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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The King of New York Hacks, Halloween, Graffiti or Art ?? Part 2

So I guess it is official on how we all feel about Graffiti...The eye of the beholder is our guide to what is and isn't art...and from some of the comments which were all insightful from my prior post, I agree that it is an art, when not destroying public places or trying to desecrate anything either.

This building is consistently changing legally and gives the artists a place to really shine without breaking the law so we can see their full potential. Hopefully more places will exist like this in the future, I love the concept, especially bringing in artists from around the world and their interpretation of our seasons, times, holidays and whatever else they want to express.

As years ago the Subway cars were literally COVERED in spray paint, but they had a certain, "Hey , now THAT is a New York City fucking subway car....Damn that was beautiful" as the art flew by you at 60 miles per hour because it was an express train not for your stop. Now the trains are treated to repel paint , and "scratchiti" ( The art of scratching into the glass) is hardly ever seen now.

The Eye of The Beholder...The truth for so many things my doubt.

I'll keep the comments brief, just enjoy the rest of the art, and enjoy it for what it is, and will soon be something else. Seems they had some Halloween theme and it was a nice touch.

A New York City Cat...lots of crazy cats in this town.

Mayor Bloombergs House.

Masters at battery died in my phone to get his finished product..Bad King..BAD !!

The Graffiti Artist Palette. Complete with respirators.

If you look closely its a girl he is painting.

Putting on the finishing touches of his mural, respirator on.

They have no limit, they reach to them.

Yeah, even some badass female tagger artists in this city. They are GOOD !

Light bulb looks happier than my last post. ;-) Guess the electric bill was paid. ;P

KING KONG and The Rats of the N.Y.C.

Scary skulls fitting the season for fright night.

Wouldn't be complete without pumpkins and ghosts.

5PTZ is one bad ass piece of work. If you are ever in New York, GO !

These two taggers, PK, and KID...I went to high school with them and they are still doing it...and they are in their 40's...However, they just get their tag names out, not like the real art of the murals but a huge part of the subculture.

This one blew me away..."LETTERMAN" !!! I use to watch this on "The Electric Company all the time as a kid. Just may be my Halloween costume tomorrow. Sweet.

If you don't know Letterman,he was always saving words from the evil Spellbinder who would mix a word up to only have Letterman save the day.
Faster than a rolling 'O'
Stronger than silent 'E'
Able to leap capital 'T' in a single bound!
It's a word, it’s a's Letterman!

The voices of the cartoon were all EXTREMELY famous people. Very Cool. Nice props on the 5PTZ to good ole Letterman.
Zero Mostel—Spell Binder
Joan Rivers—Narrator
Gene Wilder—Letterman....Enjoy the clip. ;)

....and as I turn around from the 5PTZ ready to head back to my $$$ making looks pretty nice over there .

The King slowly turning into a stop it !! :P

You can do it too !! LOL

So in closing all, Have a safe and Happy Halloween...Please don't let your friends drink and drive and be safe...will have costumes from the city tomorrow posted on Monday hopefully...til then, I remain not Frankenstein or Mayor Bloomberg...I'm just The King of New York Hacks. Peace out Peeps.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

King of New York Hacks, Halloween... Graffiti is it art ?? Part One. You decide peeps. Comments are free !!

I grew up in the "tagging" era...and it still resides here in my head and heart even though I was never a tagger...but is still here nonetheless albeit not as you would see in a movie like "The Warriors"... However it still exists...and it is still so very much, NEW YORK CITY , and I consider it many do... much more than some of the shit I see at the tax deductible donation museums where a piece of dogshit on a Popsicle stick is considered an educational enlightening experience satisfying to the senses...

" What the fuck did you just say about that shit on a stick ????" Oh Yeah , OK I get it , your friend made it and you're the curator.... Sheeeet ...literally ! LOL

Art is cultural, inventive, dignifying, and gifted....

"Sheeeeeeet, now that I read what I wrote I should spray paint my blog on the walls !!"

What the hell are you laughing at ...I'm serious LOL

...nah , I'm not that good....but these artists are ALWAYS me, I know some of the best personally and they got the SKILLS !!! Period !

I'll write more personal stuff about the culture in the future , but for now ...sit back and enjoy urban ART !

Ahhhh...Crisp day, my favorite building in this grand city...The Chrysler...'nuff said.

A Destination, not in Manhattan of the old , but the Queens of the New.

A sight on my way there...I got a feeling he does love NYC.... deep down. :-)

This is what an electric company bulb looks like in the dark for not paying to use him. ....what do I say to this...Fuck 'em...light a candle. ;)

These are the pieces that you need to stop...and..absorb the...whatever it is you feel.

The Grizzley inside of you....yeah, you know where it is , just go and use it...its there use it .

New Yorkers Represent. Peace brother.

Death...Life...No Symmetry needed on these streets...or buildings as we look up.

Hey Obama, is Dental included in that new Health-care Bill ? I know of some cabbies in need ...

