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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Pic Tuesday 3 and The King of New York Hacks

Be careful whose door you knock on in New York City...sometimes if you see this kind of picture before you knock, you may just want to keep movin' or you'll wind up sleeping with the fishes if ya know what I mean.

The old telephone booths don't exist anymore, but when I have to change into my King costume because  Batman or Spider Man are getting they're ass whooped, I always use the one with the light out...being the King isn't easy in this city.;)

When my eyes start seeing the road like this I know its time to turn my taxi in and sleepy time is necessary...don't drive when you're tired peeps, way too dangerous.

Gotta love a bail bonds that uses a young Frank Sinatra's mugshot for advertising...♫ if you can get busted here, you can get busted anywhere, its up to you New York , Bail Bonds ♫ !!

Everybody remembers the "Tank Man" of Tiananmen Square in China, when an unknown man stood up to a column of tanks...well this is  the  "downtown pigeon" who blocked the NYPD from putting more security on Wall St...forr a few minutes at least..NYC pigeons are pretty damn tough.

Here is one of the infamous New York City manhole covers...these are great in a stickball game and if you want to be remembered, you better hit the ball Three Sewers long...Willie Mays was a Three Sewer hitter...The King ?? Pleeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseee...They don't measure my home runs by sewers, they call my shots Chrysler Buildings, because thats what I aim for... and generally hit.  Ha !

The sad thing is as you can see if you enlarge the pic is these are made in India...I have nothing against India, I'm just scratching my head thinking that we have enough talent here in the USA to make the cover for some shit...Politicians are good at covering their shit, maybe every time we catch them doing a no no, they have to make a sewer's a link how they were made, pretty scary...NYC MANHOLES


Here is the King's Taximeter...always a good thing when it is running $$$$$$$

The Statue of Liberty usually comes off her pedestal and visits the King when I'm downtown...she really loves New York and always tells me her crown is better than mine...I agree Lady Liberty.

Below is a statue that has a plaque next to it that reads:
                                                                  Invitation To Prayer
On September 23 1857, a businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier ignited what became a spiritual revolution in New York City. It all began at a simple prayer meeting in the financial district.Within months similar gatherings were being held throughout New York and across the nation. tens of thoudsands of lives were transformed. 

At that time, there were 30,000 men idle on the streets of New York. Drunkenness was rampant, and the nation was divided by slavery. Ministering in the dark slums of Hell’s Kitchen, Lanphier poured himself into the lives of people who were homeless, helpless and hopeless.
Lanphier's story affirms that one person in humble obedience to God can make a profound difference.
As you can see his hands are opened as an invitation to pray with him...which the King did...and I prayed for a beautiful blonde...and closed my eyes...

The next thing I knew my prayer came true !!! Ha !!

This lovely young woman was sitting at the statue with a friend when I came to take a picture of it and was willing to be pictured in my blog while her friend was camera shy and ran for the hills !...I wrote her name on notepad that I left in my taxi one night and it wasn't there when I went to get I hope she sees this post and comments so I can insert her name properly...thanks for  being a good sport. :-)

So, another 10 pic Tuesday is in the books..or the blogs...The Hurricane wasn't so bad for the King, some lost power, a little flooding, but overall nothing major thank God...Thanks to all for sending their well wishes to me on Facebook and here on the blog as the storm came into NYC. All the thoughts and prayers that you sent worked big time for the King and NYC during the hurricane, not to mention they kept me in good spirits knowing that people from around the world were inquiring of my family and New York City thank you mucho... I may not be Jeremiah Lanphier, although I do pray up a storm for those who need it, and I'm certainly no pigeon, but I can hit the ball Three Sewers, and see a future passenger hailing my taxi 10 city blocks I drive up to them... and introduce myself...

The King...of New York Hacks.

Peace out peeps.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mob Scene Gallery, New York City Gangland, and The KONYH

If you ever find yourself in Little Italy and spot a building that looks like our Capitol Building, then you know you are walking where New York City was once a Gangland.

