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Thursday, November 25, 2010

King of New York Hacks wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...GOBBLE TIL YA WOBBLE !

Just want to let all of you know how grateful I am to have the privilege of your loyal readership.

I hope everyone has a full belly and content heart.

The test of thankfulness is not what you have to be thankful for, but whether anyone else has reason to be thankful that you are here.~Anonymous.

I am glad and thankful that ALL of you are here. :-)

I'm no Turkey, and I am thankful for all I have,  as I remain...

The King of New York Hacks.


Please Don't Drink and Drive and Remember the Homeless.

Peace out peeps.

Friday, November 12, 2010

King of New York Hacks, the Artist, and a New York Minute.

Driving a taxi and meeting someone famous is always a fun thing, unless its Charlie Sheen on a bender and he's trashing my cab and running from the bill...but I never had Charlie in my Taxi, and I'd bet he'd stiff The Waldorf before he'd stiff a Taxi. Anywayyyy...

This past Halloween as I was headed home from the parade, I was walking to the subway and saw this man below making funny faces and charming children that were walking by his home. He was only wearing a simple clever mask made out of what appeared to be an index card,  and I asked if I could take his picture for my blog, and he agreed. I told him I was a Hack and he immediately asked me, "How do I compete with all the other crazy drivers ?" I told him, "carefully, or I wouldn't make any money"...I showed him some of the pictures in my camera of the costumes I just photographed, but told him that I think I will remember his costume the most, and that the children seemed to find it very amusing compared to all the elaborate and expensive disguises. I told him about my blog, and gave him my card, but he told me he really doesn't use the computer.

I smiled.

I've met so many people who have not embraced computers and refuse to..amazes me.

I then asked him if I could have his mask so I could scan it for my posting,  and he said "of course" in a foreign accent that I could not pin down, and I'm pretty good because I speak English in 40 different accents. ;) 

As he went to hand me the mask, a gust of wind blew it down the street and I chased after it where a lovely buxom woman saw it flying by with me in tow and stepped on it bringing it face down to a halt... I said mockingly "Oh Nooo!! You stepped on a MASTERPIECE !" ... and in true New York fashion, she didn't miss a beat and said, "careful honey, you don't know if I just increased its worth BECAUSE I stepped on it"

Touché...well played footstomper of the night.

So I went back to talk with the Gentleman, and we laughed about how I saved his "masterpiece" and he told me how my pictures of Halloween were so different from his as a child, and we began to exchange childhood memories of Halloween..He making costumes out of paper, and myself recalling how I used a burned cork to blacken my face as a hobo...We discussed how Halloween is now a BILLION dollar industry and not the same as it was when he celebrated, nor I.  Below is the mask he was wearing with a little cut-out that his nose fit through. Brilliant. He had shopping bags with him, and I'll bet he made good use of this mask ALL day.

He then showed me how if you draw the face on the paper, then fold it in half like below...and just rip where your nose will go ..."Voilá !!!" a Halloween mask that didn't touch your bank account.

He then pulled a blank piece of paper from his pocket and showed me how to do it from scratch and handed me the mask below...once again.. "Voilá !" I then inquired if he was an artist of any kind, and he humbly said yes I am an artist of many different things, and quickly changed the subject asking me if there were any children in my family and I said "yes, and of various ages"...I hope I wasn't his subject in this work below....but then again, I was the only one there now !!  lol

So he pulled out another piece of paper, same size, and began to draw while looking at me...Uh Oh !! he laughed as he drew and told me the children will laugh when I show them the picture of me that he was making...I was laughing out loud waiting for this caricature he was creating to make more kids laugh with his creations and humor...and once again "Voilá !! The King Caricatured !!! ...or maybe not ;) HA !  As I was observing the pic when he finished and I wondered why he drew two lemons on my head, however he kept writing in the bottom right corner...

...and he signed it.

Jacob El Hanani, I googled him when I got home and his accent was hard to pin point because he was born in Casablanca, studied in Tel Aviv and Paris, and worked in New York City not to mention all over this country. His works have been shown at MANY important places such as The Guggenheim, The Whitney, The British Museum, and the most important, The King of New York Hacks Refrigerator.

I'm in good company. ;-)

...and those lemons,  were actually sunglasses I forgot were still on my head after the long chilly night, even had a rosy windburn ! lol ...However, I am not as good looking as he made me out to be, what a nice guy. ;) I assured him my family would laugh at this pic of me, nor would they let me forget it !! LOL  I shook his hand, thanked him, and we wished each other Halloween, came to an end. a New York Minute.

Just click here to see his history and works------->    JACOB EL HANANI  

...or click this one from The British Museum which shows Jacob without the mask. -->  JACOB

Pretty impressive collections he has created...but certainly not the masterpiece portrait of The King that will fetch a gazillion dollars at Sotheby's on auction...nah, I think I'll keep this one for me...Thanks Mr. Hanani, you are a kind man with a humorous mind and heart...and I could never auction off a priceless New York moment like that...I'm not greedy, and I'm no artist....I'm just...

