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Friday, September 30, 2011

The King of New York Hacks, Occupy Wall Street, and the"WE ARE THE 99 %" song by Jeremy Gilchist .

 I thought I'd touch on the Wall St occupation...hey, I AM the King of New York :-)

I've had fares that agree with the protesters and think the banksters are crooks, and I've had customers who think they are a bunch of clueless hippies who should find a job...what do I think ?? 

Well, being a Taxicrat I can only report what I am seeing from both sides...I pick up one person who tells me how they have student loans over $50,000 in debt and can't find a job...they ask me, if they took my parents home because they couldn't afford the payments anymore, will they take my degree too if I can't pay ?? I assure him he'll keep his knowledge and eventually be employed...hang in there.

I also pick up the tired police officer after a double shift who tells me how he is embarrassed how some have acted and hopefully he won't be judged by the poor actions of a few bad apples...I assure him we will not, certainly I won't...hang in there. was only a decade ago when we were all standing together in this country after being attacked, and now there is a tension in the city unlike anything I've ever felt before...and contrary to what many people are seeing on the internet, it has been a very peaceful protest outside of the incidents that happened Saturday..

I've heard many things about the occupation of Wall St this week...the latest was all those people protesting are the same idiots that bought houses with 0 down and if you gave them 99 more weeks of unemployment they'd crawl back into their caves...

Well, I disagree with that comment, maybe some are like that, but certainly not all of them. I stopped by Zuccotti Park a few times this week and talked with a lot of people..The Pilots from Continental were there, the Transit Unions will be there, The Postal Service has begun to help them...I spoke to many people including the police who want some kind of reform...there are a lot of people who are victims even with the best laid plans...I've been in this city my whole life and have never seen the likes of whats happening right now...I'm not sure what will happen, but something is happening and its getting bigger..

The Bull is in its little prison so the tourists and locals are not able to rub its balls for good luck.

If people think highly trained pilots are hippies, well the media in this country is not doing their job.
This IS ON Wall St ! 

Pizza's being delivered to the park 24 - 7

from South Korea no less !!

...and the police are getting along fine with the movement as far as I could tell this day...

...and yes, the stars always come out to show their support..Thats Susan Sarandon...she tried to seduce me, but her politics got in the way of our almost torrid love affair. :-) 

The construction workers building the New World Trade Center have no problems with what the movement is about either...oh yeah , what is the movement about ??

Well, I asked that question to many of the people protesting, and it seems day by day they are being more clear about why they are there and what they want...I met lawyers, laid off, homeless, unemployed, working poor, paramedics, nurses, business owners, etc...Other unions are joining them and when this happens, I think we will see their main points being recognized...The lack of corporate regulation and the pure greed shown by places like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are sure to be news as this unfolds...its a really long list, so I'm not surprised there isn't just one demand...there is a LOT of corruption in the world today...and unfortunately, history repeats itself often...

The BOSS TWEED times..very similar to today. (Come back and click the link to read about Boss Tweed)
For example, the construction cost of the New York County Courthouse, begun in 1861, grew to nearly $13 million – about $178 million in today's dollars, and nearly twice the cost of the Alaska Purchase in 1867.[13] "A carpenter was paid $360,751 (roughly $4.9 million today) for one month's labor in a building with very little woodwork ... a plasterer got $133,187 ($1.82 million) for two days' work"...

Well just like then, a lot of people want to know where all the 9/11 money went, and why the New World Trade Center is taking so long and costing so much...the Wall St Journal reported   that crane operators are making $500,000 a year and some are just relief operators who stand by all day...Similar to Boss Tweed, I think Boss Bloomberg will have a lot to explain about in the future.

Tweed accomplished many great things for New York City, but he was also cooking the books and a fraud...Tweed died in the Ludlow Street Jail on April 12, 1878 from severe pneumonia, and was buried in the Brooklyn Green-Wood Cemetery.[22] Mayor Smith Ely would not allow the flag at City Hall to be flown at half staff...New York City has quite a history. seems for now Liberty is in a fog, like when I took this pic below of Lady Liberty in the fog from the Staten Island Ferry....

