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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

REBORN cont'd. Catman Charlie and The KONYH - Cat on the Head Guy New York City

Whats up peeps...I'll be continuing that 10 pic Tuesday like I was doing once September is over...I'd like to finish my posting about the rest of my walk around Ground Zero before I move on to other posts. I'm trying to post a good portion of the pics but my account album for photos is full and I have to figure out what I need to do to post all the pics I have, or create an account on a photo sight with a link...but I'd rather post the pics with my words...if anybody has a tip I sure would appreciate it. So I thought I'd share this part of my walk with you while I figure the rest out.

...During my walk I was coming up Broadway and spotted a familiar person across the street and crossed over to talk to him before I headed to St Pauls Chapel which was an oasis and camp for all the responders in the wake of September 11th 2001.

In 2008 the second post I wrote for this blog was about a guy I saw walking around Times Square with no shirt and a cat on his head screaming to people and pointing to a cat...on his head.

I didn't carry a camera then, and said to myself, "man, I'll never see that one again"...but I did a few weeks later ...and took the pic below...I titled my second blog post CATMAN BEGINS . He's become quite popular and most people will refer to him as "the Cat on the Head Guy"...this was cool.

So, to bump into the Catman on Broadway while doing my annual walk was an uplifting sight, knowing I can finally find out more about him...I've seen him from time to time while driving my taxi, but I always had customers in the car and never had the chance to call him I did...and I'd get a good pic too !

I don't know about you, but every time I hear or use the ole "Ladies and Gentleman introduction", I think of Kermit the frog on The Muppet Show and how after he introduced whomever was the guest of the show he'd scream  "Yayyyyyyy!!!"  (click the yay to hear kermit) show ever those Muppets.

Ladies and Gentlemen...sans the beard, New York City's only Cat on the Head roaming street performer Mr. Charlie Perito and his cat Nicholas !!! Yayyyyyy!!!! 

Charlie told me Nicholas is the THIRD cat that he has performed with, and that Nicholas loves being perched up there on the summit while watching all the happenings in New York City as they walk around town.

I asked him how did he start doing this and he told me how he was with his girlfriend one time and the original cat climbed up the chair where Charlie was sitting and rested on his head..He then found he could get up with the cat and walk around, so he took it to the streets of NYC.

The King is not a cat person being I'm allergic to their dander, but most cats I've come across in my lifetime listen to no one...People never train a cat to do a trick...however, Charlie is the exception...check out this video I filmed of Charlie inviting you to New York City while Nicholas reaches the apex of Charlies noggin...well done Catman.

So whaddya think ? Ya don't see that everyday...Ha !! I told Charlie he should walk around the block to where the cabaret bar The Pussycat Lounge is and he'd find other people who have the same thing on their mind and might throw a few dollars to his charitable fund...but he was heading north to The Great White Way.

Someone who saw the video messaged me that they like my accent ?? Accent ?? Moi ?? Us New Yorkers don't have accents, fuhgeddaboudit !!!  I moved to Florida for a bit when I was younger and everybody made fun of the way I said Lobster and dollars...It always came out Lobsta and dollas !!..A Lobsta for Fi Dollas ??? Fuhgeddaboutit !!

Hey, its a dialect....who needs "R"'s anyway. :-)

...and off goes Charlie, walking up Broadway talking to everyone and introducing his feline friend Nicholas to the peeps of New York City...and that my friends all happened in a New York Minute.

So if you find yourself in New York City and see a dude with a cat on his head calling out for you, don't think you had too much at happy hour, that's just Chuck and Nick doing their thing, while another cool cat is behind the wheel of a yellow taxi doing his thing, scoping out the next piece of this city to bring to you as I remain , not the King of Cats but The King of New York Hacks.

Meow peepers.


  1. Love Charlie :-) I was watching him on your You Tube. Yes, I have been Stalking the King !!

  2. Accent? well how about 'refined' NYorker?? to me u have a slight inflection not full on like Charlie... BTW, he must know how to get those cats to trust him... wow, my cat has only sat on my head when I am sitting....:-)

  3. Loved Chuck and Nick! what fun! thanks for the video!

  4. I'm so going on a hunt for cat man next time Im in the city....way cool :)

  5. That's a hell of a hat that guy's got!



  6. That's amazing. I had two cans once and couldn't get them to do anything! What a hoot. Glad you filmed him for us.
    Thanks, jj

  7. Loved it! Give Charlie my regards.

  8. I am certain when I come to NYC and you are chauffeuring me about in your yellow limo, you will find Charlie for me:)