This is the old Police Headquarters where the likes of Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Eddie McGrath, and Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo did their best to stay out of during an era of organized crime that is historic to New York City. This building is incredible and hard to believe it was once the main precinct in the city. It is now used for private residences. The King doesn't have enough tips to move there...YET.  ;-) 

So when you see the awning with The Statue of Liberty holding a Tommy know you've arrived at The Mob Scene Gallery in Little Italy. "Hey Statue, drop the gun and get me a cannoli !!" ..Who doesn't know all the lines to The Godfather ?

MOB Scene Gallery sits beside the former NYPD evidence vault where heroin seized in the 1960s 'French Connection' case mysteriously vanished. You can see in the reflection of the door the  tenements of Little Italy where not long ago, many offers were made that you couldn't refuse.

Enlarge the pic but I'll briefly tell you what The plaque says "ON THIS SPOT , once operated "Little Rock's Pool Hall, Hangout of the Monk Eastman Gang and the scene of a brutal attack on neighborhood youths by corrupt NYPD Lieutenant Charles Becker, who was executed three years later in the Sing Sing Prison electric chair.

Born in 1873 to a respectable New York family, Monk became a badass in Manhattan’s rough Lower East Side by the age of eighteen. He found work as a bouncer—when the saloon owner first turned him down because he had two bouncers already, Monk beat them both up and was promptly hired in their place. He soon developed a loyal following of immigrant toughs, and by 1900, he was the most feared gang leader in lower Manhattan, protected by corrupt politicians and crooked cops, and commanding an army of two thousand pickpockets, thieves, prostitutes, and thugs.

After the United States entered World War I in 1917, the 42-year old Eastman decided to join the Army. During his military physical, the doctor observed all the knife and bullet scars on Eastman's body and asked him which wars he had been in; Eastman replied, "Oh! A lot of little wars around New York.".[8] Eastman ended up serving in France with "O'Ryan's Roughnecks", the 106th Infantry Regiment of the 27th Infantry Division. After Eastman's discharge in 1919, the Governor of New York, Al Smith, recognized Eastman's honorable service by restoring his U.S. citizenship.

A lot of history came out of this small spot in NYC.

This is a pic inside the museum where an exhibition of Legend Crazy Joe Gallo is on display...
Gallo started as an enforcer and hitman for Joe Profaci. Gallo's reputation soared when it was suspected that he was lead gunmen in the execution of Albert Anastasia in 1957. The owner of this gallery actually owns the infamous barber "Barber Chair # 4" where Anastasia was rubbed out...He acquired it from Henny Youngman the famous comedian who always said " Take my wife Please ! ".

Old dial phone probably  used in bookmaking and numbers...The King had a phone like this growing up, kids today have no idea what it is !!

The ole dial that if you messed up you had to start all over again dialing the number...I remember when the first push button phones came out and we thought we were cool if we had one that made new sounds that if you hit the numbers right you could play a song and impress your you could play the London Philharmonic live over your cell phone !! Man these kids today got it made !!

Hmmph I feel like an old fart !!

The museum has many interesting artifacts and changes as the year goes by...this item is one of John Gotti's ties...The Dapper Don's tie.

Gangster shoes.

Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo...gunned down April 7, 1972 while celebrating his 43'rd birthday at Umbertos Clam House in Little Italy.

Joe Gallo's funeral card.

This is a pic of Crazy Joe Gallo and Armando "Mando" Illiano at a birthday party for Lisa Essary who was Joe Gallo's new daughter by marriage. The slogan "Jive Ass" which is on the upper right wall was the nickname for the birthday girl.

Fashion, Hair and furniture of another time...

The picture below was from The New York Daily News.

"These are good boys" Sista Baez told newsman after the Gallo Gang stormed her Brooklyn apartment to rescue six young children from a mattress fire. Crazy Joe Gallo's brother Albert Jr. (center) was among the daring participants as well as Frank Illiano (far right) and Anthony Abbatamarco (far left). It was Joseph Profaci's refusal to carve up rackets belonging to Abbatamarco's dead father that instigated warring between the two factions. (Pic  Arthur Nash collection)

21 year old Joe Gallo.

This is Arthur Nash below,  right before he pulled out his Tommy Gun and shot my NYC Taxi to smithereens !!!
Ha !!

No way, Arthur Nash couldn't have been nicer to the King.

Arthur Nash is an historical archivist and author based in New York City and the curator of 'MADE in America', the first public exhibition addressing Organized Crime's sway on Pop Culture in the United States.

