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Friday, February 19, 2010

The King of New York Hacks ...and a short film clip.

Sometimes...something happens...a change..a moment of clarity...a spark to create a fire for the world , and apparently it begins in Sweden.

Your welcome everyone...and Thank you Sweden. LOL Perhaps a humble taxi hack can change the world...I'm trying my best, one passenger at a time. See you on the campaign trail peepers. never know.

I am no Hero...yet. I am am just...wait for it.

The King of New York Hacks... coming soon to a theater near you. ;-)

Hope you got a laugh out of that one.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The King , More Posts , More Wine , More Women !!! ..OK !! I'm listening to ya Fans !!

Ok, I really appreciated a little feedback from everyone and it gave me a break and a boost as someone mentioned in the comment referring me to Tolstoy ...WTF am I waiting for ?!?!?!? Just write !! ...and so I am, thank you all...writers stump ?? Pfffft !! I laugh in its face. It cringes in my shortens my blog posts. LOL . However I am working on a complete tour of the new Yankee Stadium from my trip in April and September, many pics less words but surely you will enjoy.

Moving right along...streetlight below with a sticker ?? Yes. Is that an Andre the Giant face ?? Yes ...sometimes you'd see the same face , and still do today occasionally stencilled in spray paint on a curb or a lamppost bottom...why ???? Just go to that spot , ...wait....and your heroin dealer will show up quite soon...or crack , or whatever may be on the menu. there are lots of urban signs like this and always have been that I'm cool with short posts, I'll be showing you some cool shit like this...well actually uncool. Drugs are NOT cool. Andre it makes youngsters curious. This was takeen on a very busy corner in the middle of an intersection where there would be a dealer on all four points of the corners looking for people not crossing the street ...and waiting. The things that pass us by , eh ?

Like I said short and sweet this post , for me at least !! LOL... I do have lots of snow pics...but man my back is killing me from driving, shoveling, and sitting in a my camera "accidentally" shot this picture while I was walking down Wall St on a nice Spring day...I really must fix the timer on my camera although...the way the fabric moves with the body in this pic...I can't wait for Spring !!

...OK ...I cant help myself , I asked my camera why it took the pic at such an inappropriate time...and for those who saw thee movie "HEAT" with DeNiro and camera responded in a great Pacino voice telling me why ...

I always laugh at that scene because it sounds like he is saying "a Breat Ass !! " LOL ..and if you pause on his face , you get 100 different looks...too funny..

Ahem...anyway....MY CAMERA has its ass all the way up it..I however , as you know am a complete gentleman....Damn I love Spring. Shame camera shame !! Well, I got some good New York stuff to come more frequently, some long, some short, some ...I think will be silent so I can really post more often...I may not be Al Pacino , but nothing will stop me from being ...The King Of New York Hacks...Peace out peeps, hope ya got a smile out of this one.

-Edward , safe travels all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

King of New York Hacks, I Love NY, Fan Opinion Needed !!

I generally, when I do a post, take a lot of photos and give my photo journalistic I don't want to change the way I think or write , but would you prefer if I did them in parts like if I did my 9/11 post in one week instead of one day ??? opinion is it takes me away from the thoughts I am concentrating on ,but on the other hand, it wouldn't take you half an hour to read...just curious because , I'll have lots to post on this year , taxi driving, wall street , the thugs who ripped me off..I have much , but in this age of one minute updates...not quite sure if I can compete...or if anyone will read it ....and some have complained on how LONG my posts are , I like to make everyone happy as if you are riding in my cab...which is the best ride in the best city if not the world...however...I do need YOU...or I have no stories. ;-)

I will post the one photo with a brief comment many a time this year , just want to know if its worth it to put it all out there, sometimes subject...15 minutes to get through like my 9/11 blog just not as emotional...or maybe it will be. Ya never know. It comes from my heart .

My next post is a tremendously long post which I promised everyone a while back on the new Yankee Stadium...with many pictures and brief statements about my growing up in New York and being at the old and new stadiums...Nothing too special except a detailed sight seeing tour that many not from NYC will like. My opinion ?? I would, and prefer to just spend hours on downloading the pics and post my words as they come whem I'm in the writing zone...but I see a lot of my fellow bloggers would break a blog like this into a week , maybe two because people lose interest or just don't have the time. ...just a little feedback...don't know if I'll listen to it...but I do want to keep you as fans of my writings and ...bring it !!

I may not be Charles Dickens or Shakespeare...Can you imagine being Shakespeare's English teacher and failing him ..LOL...poor bloke whoever he was..LOL ..but , our attention span has changed as my economic business does and my taxi driving does , so why not the least I have you to lean on. Thanks in advance all for any of your input , as I look forward to a happy year of pleasing you with my pictures and comments.

I am no Shakespreare, nor a great picture taker... However I am trying to remain ...The King ....wait for it....OF NEW YORK HACKS !! Peace all, and appreciate the feedback. My tour of the stadium will be up shortly either in pieces , or one whole lot ...the latter I expect...just the way I'm tuned..but will change if travels all....

Edward...The King Of New York Hacks.