The King Of New York Hacks

Peace out peeps.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

King of New York Hacks and The New York's Village Halloween Parade Final, The Gallery is up !! 377 Pictures !!

Just click below to see all 337 pictures from New York City Halloween.


Yes  !! The link above is the road to my 337 pictures of can visit and "LIKE" any photo you wish if you are on Facebook, and if so FRIEND ME !! ... that will help me review and write about next years parade, so I encourage you to visit , because, all of you were there with fess up whoever was dressed as The King Of New York Hacks ! lol

So enjoy, and if you don't visit, here is a great photo from the gallery anyway...

I wasn't the only King there on Halloween... The Lion King was too !!

Its a big city, I knew I'd bump into another King eventually...but I'm no King of The Lions, and that King looks pretty cool in my book, plenty of room as long as he'll let me remain.....

The King of New York Hacks.

Peace out peeps.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

King of New York Hacks and The New York's Village Halloween Parade Part II - Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Geriatric Superheroes !!

Well, that was an interesting election night, good or bad I hope we are on a yellow brick road to recovery because this economy has been blowing like a Twister !!

So, keep following The Yellow Brick Road like this dude your BRAIN.

These empty scooter were in waiting for their elderly owners, who reallllyy can't keep up like they did back in the day...and they WEREE REALLLLY GOOD back in the day....but as the night goes on you shall see that these are for the Geriatric Superheroes !!!

Green Lantern...Grey Hair now...His ring looked a little tarnished too.

Elderly Joker, beard and all but still laughing it up !!!

Elderly Joker still has the moves as his "old" arch enemies are getting along fine with him now !

Old Green Lantern and Old Captain America..."Hey Cap', stay away from those buffet's bro !!"

Old man Batman on the left dancing with Old man Joker hitting on Old Lady Wonder Woman....never would have bet on that one as a kid . LOL

Old man Superman taking a break as the female keeps rocking and she's sporting a can AND Roller Skates !!! Gotta love it ! Supes had skates on too though. :-)

Super Heroes and Villains all dancing together in their old age...its like a bizzarro world !

KING : "Uhhhh ...yeah Batman , the bathroom is the other way"
BATMAN: " Don't get snippy with me or I'll whoop yo ass just like I did to Alfred my butler !!"

Super Grover !!!!...Old with a diaper of course.

Wonder Woman already tuckered out gets on her scooter !

BATMAN: "Thanks King , I found the Bathroom !!"
KING: " No problem Batman, as I think to myself "That was the coat check room" O_O

Poor FLASH having a wardrobe malfunction with his Depends diaper...looks like he's not as quick as he used to be ! ;)

However , there is the generation they left behind to continue their shenanigans !!
Joker and Batman in action again !!!

The Mighty Thor and his winged damsel.


Thee Batcycle !!!

The Batmobile !!! THIS should be what a New York Taxi LOOKS like !!!

Whoa there Batman !!! Just me The King, don't run me over !!

Hula girl looking happy.

Aloha girl looking happy.

70's statioon wagon tricked out for crew.

They were having fun waiting to drive up the parade route.

Freddy Kruger , ALWAYS hooks up with a girl !! pun intended. ;)

Dr.Body Parts was accepting new patients.

Frankenstein always makes it for Halloween.

...and how better to finish than with a Great Dane...ooops correction SUPERDANE !!!!!!

That is some dog, and I'm dog tired, hope you liked round 2 and more to come the next few days.

I may not be Old Superman , or Old Batman, but I'll tell you one thing, my yellow taxi could have taken out all those scooters filled with Old Super Heroes and I would have become the most evil villain of all time known only as...The King of New York Hacks. Muhoohahahaha.but The King would never do that ;)

Peace out voters.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

King of New York Hacks and The New York's Village Halloween Parade , Part 1


I hope everyone's Halloween was enjoyable and safe, and no one got tricked but only treated you to what you deserve...and to those of you who got TP'ed or the ole bag of shit lit on fire only for you to put it out, well what did you do to deserve that ?!?! LOL

Well I went to the New York Village Halloween Parade this year and must send the kindest thanks to Jeanne Fleming and her crew who organize and make such a spectacular event possible through tireless fund raising and coordinating with all the proper city agencies and sponsors every year. I'm sure I speak for everyone there or who watched it on TV or will go to the Halloween website in the near future that they did it again, as they always do and staged another brilliant Halloween Parade as is done every year, and this one by far.

Thank you Jeanne Fleming and to her most creative and artistic crew !!!

It is fantastic that they pull this extraordinary event off each year and for those of you who have never been to New York, visit one Halloween and enjoy it yourself up close !! Many of the people who participate are real performers and as eventually you'll see through all the photos, its better than a Broadway show !

