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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 So during my hiatus I thought I'd post some pics I took of the NYC peeps I bump into round my way...Ten peep Tuesday if you will ...enjoy...Love meeting the people of this city.

The always brilliant "crazy piano guy" from Washington Square Colin Huggins . Check out the link, his videos are incredible, subscribe to him on youtube, facebook, etc..and give him all your money like I do. : )   I could write an entire post on him and all the joy he brings to people with his music, and I think I will in the near future ! :-)

New York City Floyd Lee Band is fronted by 78 year old Mississippi bluesman powerhouse Floyd Lee and continues to deliver raw and powerful blues. He was born in Mississippi in 1933 and the acclaimed movie Full Moon Lightnin' which he stars in is a must for any blues fan.

Heth and Jed     have been rockin' the tunnels of New York City as well as the clubs, colleges and concerts for all their fans and have an upcoming show at The Parkside Lounge on March 2nd at 8pm on the Lower East Side. They are supercool and play some kickass music...If you can see them, def go out of your way to check them out.

This is Moses Josiah, He's from Guyana and entirely self-taught the musical saw..and he's a player, and a person...If you bump into Moses who is well known, chat him up, trust me, he has some amazing stories and when you hear him playing that saw it is shocking the sound he gets out of it..

Korean American drummer & dancer Vongku Pak is nothing short of amazing when he performs as he will this week at The Poets Den Theater in Queens with the Electric Shaman concert. Click on his name to learn all about him and the creative energy he brings to NYC.

My man Charlie the Cat on the head dude was one of the first people I ever blogged about and I frequently bump into him all over the city...His talented cat Nicolas and him cover a lot of ground and the tourists love having their pic taken with him...and Charlie loves donations to do so lol !!

Roman Shusterman is a unique activist, Presidential candidate and creator of...  The Fart Smeller Movement     ...He actually convinces women to let him smell their butt...I kid you not, and as you can see, it puts a big smile on Roman's face..I see him all over the city to as I drive around and if you want to learn all about him, click the link and his blog has vids and pics to explain it all....

Larry the Hawkman of Washington Square park...He came here from San Diego last year because he wanted to see snow, and it only snowed once so far, and not much so he is VERY disappointed, however, he knows all about the hawks that live near the park and and studies them every day, knows where the nests are, babies, etc...He carries a birdwatching book and can tell you all about the nature going on near the park...he even gave me a tour to show me some of the 97 rat holes he counted in the park...Larry mentioned how the hawks get a good fight trying to grab some of these hefty rodents...I told Larry I would post this photo and he said "cool, tell everyone to come and visit me !! " ...So , if you're near Washington Square, hook up with Larry and learn all there is to know about the Hawks of NYC...Tell him the King sent ya. ;-)

Angel Eyedealism  , from Prague to Berlin to New York City, Angel is a classically trained, five-octave range vocals singer and performer. She has an album called Aggressive Cheesecake, and is poised for international success. Angel is also a well known astrologer and tarot card reader, and has her music videos on youtube. I found this two minute vid of her singing for someone, be warned the lyrics get very vulgar, but I heard her sing here in Tompkins Square park and trust the King, she is brilliant ! Click here to listen,  Angel Eydealism

BATMAN  !!! Times Square !! I pass by Batman often when I'm driving and I usually reach out the window and high five him or joke with him if I'm stuck in traffic as he's taking pics with the tourists....the cool thing most don't know is that in real life he is a professional boxer whose nickname is , you guessed it "The Dark Knight"  !!  He's 6' 4'' 225 lbs, so dont mess with him Elmo or Hello Kitty !!

...and if nobody is around I can always count on Morgan Freeman to be narrating my story as the King drives around...too bad he's the wax one in front of Madame Tussaud's on 42nd st and would melt in my heated taxi or he'd be riding shotgun with me like he did for Clint Eastwood...except I'd pay him less...ok..a LOT less. ;)

I may not be Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman, and I'm certainly not going to be smelling any farts or have a rabbit on my head anytime soon...but I will keep my tempo and beat to the rhythm of this city as I remain ...

The King of New York Hacks...

Peace out peeps.