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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The King, The Moon, Humans..and the Awe.

This blog is brought to you by The King Of New York Hacks. ;-)
Hey , a little self promotion never hurt anybody !!! LOL

The Moon and the Empire State Building ....Both were there when the United States's Apollo 11 mission was the first manned spacecraft to land on the Moon on July 20, 1969. 40 years ago, just a week ago. Different war...different economy...same people on Earth. Humans. In awe. The two together on a night 40 years later is almost as good...but not quite. I am 40 , and as I have pulled many a "moon"(showing my arse to everyone in a crowded place) I have never been given the accolades of such a feat. I barely was around for the landing, and I may have no memory of it, but I heard my older brother may be guilty of "Mooning the Moon" on the day Neil Armstrong arrived...

However....different times, different matters...same structures...

I am still...In Awe.

Being in awe of things is not to be taken lightly, and as great a feat as reaching the moon was, I feel I have experienced similar emotions to what all the people at NASA felt at that moment 40 years later. If you follow my blog, or you don't, my nephew had a successful kidney transplant from his father earlier this year and that to me , was a feeling as if I'd landed on the moon....However , during that process of who is a candidate and who is not, is an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the family and friends alike, and can ya' imagine what the parents felt !! The mother was disqualified for pre-gestational diabetes even though she was VERY healthy !!

In awe...I'm not in awe when someone figures out how to transfer their songs from their iPod to their Blackberry in the back of my taxi and screams "DUDE !!" and scares the shit out of me while screaming it !!...( amazed ..maybe lol ).

I have been very busy with the headaches that my day job of dealing with Wall St , along with the long hours of driving a taxi to add on ...but that is no excuse not to keep up... If we can land on the moon , surely I should be able to keep up with email..however I was not, which leads me to reaching out to all my readers, and pass it on to your family as well, pay it forward, you never know.

In Awe ?? I was in awe earlier this year when people I never met were reaching out to me through this blog to help support me emotionally and also give offers of fiscal support which to say the least ...I was IN AWE of.

A friend of mine who has a blog that I have followed since I started my own, has reached out in an e-mail , and I am a mucho late in responding, but I'm giving it the ole' college try ! She sent me this letter and she did give me permission to post it, although I shortened it a bit...actually I tried, but I couldn't leave a word out of this well written message of kindness...A great person never needs their words shortened. So here it is-and this is a pic of Hallie and John with their great family.

From John and Hallie,

I've been reading your blog for quite awhile yet not sure how receptive you will be to me asking a favor. I know you have done some cool things for people in the past but not sure how you feel about donating. You probably get asked a lot but I thought I would take a chance.
Let me explain before you shake your head and think, "weirdo!" :)
6 years ago next week, my Dad received a new heart. He lived in a Boston hospital for 98 days basically waiting to get a new heart or to die. It was that cut and dry. The doctor's were brutally 59, he would die without a transplant. While there, we watched as several of his floormates died before a heart became available. It was hard. Very hard. Yet it happens more time each day than I care to think about.
Since that day (June 13th, 2003) I have passionately wanted to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help raise awareness about organ donation. I always believed that if my Dad's story helped change even one person's mind, then I would be a very happy daughter.

But you know what? I want to do more. I want to help in a BIG WAY.
I've been debating how one thankful daughter can make a difference, How I can help spread the word. How I can best honor not only my Dad but the memory of the donor as well.
What I know is that more eduaction is needed and that more people need to learn why organ donation is so very important. What I've found is that for some people, until they are faced with a loved one (or themself) needing an organ, they don't necessarily think about it. I wish that NO ONE ever had to face the excruciating choice involved in donating their loved ones organs, but I know that will never happen. If my Dad's donor family had NOT agreed to donate their son's heart, my Dad would not be here today.
What I decided to do is to hold a raffle in August to raise as much money as I possibly can. All the money I raise will be turned over to UNOS, an organization that works diligently to raise organ donation awareness.
I am using all of June and July to solicit donated items to raffle off in August.
Which is where you come in....I hope.
I know you lead an incredibly amazing life. And that you have daily adventures. And I know you come across some amazing stuff And I know your readership is big. All of which is something I don't really have.(Although I'm trying!!)
I was hoping that you might consider donating an item for the raffle. Any item would be great. I've sent out a call for donated goods via my blog and Facebook and have had a great response so far. (And I plan to keep asking until there's no one left to ask!) But I need more... a lot more. Because although it would be great if everyone in the world would just donate money to my cause, the reality is that people tend to donate more when they have the chance to win big. And quite honestly? I'm ok with that. If the possibility of winning something makes them buy more chances in my raffle, in turn raising more money, I think it's a win, win situation.
If you're still reading and haven't gotten distracted by the lure of the big city, I'd like to say thank you for even considering my request. :)
I really want to raise as much money as I can and am not afraid to ask everyone I can think of to help me do just that.
Please let me know if you would be willing to help. A donation from you would really help raise money for my cause.
Thanks again. I appreciate it more than you know.
Hallie Twomey
Auburn, ME <----Click to see who they are !! DONATION SIGHT !! <-----Click Here !! Well it didn't need any more tweaking to get me on board.(Get it ?? Twea-KING !) I'm in !!Trust me, she's got some kickin' prizes going on , and if you visit her website you can see them !! I'll be throwing some King T's her way and whatever "Benjamins" or "Washington's" I can afford their me people IT ALL HELPS !! Educate yourself on being an organ donor and keeping good people alive...Thanks for reading...oh and below is a pic of The King T' which is now my uniform !! LMAO !!

