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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The King of New York Hacks and the new...New York Yankee Stadium Museum Part II !!

So I went back in September to another game and went to the small museum where you can reflect on the past and present of the New York Yankees. They were on their way to the World series, but the museum didn't have a line to get in as it did in April , so I took my time and snapped my pics for all to see.

Paul O' of the hardest players I ever watched as George Steinbrenner referred to him once "He has the heart of a Lion" ...Paul got one of the longest farewell chants of his name the last game he played there. I believe it went on for 15 minutes straight...THAT'S respect.

Old memorabilia cards.

Giant signatures of the players on a case that on the opposite side has many signed balls from Yankee players from past to present.

Roger Maris, the TRUE home run leader.

Lou Gehrig, The Pride Of The Yankees.

George Steinbrenner...bought The Yankees for 10 million from they are worth over a billion dollars...not bad.

Thurman Munson ..I was a kid at Great Adventure Amusement Park...great day of roller coasters and food and only get into my parents Datsun and hear he died in a plane was a long ride home after such a great day... I'll never forget it.

A statue of Don Drysdale who is known pitching the only perfect game (as well as the only no hitter) in the history of the World Series. The case in front of it is the trajectory of the pitch to Yogi Berra who was his catcher in that game.

Don Larsen. See his hand. That's the same technique you should use to hail the King of New York Hacks. ;-)

Thurman Munson's locker just the way he left it to never return.

Munson's bat.

A sad sight. He had a wife and children and was such a family man he flew his own airplane to be with his children more, and unfortunately died in his plane when it crash landed.

Babe steroids for him, just some scotch and hot dogs please.

One thing about the Babe , even though he was a womanizer and loved to party...There are SO MANY photos of him visiting hospitals and childrens wards, or just showing up on the street to play stickball with children...New York was different as baseball was back then...but he did love children and made it a point to always accommodate them. The Babe..nuff said.

Babe Ruth real jersey he wore in games.

Babe Ruth.

The bat that hit the fist home run in the old Yankee The Babe.

Even a Tribute to Rickey Henderson for all the base stealing he did as a Yankee.

A tribute Home plate honoring the perfect game at the end of the showcase.

My father farting in Yogi Berra's face. Stuttering John from Howard Stern asked Ted Williams in an interview if he ever did that and Williams flipped out on him...I'm sure some guys did it !! LMAO

Statue of Yogi Berra. Famous for his Yogisms like on why he no longer went to Ruggeri's, a St. Louis restaurant: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." Yogi has 10 World Series LOL

This is the view from Yogi's mask.

In the case of signed balls , I found a player I didn't know was on the Yankees, and would have loved to see him play before he settled down and bought a junkyard. Fred Sanford.

I may not be Fred Sanford and have a junkyard, nor have I played for the Yankees, but I will finish this tour up in the next day or three as I remain...The King Of New York Hacks. Peace out peepers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The King, April 30th 2009 at the New Yankee Stadium..Part One.

Hope everyone had a great St.Patrick's Day and by now perhaps some of you are sober again....I think even some of my customers are too now. ;-)

Since baseball is almost here, I know I promised a detailed view of the NEW Yankee Stadium and what my thoughts of it are compared to the prior stadium, that is being dismantled as I write this.

Although they won the World Series ...they have a lot to do to make me feel like I used to feel about baseball before all these steroids and drug enhancers entered a game I play read about...but that too is a whole different ball game...

I grew up a HUGE Yankee fan, and my family who was in law enforcement used to take me to bleacher seat games along with the gangs they were trying to keep off the streets and out of trouble in police vans...which the ride there was a WHOLE different ballgame by itself !!! LOL

Great times, and I was taught at an early age what to appreciate being with this kind of crowd going to the "Con Edison Bleacher Seats" which were sponsored by Con Edison , which is the electric company here in the Big Apple.

