em"...and they will. 

 You can cozy up to a nice small table with red duct tape reupholstered seats for some quiet drinking time and build up an appetite for some of Rudy's Hot Dogs.

Lighting always sets the mood

 Here is the other "you fake em , we take em " ..they'll have a third real soon I'm sure !

Rudy's bottled beer, not one over $4...thats a treat in Manhattan.

Draft beer is great, from Rudy's Blonde at $ 2.50 to a pint to a Stella for $ prices in the city.  :-)

AND its a full pint, not these new cheesy looking 12 oz glasses shaped like a piunt glass to maximize profits...Rudys is the REAL DEAL !!! A PINT IS A PINT !!!!! 

The modern Jukebox has something for everyone...

With extra mood lighting for that certain song you are playing ;-)

Pearl Jam playing, Derek & the Dominos coming up...and one of my favorites Iron Maiden ready to rock the crowd !!! Rudy's has it all !!! C'mon bloggers get down here !!!

Although it was raining, Rudy's sports "Jacks Backyard " where you can dip out to and smoke if you need to or get married as some people have done...or smoke, drink, and get married to round out the night !!!

This was a currency by a former Manager Ernie..." In Ernie We Trust " ...I think since S&P downgraded America this may be the next viable currency...I like the pig on it too...makes sense.

Raining in Jacks Backyard.

 Rain doesn't stop New York from drinking and smoking outdoors.. :-)

A seat at the bar is a hot commodity, and if ya get one you wont be disappointed watching all the action around the entire bar...good times I tell ya.

 Quench your thirst.... and since by now you should be hungry....

 Time to order some FREE Hot Dogs !!! Thats right FREE Hebrew Nationals !!! Only da Best !!! Now try to beat THAT in New York City !! No way can you find a better bang for your buck !!

Gary the Bartender serves up the best combo in the city !! Gary is from Scotland and you couldn't ask for a better person to make New York City the place it is...Cheers Gary !! This is one hell of a place !!!

$2.50 for a Beer and a Hot Dog with da fixins...At Yankee Stadium this would cost me $17 !!!!

Forget Da Bronx, I'm watchin' da game at Rudy's !!!! With a REAL PINT !! A Pint's a PINT I tell ya !!!

Not to mention the new Budweiser stools for sittin' at the bar...Brilliant !!

Or a Duct Tape table seat , just as good ; ) 

The Pig approves. does the other gentleman Pig.

So get out of the rain...or the sun..

...and get into Rudy's Bar & Grill for an inexpensive priceless time of fun right in the heart of Hells Kitchen at 627 9th Ave at 44th St...Trust the King on this one, you won't be disappointed.  ;-)

Pork, Peeps, and Pissed for a few shekels...The ole Triple "P" is a good hat trick  ;-)

So, maybe we'll bump into each other or I'll get to take you home as I remain traveling through these city streets and bring them to you as The Pig of...Ahem, there's only one Pig round here and thats Baron at Rudys Bar & Grill....just as there's only one King... The King of New York Hacks.

..Peace out Peeps.


  1. Love the shot of the clouds hovering over.. gave a nice effect... Also like your shot of the jukebox and neon lights of the other shots...dreamlike...

  2. I would die for a NY hot dog!!

  3. dogs, neon, NEW YAWK!!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. That first picture is amazing! And the story about the bar, makes me want to fly out there and check it out.

  5. Awww, I want to eat at Rudy's!!!!
    And Gary, the bartender from Scotland? ADORABLE!! :-)

  6. $5 Stella and free hot dogs? Sounds like my kind of place!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could hitch a ride over here for all the fun! Lovin' everything about Rudy's and about your blog. Following you so I can't find it again.

  8. i used to live in hell's kitchen lifetimes ago. 54th & 8th.

    My fav good cheap meal is at Papaya, 72nd & bdwy. 2 doggies with everything & a large Papaya drink. the drink makes it all healthy.

    I'm so far away from NYC - my mouth is watering.

    Ever eat at that taxi driver fav Curry In A Hurry?

  9. Sounds like a place I will have to try!

  10. Love the pig, love the stools, love the price of a draft.....but I absolutely adore, "You fake 'em, we take 'em"! Brilliant!