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Saturday, September 29, 2012

REFLECTION...9/11 2012

 Many storms have hit New York City since its inception, but none as devastating as 9/11...

 Not many of those storms hit Staten Island since its inception ...and 9/11 took its toll..274 victims... one of the hardest hit communities on 9/11.

 So I went to take my yearly walk around the hallowed ground where my friends, schoolmates, and fellow New Yorkers were murdered so many years ago..I came across, as usual the Battery Park display of The Sphere.. This year there was a poster of that fateful day next to the eternal flame with the progress of the Freedom Tower in background...

 The familiar sight of the Never Forget 9/11 Remembrance Flags flying in the breeze...

 I walked by FDNY Ten House, Home of FDNY Engine 10, FDNY Ladder 10, and the FDNY Memorial Wall, New York City...The crowd gets smaller every year, but the families and friends keep coming to pay their respects not only here but at the  Memorial Pools which are now open...

They are an emotional sight to see...and a serene place to reflect on what once was...

 To remember those who were too young to be taken...

...and as some family members come to remember their lost loved ones, they each do it in their own personal way...this gentleman was praying, remembering good times out loud, and it was heartbreaking...the young man on the right was not with this man, but knew how important a moment it was and stood there in silence trying to figure out why this pain exists...this was also heartbreaking to see...and hear.

 It's never easy to watch people many years later, but as if it was only yesterday...

 May We Never Forget...

 No sir...No Sir..we will not.

 ...Their light shines on all of New York City as we continue to heal, grow, rebuild and remember.

 This is about as far as I got on my usual walk, most of the entrances I took last year and all the years prior on my walks are closed except for certain tours guided from the various museums which are now all open, and cater to the people around the world who want to get a view from above...I refused to pay money to see what I believe is my I did during my walks in 2008. 2009, 2010, 2011. If you've never read them, or would just like to see the pics I couldn't take this year,  you might like to click on those links in order and see the changes that have happened since I began my yearly journey in 2008.

I looked up at the Ironworkers memorial as they work hard to rebuild the future...and I decided to make it to Staten Island for their Memorial Ceremony, one which I have never attended.

The Staten Island memorial is called Postcards because its two white marble wing sculptures represent large postcards, each standing 30 feet (9m) high, to loved ones.

This is located at the St. George Terminal overlooking the New York Harbor, Lower Manhattan, viewing where the World Trade Center once was, and the NEw World Trade Center will be...the memorial was designed by New York architect Masayuki Sono, who won the design competition held in early 2003. Construction began on September 11, 2003. The opening and dedication took place on September 11, 2004.[4][5][6]

According to Borough President of Staten Island James Molinaro, "Maybe 60 percent of those of the people whose profile is here, their next of kin, their loved ones, didn't receive any remains. This is their cemetery."

 ..and its inspiring to see a new youth of Firefighters bringing their children to recognize their fallen brothers and sisters, and all the civilians who died for their country... many of the Firefighters of today were just children when it happened.

 ...and we grow.

 From the Veterans of yesteryear who bravely served...

 To the young Veterans of today, who are bravely serving during this wartime.

 We Salute you.

 From our present leaders of today...( BP James Molinaro & Mayor Bloomberg )

 To our current leaders of tomorrow..( Sen. Andrew Lanza & Councilman James Oddo )..We Thank you.

Their tribute surpassed any I've ever seen in person here in NYC...( Mayor Bloomberg and Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro  both made speeches that were chilling, and respectfully remembered those who were taken from us with the grace that is so well deserved.Thank you. )

 Doves were released to remind us of the Angels who fly above that guide us every day...the ceremony had family members speak, read the names of every lost member from Staten Island while having a musical tribute, with the best of the Island's singers and classical musicians, and was a great reminder of how no matter how diverse a community, it can still come together and be so strong...SO STRONG indeed.

 .,.to show that in the face of our adversity, we will not forget, we will remember, rebuild, and reflect..we'll look forward to a new future for New York City...and as a child waves our flag, it reminds me and gives US.. the proud hope, that OUR positive future will not be far off.

Not many of those storms hit Staten Island...but Staten Island has shown it can take a storm and bounce back with the best of them...I am proud to have grown up on Staten Island...and this ceremony represented all the reasons why I should be.

Many storms have hit New York City since its inception, and we'll endure just like we did the rest.