NO ...FUCK NO !!! ....and we never FUCKING will !! But GOD forbid they put this in the Met, or MOMA...This IS art my friends...I don't really give a shit if you think it's not.

INK is expression...doesn't have to be on your skin...still ink tellin' the story. Peace.

Dude is trying tto eat my name because he found out Dental is NOT in Obama's health plan ! LOL

Hey Neon lights, or paint on the wall, I'll take it and props to the painter !! Holla brother, this is some real NYC art !!! ...not that I'm biased 'cause my name is Eddie. ;)

Walk down the wrong alley in the N...Y...C...and this is what you'll see.
Happy Fuckin' Halloween any day of the year yourself...Fo' Real !!

TNT..Shotguns..and probably Acid...hell, I feel like I'm back in High School LMAO !!

Unfortunately this was me !!! LOL

Round the world Graffiti Art peeps, don't get more real than this...artists from around the world come to leave their mark or "TAG"....and it's only PART ONE. From Munich to 5PTZ NYC ...:P

So I hope you scare the shit out of everyone for Halloween, watch scary movies, and make sure you look at the candy you are getting so you have no allergy issues for the children or even worse stuff if ya know what I mean...I'm a Celiac, I can't trick or treat my ass round the way like I used to...I gotta read LABELS !! DAMN !! LOL ! ...Most important item, keep the kids safe peeps...but hey, you don't have to listen to me...Who the hell am I ??? Oh yeah....

Peace out peepers, hope all is well with you, and hopefully see you next time for part 2, which will be BEFORE HALLOWEEN...til then...I'm just....

....wait for it....

The King Of New York Hacks....( enter Shaft Theme ) Damn Right !!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lioness from Hells Kitchen.

Well hello again everyone, been a while... but I'm back at the keyboard and have some nice pictures of the end of summer coming up and the changing colors of New York City as Fall is here, and we are still hoping for CHANGE...more than the colors, but the stuff in our pockets and the well being of each other. That's what HOPE is for no ??

They both go hand in hand.

I have come across some very special people through blogging, some I have met in person and most I have not. If I had the time to post about all of them I would, so forgive me if anyone thinks I'm slighting them in any way. It just happens that this person has some roots from the 10036, and for those of you not in the know, THAT is the real HELLS KITCHEN zip code...not some fussy ass French dude in a kitchen who yaps like a Chihuahua at people even if they made a bowl of cereal. This person was in the Hells Kitchen that was full of murders, deviants, and a sweeping crack epidemic before Rudy Giuliani turned it into Disneyland.

I just recently found out a great friend of my family had his leg amputated from suffering through years of kidney disease and dialysis. He was one of the most disciplined and athletic individuals I have ever met in my life. He was also a selfless missionary. He gave, never took and yet still fights the good fight, looking forward to rehab with a new prosthetic leg.

That is the heart of a Lion.

However, every once in a while I come across a story that I just need to share with everyone, and hope it raises an awareness to what I believe is a great cause and usually a great story. Well with this there is both. I have followed a blog since I started writing called Smarty Pants Rants , and she is smart, funny, takes great pics and is very funny....oh AND she has Type 1 Diabetes.

I know first hand from living with my nephews who have suffered with FSGS, what a tough road it is for children or adults to endure the process of medications, injections, side effects, and all the rest of the turmoil and restrictions on diet and daily routines that most of us take for granted, and how fucking tough they are to endure it with a smile, even when there are complications, and make it all seem so routine as I still grimace when I see all the medications and injections they go through daily, seemingly with ease.

The hearts of a Lion.

Well this fellow blogger, Sara is her name...and she is fighting for the CURE for Diabetes...I don't need to write much, Sara will tell you it all in her brilliant video. Just so you know, it takes a lot of time and work to upload pictures and write just a blog..I can only imagine the countless hours Sara spent on making this short movie about diabetes awareness and being brave enough to use herself ...Sara has encapsulated her life in a less than 6 minute video, and I implore you to watch the King on this one, it is THAT GOOD.

Most people watch 6 minutes worth of commercials a day, so please, watch this and learn.

Sara says:

"I hope...I still have a tiny, shimmering chunk of HOPE inside! Life would be different without diabetes, but I know it would be nothing without the people who give my REAL life REAL meaning – the ones who inspire me to keep hoping. So I test, and read up on the latest developments, and raise money for research. And I HOPE….."

...and I hope to Sara, for you and everyone else who wants the CURE. You deserve it.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Lion Queen.

To view it on You Tube to see the whole screen and read all the subtitles:
Click--------> Fight Type 1 Diabetes

Brilliant, no ?? The King doesn't lie.

Click This Word Link To Donate TO Sara's Walk

In closing once again, I am just a courier of news from New Yorkers who are elsewhere now, today... but bring a strong spirit wherever they go and we were glad to have her while we did....Today I am no King, I am just a member of the human race who hopes...hopes that Sara's words resonate to you...and one day to all.

I encourage all of you to visit her blog and tell her what you think...and continue to HOPE. Smarty Pants Rants.

Thank you Sara, You truly are The Lioness from New York.

Peace out Peeps.