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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

King of New York Hacks, New York City Statues, Hero Behind The Cape, and Bears !! OH MY !! 1-11-11 Today !!

Another year, another sunrise.

Lets hope we get to see all of them before the Mayans come and take us away in a UFO.

Its snowing outside right now, and it snowed last week already for the first time this year. I took this picture the day before it snowed, and as the old saying goes,


It  certainly rang true. It snowed the next day. I did a weather forecast on Facebook with this photo, and for those of you who are on Facebook I encourage you to friend me as I will be adding photos a few days a week of New York City or links I find funny or interesting that will never make it to this blog. OK. 


Lets ride. 

 Lots of Garbage still around this city and more snow just means bigger piles of snow AND trash.

 However, even when it snows and The King is off the road, believe it or not you can still get around via many other ways to, a Hansome cab...Not as safe as The King or as handsome... OK, Ok, maybe more romantic...but not in the summer when all you smell is horseshit and garbage. LOL ( trust the King, take them in Spring, Fall and Winter ) :-)

 The Pedicabs were very busy as I overheard this driver telling his passengers how they filmed the movie "Serendipity" around these parts. I looked at the advertisement on the back of the bike and it was a protest against some salon saying they steal from clients coats at the coatcheck !! Ha ! I wish I could do that !! LOL

 Even bicyclists were out enjoying the snow which can make New York City eerily quiet sometimes.

Occasionally, the runners move quicker than the cabs and cars.

 ...or you could just take a silent walk with a friend.

 The day before I did a double-take when I passed a statue near Madison Park. I thought I saw a statue wearing a cape...A REAL fabric cape, not an attached bronze one as some statues I noticed it and other passengers did too, we discovered it was a  promotion for a new TV show with these boxes (shown below) next to each statue with a cape.

 I went to investigate knowing that Batman is a big fan of mine and always recommends to the Mayor that the city should erect a statue of me for always saving his ass...Is it my time ?? Did they finally do it ??

 The KING !?!?!!..... Uhhh..Nope...The Hero. This was at the Simon Bolivar statue, who was a Venezuelan military and political leader. Together with José de San Martín, he played a key role in Hispanic America's successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.

 Simon Bolivar with CAPE.

 Later I came across Robert Burns who is largely considered the National Poet of Scotland.

 Whats that ??? You never heard of him ??? Perhaps you know a song he wrote that you probably sang on New Years or heard it before...Auld Lang Syne . Yup, damn good song if I must say so.

 Now ole George Washington had a cape too in Union Square draped over his horse...but then I came upon a strange but familiar sight...

I walked over to this mysterious caped statue with my Kingsense tingling...I approached slowly and asked him...

WHO ARE YOU ???!?!?!?...No response...I asked louder...and got in front of him.

I said WHO ARE YOUUUUUU ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!

He replied in a terse tone. I'm Abe man. O_O
"Sheeeeeeeeeiiiiittttttttt Abe, didn't recognize you with that new cape on, thought you was the Bat--awwww forget it. "

Next time I'll just look down to see who it is.  :-) Ha !!

The weather seems for the birds, and I guess it is. All the same bird except for one I had to zoom in on.

Not quite sure what kind of bird this is although it reminds me of a Finch.

On such a snowy day I decided it would be pretty cool if I went into the Central Park Zoo being that I haven't been there in yearrs and it would be unique with the snow falling...No lines and not many people either !

The seals were loving this weather !

Ignoring me because I had no fish.

YO King !! Get me some fish !!! ...or a beach ball !!...or..FISH !!

I walked up to this tree to find a big red lump in it. It was The Red Panda, who was sleeping at the time...I used my animal language that I learned from Dr.Doolittle as a child and sure enough...

He turned and told the King to fuck off. Real nice Red Panda...Real nice...He's actually related to the raccoon even though they call it a Panda. Very cool to see up close.

This Baboon was eating snow and when I wasn't taking pictures was giving me the these animals ARE from New York City...

Finally this Polar Bear was nodding for me to look at a sign that was hanging up behind me...but before I looked, I was in awe of just how immense these animals are and are killers...If I'm right, I believe they are the only animal that actually can hunt a human...incredible creatures. Hard to believe I'm in the city.

Yes, I now see your point Polar Bear...and I'll take the "B" away and replace it with a "Y" so not only will I treat bears good, but I'll treat this year as if its my last and enjoy, embrace and savor the moments.

I hope that wasn't such a painful ride through the snowy streets of NYC with me to start off the year...

In a few minutes the time will be 11:11:11 and date 1/11/11 is always a great place to start all your goals...and a perfect time for a wish...and if you read this after, I give you permission to make that wish anyway.  ;)

So hop into your year and my taxi where my door is always open and you'll get to explore and experience the journey with me through 2011. 

I wish you and yours a brilliant year to come as I remain...No not Batman...Nope..not Abraham Lincoln...Yes, thats right, just me...

Edward...The King Of New York Hacks.

...and like my man D.C.Cabbie always says...and trust the King, IT IS COLD out there peeps..

Please don't forget the homeless.

Peace out peeps.