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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten Pic Tuesday and The King of NY Hacks

Thats right...a little Teee Peee Teee, 10 to the P to the T... Ten Pic Tuesday..why not eh ?

The King of New York Hacks personality brightens everyone's day behind the wheel. :-)

The King and his personality on the 67th floor shining away ! Ha !

ESB always a sight to see...This is where I fought King Kong.

...and kissed a few girls heh heh heh ... ; )

Black long sleeve shirt not advisable on days over 95...They'd be smiling in my chilly Crown Victoria Taxi.

These old lamps give atmosphere and character to NYC.

...and whaddya know , a line for the bathroom !!

Fleur de lis Bryant Park

Cigarette de bris Bryant Park

Woman working the Newstand

How bout a shine right outside the Library ?

I'm no Librarian , and I cant shine shoes for shit...but I can bring you New York City, because that's what I do... as I remain...wait for it....The King of New York Hacks.

I think I'm going to do this every Tuesday from now on, I kinda dig it...

Yeah...10 Pix 2sday.. I will do it...I dig it the most. : )

Peace out peepers.


  1. Really terrific. Reminds me why I loved life there for 7+ years...and why I miss The City so much!


  2. Yes, I think you SHOULD do this every Tuesday. Very cool! I still have yet to make it to NYC, but if you do enough of these, I won't have to! ;-)

  3. I think that's a great idea! Love your view of the city.

  4. First of all - Crown Vic, great-great grandson to my 69 LTD. Good car!
    Also, those are some great pictures. It's been a couple decades since I've been to NYC, but I always loved to visit the grandparents there when we lived in Boston. Your pictures woke up some fond memories.

  5. So great. Yes, yes & yes. Picture Tuesday is the best idea. I love it. I can't count how many times I ate my lunch in Bryant Park, or the Fashion Weeks my daughter worked, or the hours I waited for other daughter to arrive to meet me. No sense of time that one. I love that it is still all so familiar to me. What gifts. Thank you. Can't wait for next Tuesday to see where you'll be. Hey, maybe all us ex-pats can send in neighborhood requests. Do you ever get faresoff the island?

  6. Peepers, lol. You do shine! I love those old lamps! They definitely lend character! :)

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  8. Brother King! I'm diggin the 10 TPT! Looking forward to NYC next month. We should get together. I think piece of NYC's finest pie and a beer would be just right! Shoot me your number and I'll be in touch. Take care and be safe out there brah!

  9. thank you for the mini vacation! i will look forward to next 10 pic 2sday...

  10. GREAT idea-- I'll be watching for your pics every Tuesday.

    I always smile when I see a pic of a NYC place I recognize from "back in the day"-- The GOOD old days of when I was a New Yorker (a hundred years ago).

    Glad to see you shining bright King. Safe travels, jj