I'll make the comments brief and I think this will be a four part series of my comments and pictures, for I took many, and for those who may never get here, I want you to see as much as I did on the game I went to in April, and then in September when I toured the whole stadium including the free museum they have for the fans to walk through. I'll give my opinion and commentary on the last part of the series,, and hope to get it all in over the next ten days or so. Maybe sooner if I can. However , as we begin our journey to the Bronx where I have been traveling to since I was 5 years old, except on this day, to a strange building not knowing what to expect...almost like the transition changing schools if you know what I , as I hit the gas and head over to meet my family in Queens, then take the infamous 4 train to the we go !!

Two of New York's favorite past times indeed !!! I love UTZ Potato chips..UTZ is always a home run....especially at a Yankee game !! ( Hint Hint, so UTZ, would you like to advertise on my blog ? ) LOL

The crowded infamous 4 train on the way to the game...some colorful conversations take place and sometimes enough fans who start chanting Boston sucks ...or Bloomberg sucks...or the inevitable " LET'S GO YANKEES Clap Clap , Clap Clap Clap !! "

My first sight is something I have never seen as I got off the train...A Yankee Logo Dirty Water Dog stand !! When I was young man , I used to tell girls I'm taking her out to "Under the Umbrella " for a nice dinner, which they would light up, and say ohhhh sounds great !! ...only to reveal when we got there we were at a Hot Dog stand ..."UNDER" the umbrella attached...HaHa
...also used the BK Lounge a few times. (Burger King). ;-)

...but hey I made up for it with my magnetic personality !! True stuff.

If a girl has a sense of humor , you'll find out REAL quick with these methods ! LOL

As I was ready to walk in they have giant Derek Jeter bobble-heads outside the Yankee Gift shop which I thought were kind of lame...I thought they would erect a statue of Lou Gehrig or something more permanent than some giant bobble-head on wheels...but the kids like it well enough and in the future I'm sure they will do more. I will go into this in future posts on the stadium ...but remember, I'm a New Yorker who was waiting and watching and PAYING for this place to be built. The stadium cost a total of US 1.5 billion dollars. I repeat.

The stadium cost a total of US 1.5 billion dollars. Bobbleheads?? C'mon !!!!! Casino's have been built for less and have a show before you even enter !!!!

Pic doesn't do justice , but as you walk in you can instantly see game action on a HUGE screen.

Something that the old stadium didn't have were nostalgic photos of teams from prior generations..They make up for it in this new stadium ..but again..1.5 billion dollars ??

The Babe and Lou....I'll take them over Jeter and A-Roid anyday. However, I don't even like to put Jeter in the same class as A-Roid. Derek is a class act all the way around..a true role model in baseball and out.

This is only one painting of many on some "Art Gallery" ...( Shaking my head" ) yeah, a fucking ART gallery inside a ball game...I really liked watching Scott Brosius play in the old stadium so I posted this painting...They are very expensive, some in the thousands...but I just think, can you imagine a city worker ...or ahem ..a taxi driver taking his kid to the stadium and the child saying ooooooo I want that daddy !!!...only to hear the response " Hey look there's the cotton candy guy !!Lets Go !! "...Anyway , like I said I'll givee my full opinion on my last post about his ...but you see where I'm going ... but , Thanks Scott for this frozen moment , if the painting was 20 bucks , I'd have bought it !! Sorry painting man !!

Another high end memorabilia store with signed jerseys that cost mucho dinero....a lot of money. This is Derek Jeter's.

This is A-Rod's.

The cheapest thing in Yankee Stadium...The ole put a penny in and for a buck it comes out with a Yankee logo...Isn't it illegal to deface currency??

Maybe I can get free season tickets if I don't press charges !! LOL

Environmentally friendly too now.

This is the view from behing home plate, the closest you can get unless you have a ticket to get further. A.J. Burnett in the windup.