King T open

King T folded..yup I folded it with the help of a you tube video. FOLD-A-SHIRT

...and just as I posted a before and after picture of my nephew, I am again in awe of the after...this is Hallie's Father and the results of an organ doner. Pre-tty fuckin' neat.... eh' ??? my best Dennis Leary accent .

The Man himself below.

So send an item, a donation, or even a thought. I had many emails of good tidings that really lifted my days , as well as my family. I would forward the kind words to them and it was a HUGE pick me up. I'll never forget watching my nephew read the letters from his schoolmates and the genuine love he felt as he reminisced of each classmate as he read the kind remarks of how they miss him on the card. Again ...I was in Awe....So let's keep AWE rolling for all the people who need transplants and help educate America on how to do so with out a black market.
Nuff said.

Now, on to my man "Old School" who told me he was playing some old school stuff as I happened upon him on a Sunday morning at 3 AM. Why he was on 6th Ave in the dark I don't know ?...but I pulled over, listened and enjoyed the music of the night like a phantom as "Old School" played a tune. He told me he had a cold at the end of the video , but no worries ever for the sounds of New York brought to the King's ears.

Old School strutting his stuff when he finished....The funny thing is, as I drove away he started to play The National Anthem without missing a beat , and I said to myself "pull over" "go back" "record it" ...but... that moment was mine and Old School's....again I Awe....and YES I gave him a FEW BUCKS !!!

The Old School strut....lookin' good my man.

So as I made my way to the Port Authority terminal, I passed the New York Times building which a couple of cats climbed last year. the first dude was a professional from france and the second dude who did it was from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Can you dig it ?? HaHa well I can !! Anyway, the white part used to reach the top of the doors, but they removed pieces of it so nobody else would climb it !! Still nice to see there is NO shortage of Taxi's !!

A familiar sight while waiting at the P.A. ....hustlers, tourists, pimps, ho's ..oh yeah...and me !!

This lady to my surprise stopped short and pulled her pants down right in front of me !!! Only to reveal ANOTHER pair of pants !!! Is there no penalty for this ??!?!?!?!?! I'm just happy I wasn't scarred fo' life on this one yo !! LMFAO !! ( That means I am Laughing my fucking ass off. )

However....even after a horrific moment as that I can keep rhythmic pulse of the city to a normal beat , especially when I walk by the Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) statue where many a hack take a seat during the slow hours. As Jackie who gre up in Brooklyn used to say as us Hacks do all the time in thee Big Apple ...." How Sweeeeet It Is !!!!!

" My brother used to do the imitation of "And Away Weee Goooo !!!" on the city bus when we were on our way home from grammar school, to the riders delight. I have witnesses if need be. We watched the Honeymooners every night at 11'O'clock......great times...check out the windows above with the reflection of cabs at the P.A. , that isn't any photoshop nonsense...and I won't mention how it looks like the cabbie sitting there is blowing Ralph..hahaha....WHAT ??~?!! I didn't say that !!!

The plaque reads:

Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden
Bus Driver - Raccoon Lodge Treasurer - Dreamer
Presented by the People of TV Land

With that grin...once again I am said it ....Awe.

So as I finish up , I know if you got this far it was a lot to read, but here you are , and that much better for it , because now you get a full...and I mean FULL...body glimpse of the King wearing a King-T wishing you nothing less than " Live Long And Prosper".
Hey, what can I say, my brother turned me into a Trekkie. Damn fun movie though !

So in closing, I have not the logical emotions of Mr Spock...nor am I Captain Kirk, or Scotty..albeit I could share a few whiskey shots with him , as I celebrate the 12th passing anniversary of the toughest woman I ever met Mother..who fought a long and arduous fight against Cancer and beat the living shit out of it for 20 God Damn Years !! Yup , I said TWENTY !! Tough as nails...this is her before she had the likes of me.

No matter how young you get or old you are... you're Mom is ALWAYS you're Mom. Tough as nails I tell ya'...and as one of her friends told me at her funeral, " She went straight up Eddie, STRAIGHT UP she went.. NO STOPS !! " ...I'll never forget those words , and have passed them on because that is our job as human beings. Below was my Mother's favorite quote she used quite often, and still hangs in my Father's house. She also liked "Love your Enemies , they'll hate ya' for it " or something like that, but that was my Mom...Thanks for watching over us pal. I am still AWE of you.....XOXO

I'm not getting smooshy on ya, I'm just in AWE that you got this far...
Don't forget John And Hallie, their going straight up too , but not for a loooooong I am still, and remain , your friend... The King Of New York Hacks.
Thanks for stopping by folks, and like my brother D.C. Cabbie says , please don't forget the homeless.