Its what New York City does.

Its what Manhattan,  the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens do.

And for an often forgotten borough...

Its what Staten Island did.

All together...We are New York City.

The Tribute in Light shines strong and gives us strength....

 ...and to all our brothers and sisters...You got our promise.

                                                                      We Will Never Forget.
                                                                          God Bless you all.

 ...and God Bless America.

Peace out peeps.~ Edward #KONYH


  1. What a very poignant post and wonderful photos! It must have been an emotional day for you...

  2. Oh thank-you again for the most vividly-live and touching post one can offer us. I always enjoy your reflections from your neck of the woods, not just for this, but in all that you capture and share with us. Life is all about places yes but people mostly, and you bring it home time and time again... Peace to you too dear friend out there, collecting life and memories....Karen

  3. A spectacular tribute. Beautiful shots, beautiful words.

  4. A very moving tribute to 9/11.
    The pictures are beautiful and moving.

  5. Wow -- these are very beautiful shots. And a moving tribute.


  6. Thank you so much, good work, great pictures!
    (I'll take the link for my post tomorrow, hope that's ok?)
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, Petra

  7. what a poignant post, Eddy, brought tears to my eyes.. your pictures are worth a thousand words, and I'm sorry if you lost anyone on that horrible day. keep the peace, i would be honored to let you drive me around NYC. no one could have said what you did here, better.

  8. Powerfully emotional pictures. Living on the other side of the nation I haven't had the opportunity to visit these sites. Thanks for posting pics of these locations and events!

    And I, too, hope that we never forget. With the short term memory most Americans seem to have, it's important that we're reminded of this tragedy, with the hopes that something like it never happens again.

  9. Wow your photos are amazing and indeed no matter where we are in the world we will always remember. Outstanding post and you have a great gift with photography as well. Very moving.

  10. Wow, what an amazing place. I've visited twice (from my hometown near London) and I am longing to return. You are incredibly lucky to call NYC your home.

    Hope life is treating you well,

    Kate x

  11. God bless America indeed. What a gorgeous, moving post.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and the lovely tweets! I truly appreciate your support!

    Hope all is well and I'm sending a big hug...



  12. Hey Edward! I really enjoyed this, thank you. As a Brit, we saw it all from afar and were horrified, but it was (and is) hard for us to relate to what a life-changing event this must have been for the people of NYC and America. I salute you all. The wings are awesome, by the way. Thanks for sharing. Indigo

  13. Oh, Edward, here I sit in India, on October 3, the morning of my 68th birthday, crying like a baby. I haven't been to New York in many years but I was getting ready for work, watching the news that fateful morning and watched the 2nd plane crash into the Twin Towers. Of course, I will never forget and I wrote a poem on the one year anniversary.

    Your beautiful photographic tribute and narrative have moved me beyond belief and I just can't stop crying. I cannot even imagine how traumatic that day was for all of you in the NY area. I fear, always, that some terrorist group will destroy the Golden Gate or Oakland Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate, especially, is such a symbol of America for US troops heading out to the Pacific commands.

    Beautiful work on this 9-11 tribute. Thank you so much.

  14. These photos and your narrative are exceptional. We most likely will never visit N Y (nothing against NY) so seeing these things thru your eyes is as close as we will get.

    BTW, you liked my Photo-phanalia FB page, so I tried to like yours, however it must be because mine is set up as a business page and yours is not (??) I can't reciprocate, but I will thru my personal page.

    It seems like we touched base several years ago and it seems like it was thru' The Fifty Factor, but I'm not sure.

  15. been to a lot of these on my trips up...the staten island one was the last one i was at in february....thanks for the photos man...the healing continues....we talked about 9/11 in the history class i teach a couple weeks back...most of the kids barely remember it...only of it...

  16. New York is my home away from home and I get up there as often as I can.

    Your pictures are a stark reminder of what happened on that horiffic day, but also a reminder of the heart and endurance that not only New Yorkers, but Americans have.

    Thanks for sharing...

  17. beautiful post - and breathtaking photos... so glad you popped by my little ol' blog :-) - Tressa

  18. Speaking of storms, I hope you are weathering Sandy ok. Take some pics and stay safe.

  19. I hope everything would be fine and we will move ahead to recover the damage.

  20. Great post.All pictures are really very good.

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