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Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Scenes, the Blue Moon, and Labor Day.

 The summer was hot...

 from the beach ..

... to the birds...I saw a hawk on 3 different occasions this summer in 3 different places this my totem ?

 From the bumblebees... the simplicity of beauty..

From the fresh blueberries at the green markets...

... to the basketball in the cages of West 4th...

All the way up to the baseball in the Bronx...

 Even when the King plays the game of Kings, it gets hot in the air conditioned competitive 24 Hour Chess Shop....

 ..I played it cool when the Snoop dog walks by though...well, whomever is playing him up in Times Square that night...

 ...even the hot weather has created a new cell phone holder for the ladies, and if its ringing I'm looking !! C'mon now !! What do you expect ???!! Ha!!

The Urban Jungle of the NYC is surreal sometimes, but summer always comes and goes...just like a mid day shower...

...and New York shines...

Even the moon shines blue on NYC like it did tonight...

...but with all the good, many people have jumped off this bridge during these economic times...reminiscent of the depression when people were jumping out of buildings...Not hippies or druggies...or whatebver else people say to me without knowing the whole story... people, some with problems, some with families in fiscal distress which prompted the city to put up these signs ...American People...RIP.

So remember the people who fought for the rights, liberty , freedom of speech and all the other rights we deserve that have been slowly nipped at lately during this Labor Day weekend...Remember that here in Union Square there was a fight for rights long we have "Free Speech Zones"...Something to ponder as the elections are coming...

but what do I know , I'm no Vermin Supreme, I'm just the King of New York Hacks.

Have a brilliant Labor Day Weekend. Cheers to you all.

~ Edward ,,,Peace out peeps. :-)


  1. Some wonderful images here, King. I love the first shot and the night time lights. The sign on the bridge is such a sad reminder of those who are suffering.

  2. King, you have a gifted eye and a poet's heart...beautiful photos and a beautiful essay from the heart.

    Cheers to you, friend, and a peaceful Labor Day weekend to you.

  3. Happy September. I love the way you "see".

  4. Great shots King, and great words to go with them.


  5. amen, brother! *cheers* from savannah, sugarpah! xoxoxoxo

  6. ha hey you got to carry your cell somewhere eh? like the street art def have a great eye man...

  7. that New York shines photo is amazing!

  8. You have a great eye. Thank you for this tour of summer in nyc.

  9. Love those photos. The beach, the pink, the lights, the moon.

    And the cellphone made me laugh. I must admit to having done it a time or two. Never in public :)

  10. What a great set of pictures!
    Especially since you chose a picture of Yankee Stadium BEFORE the debacle with the Orioles. sniff..sniff
    Plus, I REALLY wish I was that one girl's cellphone.

  11. Of course, I prefer to put MY cellphone on vibrate, stick in my pants pocket, and call myself.

  12. Very nice cross section of images that captures a bit of the diversity that makes New York what it is. Too bad we often forget to look. Thanks!

  13. Wonderful photos, King! I miss NYC so much! I can't wait to visit again.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love your pics of New York - you capture it perfectly. (I've only been twice, but I loved it and look forward to your posts that make me want to go back!)

  16. Does the King have a rating? Chess rating, that is.

    Get me to tell you the story of the 2 David's some time. One was a roommate, one was a good friend. Both are gone, both murdered. One had a rating of around 1750, one had a rating of around 2400. I can still see them sitting at my dining room table with a roll up board, and plastic Stanton pieces between them.

    I have a rating. It's pretty low.

  17. Wonderful photography, your Highness, I love the potpourri of shots. Funny, some folks can sleep anywhere. It amazes me, here in India, to see the folks with the bicycle rickshaws stretch out across their thin seat, and napt ....guess as long as YOU don't answer those nicely placed cell phones, that cleavage is as good a holder as any...our Golden Gate bridge also have the admonition not to jump.

  18. Excellent photos King! I like your style of street shooting.

  19. Love all the pictures. looked at them twice......just saw that sign on the bridge coming back from Great Neck where I had IS sad. Life is worth living, with all its problems.

  20. a great mix of the city and humanity, here. congrats on your POTW!

  21. Superb shots of humanity in the concrete. That beach shot with the heron is my favourite.

  22. Hi Edward, Seeing the city through your lens always makes me smile-- You have a good eye and a great way to telling a story. LOVE that skyline photo and that blue moon was really something-- even across the country here in Los Angeles.

    Safe travels on the road and hope things have cooled off there for you.

    Cheers, jj

  23. Hey King!
    I know we see each other on Facebook. However, I haven't been here for over a year.
    Just stopped by to admire your photography and let you know I'm back.
    Drive the cab over to my blog and see what has come about!