Nash is a major contributor to John Walsh's National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington D.C., as well as the Biography Channel's documentary series 'Murder, Inc.'
He gave me a tour of his brilliant gallery and told me stories that as a New Yorker I appreciated even more...He knows his New York big time, and if you should find yourself in Little Italy, be sure and visit 396 Broome Street, Little Italy between Mulberry & Centre and check out MOB Scene Museum where not only will you get to see some real authentic Mob memorabilia, but he has cool shirts and other accessories to make you remember your visit..very cool...Tell Arthur The King sent ya...but leave the gun, bring him a cannoli.. C'mon !! Thats my favorite line !!  :-)  ...if you don't you'll sleep with the fishes !! C'mon !! My second favorite line !! ...ok...just visit Mob Scene and get the feel of NYC. Nuff said.

New York City Gangland - Arthur Nash ..A must have book for any collector of organized crime history. With rare pictures of Bugsy Siegal, Mayor LaGuardia, a formal picture of Lucky Luciano to a class picture with Peter Gotti. Also, there are pictures in the book from John Gotti's private collection that show the stroller and carriage that belonged to Victoria Gotti who was just 2 months old when the portraits were taken. Wow. Arthur Nash has  preserved some real NYC history in this book folks.  This is a fast and fascinating pictorial read that you won't forget.

Gotta love the little museums that pack a big punch in NYC ...I always wanted to shoot a Tommy Gun and scream Top o the World Ma !! ...but I think I'll stick with what I know and remain behind the wheel of my taxi and eat a cannoli as I remain.... The King of New York Hacks.

Peace out Cannoli eaters. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 to the P, 2 the KONYH...Holla peeps, its Ten Pic Tuesday !!

The King always chuckles as he drives by this banner and thinks about The Honeymooners episode where Ed Norton is reading a script and says he has a string of poloponies ( sounded like pawlahpanies ) only to be corrected by Ralph saying "Thats POLO PONIES !!!!" lol show was great and still is !...Some of the youngsters in my family have come to love The Honeymooners thanks to DVD, but unfortunately some would rather watch Jersey Shore or Mob Wives...I still think Ralph sayng "BANG ZOOM To the Mooooon Alice !!!" is a lot funnier than one of the Jersey Shore princesses saying "F*** You I'm drunk !!"...maybe I'm getting old. Hmmph.

However, Nurse Jackie has a way of  keeping it real if the King needs some medical attention, or just summing up the bad apples we tend to meet from time to time..."Life is full of Little Pricks" ...indeed Jackie.

Here is a life size creation of what the King will look like in about two more years from driving these NYC streets and having to deal with little pricks...besides my own perverts !! Ha !! ...well, at least I'll still have a sense of fashion. Overalls and a tie are making a comeback ;-)

Surfs up on Broadway...maybe he's headed for the sewers, thats where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Surf...."Ride The Flush !!" as they say.

The window dressing always has a youngster peering out the corner of his eye before his mama gives him a biff off the head and says "get your mind out of the gutter!!"...whats that  ?? No noo , the young King never would stare...too long... before my inevitable biff off the top of me head !!  Ha !!

Competiton feels like a Nascar race at certain times of the night, were not crazy, its just a crazy way to earn a living !

This vehicle I bought at The Museum of Moving Image makes life easier and saves me plenty on fuel too !! Hey, Batman has his Batmobile and the King has...well..umm..a bicycle with a ceiling fan...Hey its great on gas !!  This museum is in Astoria, Queens and has an ever changing theme which is always worth a visit.

Music, Mosaics and mood...all in a subway may encounter half a dozen musicians in your travels on some nights...

...and while I'm riding my Kingjet ( ceilingfan bike ) for some R & R or in my King Kave ...and there is a passenger somewhere freezing, lost, drunk, sick, pregnant, sober, lonely or just plane late to work who needs a Yellow Taxi...the King will exit his domain...

...if you shout those sacred words that only The King will respond to.....'YO TAXI !!!!" .....and The King of New York Hacks will be on his way to save your day...

I may not have a string of Polo Ponies, nor is my Kingjet as fast as the Batmobile...but should you find yourself saying those sacred words in my city, ponies and bat's will not show up... but who will is faster than a hansom cab...more powerful than a luxury limo...its a pigeon...its a ceiling fan bike !... its... The King, of New York Hacks.