We are living in troubled times, I see many struggling and I am one of them...I don't have the answers, but I see enough hard working people working two jobs some three just to keep a roof over their head and their bills paid...nobody is off jet setting to Monaco...the system is broke...and for our kids, and our kids children we must find the answers to maintain the freedom and liberty our forefathers built for us to uphold...not destroy it.

OK, thats my two cents on it...I'm going to keep asking people questions this week and hopefully I can give you a birds eye view of whats happening here in New York City. Like I tell people, we don't have to agree or disagree, but we must recognize that this IS happening, and sharing our thoughts makes us both better off from the experience...somebody shared the below song written by Jeremy Gilchist of the UK who is seeing similar circumstances across the pond...It was the first song I've heard about this movement, and I thought it was pretty here it is, the first one is a collage of recent events to the song and the one below is of Jeremy himself singing it...

We are the 99 Percent


Jeremy wrote this song for all those protesting in NYC as part of the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations. Lyrics below:

They can take our money
They can take our homes
They can steal the future
Mortage our souls

Occupy the politicians mind
Buy the truth and sell us lies

But there's a rising on wall street
I am you and you are me
We are the 99%'ers
On the right side of love and history

It's hard to say where it went wrong
Decades before me and this song
Through the banksters and the wars
You know I just can't take it anymore

There's a rising on wall street

I am you and you are me
We are the 99%'ers
On the right side of love and history

Jeremy Gilchrist 2011 -

Jeremy Gilchrist Website  

...all in all , what I want is for the 10 year war to end...We've lost 5000 kids already, and have bankrupted the country doing so...enough already, bring them home.

I may not be occupying Wall St, but I'd prefer my friends occupy their beds in the USA and not a foxhole in Iraq or Afghanistan...but what do I know, I'm just a Taxicrat reporting to you from these historic city streets as I try to remain, King of New York Hacks.

Peace out peeps.


  1. Awesome story. Good to hear what's going on there from someone right in the middle of it. We've heard very little about this way out here in Utah. Thanks for the insight.

  2. awesome comentary and pics, as rock the city dude! :)

  3. Your posts are always impressive. I keep coming back.

  4. HI Old friend, to comment on your post.... we are all broke. Spain is broke, Greece is broke, Italy is close. China is broke. I am a little old lady from Buffalo( so what do I know?) I can smell trouble, real trouble. And they thought the crash of 29 was bad? Some people think that as soon as this administration is gone things will be okay, not so... it does not matter who is in power and that is almost laughable I should have said the puppet that is sitting in the oval office.
    Your feelings are right on my friend this one is big, BIG

  5. Stumbled upon your blog recently. Just wanted to say I truly enjoyed this post. You have a truly energetic, honest style of writing.


  6. I don't think it's fair to simply point the finger at wall street... Are they culpable, yes, somewhat. I'm no economist by the way, just a fellow taxi driver...

    Like the layout and pictures. I started a blog of my own in San Diego if you get a chance.

    I linked back to your site as well.

    Take Care - Henry.

  7. What an outstanding post! Life can get pretty scary at times. I'm off on the 23rd to live in India for six months, partly because, since my job ended nearly three years ago in massive budget cuts to San Francisco's Dept of Public Health which forced my retirement, my income has plummeted from a net of $100,000/year to under $39,000/year. I'm moving from the home I've rented for 13 years...just can't pay $2300/month rent anymore - and have exhausted the $25,000 I had in savings. I don't even have first and last month's rent for a small apartment. But I did have frequent flyer miles and I do have wonderful friends all over India ( from my cruising days )- so I will visit all them for a final time and, hopefully, I can save enough while I'm there to come home with enough to get a new apartment and start over ( at 67 ).

    I've picketed a few times in my life - even before our jobs ended and I would do so in support of any good cause, even though I now use a walker!

  8. I guess the war is over. The troops have moved out of Iraq. I doubt that will fix everything, but we'll have to find something new to blame it on. Other scandals and other failures have taught us that we have to quit blaming the system. Don't borrow money--scrimp, save, and pay as you go. Tough words. The government is not going to do it for us.