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Saturday, January 30, 2010

King of New York Hacks will Just say no to GMO, get this video out there peeps !!

I got this video from a blogger friend who video blogs about many things.Her youtube channel is named Morningmayan.Her mane is Linda West and she is the blonde who quotes Einstein in the video.

Click her name to view her vids, but this video I posted underneath is a collaboration of many raising the awareness of Genetically Modified Organisms.The largest share of the GMO crops planted globally are owned by the US firm Monsanto. In 2007, Monsanto’s trait technologies were planted on 246 million acres throughout the world, a growth of 13 percent from 2006.


Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!” He wasn’t an entomologist,nor was he a beekeeper, but entomologists and other noted scientists around the world today, agree that the sudden and mysterious disappearance of bees from their hives poses serious problems and we need to recognize this.

Lets get this Viral peeps. Spread the word.Put it on your Facebook or blog.

I am not Monsanto, and I don't think a company should have to be paid by a farmer for raising a pig because they own a patent on it, one that they genetically modified.

Patented Life ?? Humanity is in danger if this is the new route we are taking.

I am just like the Bee, in danger of extinction, ironic my Taxi is yellow and black too, and the prostitutes I drive always call me "Honey"...I don't want to wind up like the Bees...I much prefer to remain The King of New York Hacks. Peace out peepers. February will be dedicated to all Taxi related things as I am organizing them now to post more frequently. Thanks for riding with me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chris with Teacup....The Genius of Living Photography.

Not Taxi related, but photography which is a big part of my blog.

This is going to have a profound affect on some of my picture taking this year, big time. Photographers are expected to be able to create their work with a refined sense of lighting,compositional skills and an eye for the unseen.

You know what's even more demanding?
Real life photography.

Here's an example of living photography called 'Chris with teacup.'

Now I may not be as creative a genius as Chris with the Teacup, but he has inspired me on many ideas as I search these city streets for my living photo, maybe a cop holding his baton for 30 seconds before he upsides someones head, or maybe a Sanitation man holding a trash pail over his truck for a bit...or maybe a Taxi driver picking his nose for the duration of a red light...hmmmm...the ideas are endless ...

I am not Chris the Creative but I shall remain taking pics and hopefully get some living one's and start the year off as... The King Of New York Hacks.

Thanks for all the New Year wishes all , I hope we all have a very prosperous and healthy year filled with lots of laughter and good times to all. Peace out peepers.