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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The King and Your Comments...

Thanks for all the kind comments on my prior post for my family everyone.

My nephew Alan,his Father the donor, AND my entire family are very grateful for such supportive people the King is lucky enough to interact with through this blog. I feel very lucky and grateful too, from my yellow checkered color heart, I thank all of you for reading, and being there...even though you are not here, you WERE here, and BEING THERE, is just that, a word...a gesture....or a comment on a blog that makes us respond, react, and reassure people when they need it you did, and it inspires me as it should you.

OK..NOW lets laugh together !!

The King has been a bit under the weather, but almost back on my feet... and I hope this will make you laugh as it did me, and made me feel that much better. I hope this guy gets in my cab ...or maybe I don't, but he probably will anyway, I seem very lucky and get great characters in my taxi.

I'll always be the King of New York Hacks and here for you....cause Being HERE is just that. Peace.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The King , the Kidney , and good Karma.

First off, I'd like to thank all of you who read or left a comment on my prior post regarding my nephew going through a kidney transplant. The comments were really supportive for me and my family. I printed them out and even had the family read them. They loved the responses. My family was very fortunate to have lots of support, but having people that I only know from blogging respond with such friendship and positive thoughts was very reassuring, and we are grateful. When an event like this happens, its almost like time stands still, which is why I was not around for a month helping with the other children. Now, I can go on and on about it, but I'll get to the point. The operation was a success and father and son are doing extremely well and are finally home although there are still frequent Doctor's visits and medications, they both look fantastic. I give all my family, friends, fellow bloggers, Doctor's,Nurses and all the people who sent good karma our way to achieve such a successful father to son kidney transplant the King's thumbs up !!

This was the picture from the Daily News which ran a story on the day they were operated on.
Poor little guy was emaciated and kidneys only working about 12 percent. This is a picture of how much a father loves his family. A GREAT man.

This was eerie visiting this hospital because my mother died here in 1997, now I was entering a completely different scenario, and one I would rejoice in. The good with the bad as the old story goes. This time around I was on the bright side of the story.

New York Presbyterian Hospital, where they perform magic and miracles on a daily basis.

Sister and identical twin brother who has the same disease, get to visit for the first time !!!

As I was walking to the room to visit the child after I dropped off the kids so I could park the car, I lifted up my head in surprise and saw the father walking down the hallway with Uncle Angelo !!! This was a day after the surgery and he was walking briskly through the hallways with a little help from painkillers of course !! However thats the way they do it, they want you moving and now less one kidney get the other one functioning right away !! Thats one tough father !!!....and Uncle Angelo has one tough moustache !!!! LOL

I had to take a photo op now !!
That's the King of Hacks on the right and The King of Kidney on the left !!!! Unbelievable !!!!

I finally got to visit my nephew attached to many tubes and machines, his biggest complaint..."I'm bored" he said. This is another tough man. Real tough.

His spirits started to get better when they brought this friendly sterile Golden Retriever in !!

....and when I asked him to smile, he stuck his tongue out at me....
A great sign to me that he was feeling better !!

The father helping his son gain some of the weight he lost with a nice corned beef St.Patty's style !!

Finally, this is a Picture of young Alan from the other night, 3 weeks after the surgery looking like a million bucks !!!

I really don't have a profound closing today , just that I am very happy with the results and hope his brother will not need a kidney for a long time. Thanks again everyone for your kindness, and from this experience I have become much more aware of how being a donor is so important and I encourage it. Now that I'm back I'll make sure I bring you up to date with the pulse of the city as I remain faithfully yours , The King of New York Hacks. It feels good to write again, I missed it and you. Peace all.