I will go into some detail on particular photos but here is the direct link for you to go to the website of the parade and view all of my pictures, which are not up yet, however will be soon, and I will let you know when they are to view all of them, 350 plus of them !!!. The King's finger was tired of all the pic taking, but well worth the outcome as usual.

I will give my usual thoughts and experiences, and hopefully you will enjoy all the photos and my insightful and clever observations...Yeah that's right, The KING is insightful and clever !! ...No ??? Damn. ;-P

Well I'll give it a shot anyway peeps, and remember this is only part one...I'll be posting through the rest of the week so enjoy.

My first sign of the dead came on the bus to the city !! ZOMBIES are taking over this town !!
The King didn't look appetizing to them...wasn't sure how to take that as a good thing or bad ?? LMAO Great costumes , a lot of hard work goes into looking that good...well, evil. ;)

Now since the Giants won the World Series last night, I have to send a shout out to to my buddy RKB in the NYC because I think she won't see these kind of Zombies in the future... I hope those Cubbies play the Yankees next year ! What a way to go though !! Keep the faith Illinois !!...and you too RKB ;-)

HULK SMASH !!!! Yeah, like he could really harm the King....all I did was tell him I would set him up with Charlie Sheen's soon to be ex wife...and The Hulk

This cat was groovin' and cruisin' to scary sounds over his stereo turning heads everywhere as he flashes the King the peace sign from his mint classic Chevy...Peace indeed bro, scare away !!

I took this pic through the glass at a salon as they were airbrushing and painting people for the parade ! A lot of work goes into Halloween round the NYC !

Even The Chile Miners made it to NYC after all they have been through !!
They were wearing shirts that said "Thank you World" "Thank You America" and had signatures all over them as they were having a great time !

Hmmmm...maybe not the real miners, these are women, but its a great costume !

I thought I've seen everything, BUT a T-REX eating an Apple ???? Carnivores really are cutting down on meat ...who knew ???

New York Downtown Clown was there and rockin' with his crew ready to march the parade !

You know Freddy never misses a Halloween Party ....or your dreams !!! Muuhuuhahahahah!!

A new concept of technology, The Human Breathalyzer, just take a look where to BLOW !!

Some really well crafted and original costumes with lighting on the inside that just makes you really appreciate all the work that goes into having some fun every Halloween...unless you were her....I never did see her again. O_O

I haven't seen a jean jacket with a Robert Crumb pic on it in a long time ! Very Cool, and not his costume...but I had to take a pic of that nostalgia !
Crumb Rocks !

This Vampire Dude was setting the mood for the evening...he gave me a sticker that said Vampire Freaks on it with a pic that looked just like him, when all of a sudden he tried to decapitate the King and swung at me !!... but held up when I looked at him because he recognized me and said "Oh shit King, my bad !" , turned into a bat and flew away...No shit , true story.

Jeff "The DUDE" Lebowski, from The Coen Brothers "The Big Lebowski" !
I walked up to him and said "DUDE , IT'S HALLOWEEN !!"
DUDE replied dryly "Thanks King." ...damn man , The Dude will never change ! LOL

THE Jagermeister !!! Now this stuff is pure EVIL as he is !!

Geriatric Wonder Woman and Geriatric I don't know who the other hero is, but they had a whole crew of Geriatric Superheroes which I'll post more pics of and about in one of the next posts...Hilarious idea and everyone had a lot of fun with them. Check out Captain America smokin a cigar wearing a depends diaper ! LMFAO !! Now that is some funny shit !!

The King went from Old heroes to young Tigresses...and yes, they molested me....twice. ;-)

I ♥ N Y !!

The Hula Hoop from Hell Scream and the laughing man all having a great time...they had great music playing and everyone was having a great time as you can see ! Love that green tongue !!

King Tut loves chillin' in New York City, but he knows I'm the real King of New York...Hacks. ;)

Elaborate costumes as they dance to thee Emperors and The King's groove !

It was on. Once everyone was dancing, they didn't stop ! Now remember this is all on the street, and it was pretty chilly and windy too, but the party went on.

The Jagermeister girls never slowed down and were chillin, literally ! They were bundled up pretty good compared to others. this beautiful girl who was trying to seduce The King...ahhh but I don't kiss and tell ;P

...and on a pleasant night like this, even the worst of enemies call a truce...

The Pope and The Devil shaking hands

So not a bad way to end the first of the next few days of Halloween Pictures, I'll be posting til the end of the week, so hope you liked round one...and it is nice to see good and evil getting along...but I'm no Pope, and I certainly am not the Devil...but they do shake hands when they are in New York City and bump into me...or neither will get a Taxi from, you know it...

The King of New York Hacks.

Peace out tricksters and treaters. Halloween ain't over yet. ;-) ...and don't forget to vote.