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Saturday, June 30, 2012

NYC Summertime...If you see something say something. :-)

With the arrival of Summer, also came the arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise and landed at the Intrepid Museum...It will be on display beginning July 19th in a temperature controlled canopy  ...Very cool. 

...and New York just like every other major city has security up our butts, searching us wherever we go, patting us down in the subways or checking our bags etc..etc...I'm not a big fan of all this security and the whole "If you see something say something" campaign ...

Oliver North saw something years ago when he warned the Government about Osama Bin Laden and nothing was done...but if I call the toll free number and tell them someone left an empty McDonalds carton in the back of my taxi and it seems suspicious they'll check that out ? 

Its all a bunch of horseshit if you ask me, all smoke and mirrors taking away exactly what the terrorists wanted...our freedom...

I'm all for being safe, but its overkill. Cameras everywhere and be suspicious of your neighbors...enough already...Just my humble opinion....but if thats what I'm supposed to do, I do it...I will abide with the laws...

So when I do see something, I let them know...heh heh heh ...

Like when I told them Spidey is so mad at not being cast in The Avengers Movie that he might stop protecting the city ...they said I was crazy, but sure enough Spider Man is now a NYC food vendor serving up some mean street meat and leaving the crime fighting to the know I'll keep this city safe.  :-)

I also called and told them that people were getting rather close in the park, and it looked very natural...almost TOO NATURAL...I mean, after all this is not the romantic Trevi Fountain...this is Washington Square Park !! I saw something, so I said something !! 

I told them I want to be young again and have fountain feet instead of Orthopedic shoes !! ...but they thought I was crazy...C'est la vie ! Ahhhh to be young again...and dumb. Ha! :-) 

The beauty of the Summer dresses are out and about in this heat, so I called right away to tell them beautiful woman all over town are walking around in sexy summer fashion suspiciously trying to seduce me !! They said "King, why are you telling us this ?" ..I told them, "I'm telling everybody !! This can't be missed !!" ..and I hung up...they don't know what they're missing...

Perhaps I'll remind them again in a few days when "I see something"...heh heh heh...

I thought I was losing it with the heat when I started having visions of a Mermaid on top of one of the city salt mounds calling out to me...I called them up and told them !! I saw something, I'm saying something !! ..."King, you're at the  Lumen Festival ...its an Artist Model on top of the Salt that wasn't used during the winter"...

Hmmm maybe calling them when I see something isn't such a good idea after all...

I spoke with the Tin Man about it and he told me that he just doesn't have the heart to call on anybody...and this is coming from a guy who carries an axe around in Times Square...

Hey, wait a sec O_O AN AXE IN TIMES SQUARE !???!! 

I SEE SOMETHING !!! I GOTTA SAY SOM- ....Hell no, Tin Man is cool with the King...I don't have to call anybody...and he's got a heart, I don't know about brains because its 100 degrees out, but you gotta have heart to entertain the kiddies like he does...I saw something, but I don't need to say shit.

One of the trending things to do for street vendors is hold a sign that says they need weed...and people actually give them money for this...

Hmmm, people giving money to a person who is exclaiming to buy illegal drugs with the cash at hand...should I say something ?

 Hell no, I know this dude too, he doesn't bother anyone except me when I don't donate but take his picture anyway !! Ha !! 

They don't like that, but I'd go broke if I paid to take a pic of everyone in NYC !!

A Lone occupier of Wall St at Federal Hall...should I call ? Hell no, there were about 50 cops for this one dude sitting there just handing out literature about how banking is not being regulated correctly...

I agree with him...JP Morgan lost 9 Billion in one trade that we know of recently ...I'm sure thats just the tip of the storm to come...

They dwindled down, but the Occupy Movement is still going strong and I see them pop up all over the city still doing protests...will be an interesting couple of months ahead for sure...

I was going to call on this horse for the way his lip is moving...very suspicious,,,and the blue feathers seemed a little odd being when I spoke to the horse he told me he despises blue...

I left it alone though, I had other things to think about...

Like visiting the World Trade Center Memorial for the first was an emotional visit, and it is quite an impressive place...