Peace out peeps. : )

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Pic Tuesday 2 and The King of New York Hacks

See, I told ya I'd make this T to the P happen...I may even throw in a few Twenty Pic Tuesday's being that I am such an incredible photographer that The New York Times has called "The only man who can juxtapose New York City while someone is urinating in his back seat" ...OK, maybe they didn't say that but it did happen, and they SHOULD write about the King !! Ha !!

Gotta love sweet summer NYC days with a nice air conditioned refuge of literature at The New York Public Library...This is where the planned statue of Edward, King of New York Hacks will be erected in 2012 to remind us how important reading his blog has been to the world...Seriously, I read that somewhere...  :-)

...and when I celebrate my statue, I'll kick back with a smoke at Nat Shermans where you can get some of the finest cigars in the city...and a cool clock with some Native Indians.

The King's friends are always happy to see him...even the imaginary ones ;-)

Never gets old, my favorite building The Chrysler...I could take pics of this all the this skyscraper.

Down the road these baby's will be extinct...some people are buying these to preserve them for the future because they are such a durable car and a New York City icon...The Ford Crown Victoria.

These SUV like the one below will be replaced with the new mini van Nissan NV 200 ...still wish the ole checker cab came back.

Cluster boxes for mail delivery saves a lot of knee problems and time for the mailman on these Harlem streets that have many stairs and obstacles...these pop up more and more round the way.

Harlem Shuffle...always a pick up game somewhere...not quite a dunk yet, but you're gettin' there kid...The King beat the Knicks in scrimmage this year and they refused to make this news public...seriously, I read it somewhere..  ;-)

Nothing like cooling down on a hot day or getting a free car wash by  a NYC fire hydrant...just dont keep your windows down because the kids have pretty good aim using a hollowed out soda can to get the water pointed at you to soak your dry ass. HaHa ! I'm serious !! I don't need to read that anywhere, its happened to the King !! ..The price I pay for royalty...ahhh but I digress... :-)

...and if you ever need to know what time it is, get warm, or get lost...Grand Central Station is a pretty good place to accommodate all...

So there ya go folks, my second successful 10 pic 2sday, well its not successful until someone reads it... so congrats and thanks if its you, this is a team effort...

Eventually, all NYC streets merge into an avenue, and hydrant water runs through it. The streets were paved by the labor of great people, and my taxi flows on the blacktop, over the sewers of time. On some of these streets are endless thoughts. On top of the pavement are the words, and some of the words are yours...I am haunted by the streets of NYC.

So until my next post which may be before next Tuesday, all I can say is...I may not have been written about in the New York Times (yet), nor have I beaten The New York Knicks ( I probably could though ), but a nice young lady did urinate in my back seat once, right on the floor behind me, not a very pleasant experience...and that statue just may come to be if my literature ever makes it to the NYPL... However until then, I'll be driving through the urban waterfalls that cascade through a soda can held by the children of NYC...and remain...

Edward...The King of New York Hacks...and future statue ;-)

Peace out peepers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten Pic Tuesday and The King of NY Hacks

Thats right...a little Teee Peee Teee, 10 to the P to the T... Ten Pic Tuesday..why not eh ?

The King of New York Hacks personality brightens everyone's day behind the wheel. :-)

The King and his personality on the 67th floor shining away ! Ha !

ESB always a sight to see...This is where I fought King Kong.

...and kissed a few girls heh heh heh ... ; )

Black long sleeve shirt not advisable on days over 95...They'd be smiling in my chilly Crown Victoria Taxi.

These old lamps give atmosphere and character to NYC.

...and whaddya know , a line for the bathroom !!

Fleur de lis Bryant Park

Cigarette de bris Bryant Park

Woman working the Newstand

How bout a shine right outside the Library ?

I'm no Librarian , and I cant shine shoes for shit...but I can bring you New York City, because that's what I do... as I remain...wait for it....The King of New York Hacks.

I think I'm going to do this every Tuesday from now on, I kinda dig it...

Yeah...10 Pix 2sday.. I will do it...I dig it the most. : )

Peace out peepers.