The cleanest toilet I have EVER seen in my life at any game EVER !! I once took my twin nephews to a ball game at the old stadium when they were around 5years old...they had to take a number two , and when I got a stall , which you had to wait in a LONG line to get to...I had to physically hold them over the bowl so as they wouldn't touch anything ( you know, shit, vomit, piss, and God knows what else!)...and I had to do it TWICE !!!! The new bathrooms have attendants who are constantly cleaning them....finally !!

Seeing pictures like this are what my first memories of the Yankees were like.

Thurman Munson and George Steinbrenner.

Ron Guidry was my favorite player as a child, and I was fortunate to be at the game where Ron threw 18 strikeouts in one game. My father took us, I was in the bleachers with my brother and cousins...a night the two pitch get loud, stay silent and the cheer when strike three happened !!

Truly a great memory for me...and for baseball. Louisiana Lightning rocked.

I was also at this game ...1996 world Series winning Game 6 for the Champions !!!

I bought tickets to every game over the phone through Ticketmaster, nobody was buying tickets back then, game 1 seats were in bad seats, but the rest of the games I got right behind home plate upstairs. They were underdogs for that, and only year during their dynasty...I was going to sell game 6 thinking there would be a game 7 ...

I had 4 tickets to all those home games...So I thought I'd recoup some dough. I was taking my parents to the game and asked what they wanted to do...My Mother who was very religious, beat cancer twice, said to me "Their going to win it tonight Eddie" ..."There's not going to be a game tomorrow." Nuff said Mom. I looked at my father and we both smiled like little kids knowing , what Mom says...carries much weight to it ! Next thing you know ...

Wade Boggs riding a fucking police horse !!! YEAH BABY !!! Finally got to see a World Series Win Live !!

My mother once told me she caught a ball hit by Joe Dimaggio at a game ...and a child next to her was so disappointed it hadn't landed in his lap...So , she gave the child the ball.That simple. It meant more to him than her at that moment in life.

She told me that story early in my life, as for me not to ever be selfish and know what the right thing to do is, and when to do it. Well, that ball she gave to the child came back into our laps in 1996 as we watched them win a very close exciting game AND The World Series...the loudest and rowdiest I have ever seen at a game. Wade Boggs riding a fucking police horse !!! YEE HA !!! Finally got to see a World Series Win Live !! Mom was right ...AGAIN and so excited she got to see it live !! What a thrill indeed, for my family, AND the city of New York.

My mother passed away in July of 1997.

I really never have to attend another game. I have seen it all. Thanks Mom. They wouldn't have won it without your faith.

Giant banners referred to as the Canyon of Heroes.

Phil Rizzuto...The Scooter.

New Collectibles...they take your picture and put a 3 dimensional portrait of you in it...pretty cool...technolgy changing the ole put your face on a baseball card pic.

Looks cool with some lighting.

Steel beam with concrete falling apart...already ????...ahem 1.5 billion dollars.

1.5 billion dollars.

1.5 billion dollars.

I wish I was the genius who probably sold these pigeon spikes at $5 a pop to keep the New York birds away from the televisions and speakers all over the stadium...If I was ...I would buy a pigeon coop and put it where A-Roids locker is. HaHa .

View from right field.

And as always , at every game no matter who they are playing is the traditional Boston Sucks shirts that sell quite a bit ....but if you are wearing one will be asked to take it off or not allowed in the people wear two shirts to get in now...ridiculous...but politically correct...

But in closing, I always stop by the Yankee Tavern to meet up with anyone I know and just happened to bump into fellow New Yorker , Mike Caracciolo or better known as "The Kid From Brooklyn" !!! If you don't know him, here is his web-sight. He has as many stories as The King has !!! Great pic Mike !!

...and as we part and you leave my taxi, until we meet again ..I hope you enjoyed this very small first part of Yankee Stadium.. and my history as well...for I am not "The Kid from Brooklyn" nor am I a great baseball player for the New York Yankees...I am just a person who drives these changing streets of the future called New York City...a place where I am referred to as Edward.... "The King of New York Hacks. " Peace out all, stay safe.