I was searched three times before I entered ,once by walking through an xray machine and having them go through all my takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get processed and be able to enter, but I did it...

One day I hope we can just enter the park as we can any other...just like when I see something, I dont want to have to say something...when we see something wrong we have called long before this campaign, and when we see something wrong we'll call long after its to see more....

Such as Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess giving a free show in the park in front of the Ice Cream...does it get any better ?? They perform 1800=1930's Jazz and Blues...totally brilliant...def check out their sight and if they are in your town a must see !!! 

I think I should call the city and tell them how damn good Jessy and the Hott Mess are !! Awwww forget the city,  I'm telling you !!! 

....Or seeing Mark Gross rippin up the sax in Times Square and there's not even a crowd around him ?!?!!!! I'm seeing someting, but I'm not calling anyone !!! This is an incredible free show !! Mark headlines at the Blue Note and was on his way to the Toronto Jazz Festival...very cool musician and educator...Class act. 

I mean...Look at this little dude below...he's got Mickey Mouse over his shoulder and the heart of Times Square right in front of him...if they want to know of anything happening this young man is a prime example of who to the look on his face I think he'd be on the phone for hours telling them the things he has seen in this  frozen moment of time in one of the busiest places on earth...and I'd bet good money he'd leave no detail out...These are the moments we need to keep for our children, and not raise them to be looking over their shoulder and suspicious of everyone and everything...

I've spoken to people from Israel to Iraq, and from Belfast to Birmingham...they all agree and have said they live their lives normally being aware there is the chance of something bad happening...but to live in constant fear is not living at all...look at this kids face looking at 100 foot screens showing superheroes, with Disney characters and Spongebob walking around...Mark Gross playing the Sax...The Naked Cowboy strummin away...Toys R Us Ferris Wheel spinning round and round...Elmo waving at him..

We can not take what he sees away ever..
He sees something...
He sees it all.  

...and looking at this little one below in the fountain,  reminded me of the scene from the Shawshank Redemption when Andy DuFresne escapes from prison after crawling through a sewer and rejoiced in the water of his freedom...

Ok,  this kid didn't crawl through a pipe of shit out of cell block D, but I'll bet that diaper has some luggage in it, and he did plenty of rounds around the fountain...

He looks to the sky without a care in the world oblivious to all the signs telling us to be suspicious, the cameras watching our every move...his every move without a care in the world gives me hope...Hope that we won't become more of a militarized zone and rather stay a free quote Andy DuFresne...

" Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this blog post finds you, and finds you well. Your friend, Edward, The King of New York Hacks."  

...but what do I know, my heads full of cobwebs. Have a safe and Happy Summer, and Fourth of July  :-)



  1. comments! Let me be the first then King. Great post. Thanks for reminding us to be childlike in our appreciation of life, not childish...!

  2. I love the wonder on that little boy's face and the exuberance of the baby in the fountain. Wonderful insight on a world learning to live in suspicion.

  3. Great post and fantastic pictures! Keep it up, King!

  4. Great post... Awesome pictures!!!

    Keep enjoying your summer!!

  5. I've missed you and your wonderful posts. Great photos. thanks for sharing. Stay cool this summer!

  6. I simply love your town through your eyes! I want the white horse, would love to have Spider Man stop by where I am, and yes the Tin Man is a keeper too, and even the Weed man is just funny! I miss your coolness when you are away so long....! Take care, Karen

  7. The season of sundresses has finally arrived. I appreciate the honesty of the dude asking cash for weed..

    Love the post.. Have a great week ahead!!

  8. Every great place I have ever been is a place I was warned not to go. There are always dangers, but nothing is so shrivelling to life as fear. These are some great pix - love the kids shown, in particular.

  9. What a great post to read with my morning coffee. Great work! Thanks.

  10. Your posts are like rare books! I love each and every single one of them!! I did almost fall off my chair when I saw the guy asking for money for WEED though! bwahahahaha! Love it! Happy Summer Edward!!

  11. Great shots. Makes me want to visit the big city, but only if you'll be the cabbie.