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Thursday, May 31, 2012

King's Memorial Day...Summer Begins...and an old school #KONYH Pic :-)

Hello everyone, Summer is here, boy was it I spent a little time checking out the fishing scene and beaches here in the NYC...This is Staten Island...I also have a post coming up about Coney Island...but this was Memorial Day, and as hot as it ws, the peeps were out and enjoying some well deserved time off...Here we go...

The beaches are open, and lifeguards on duty.

I Found Jimmy Hoffa in a barrel washed up on shore...guess they were right saying he sleeps with the fish.

Cowboy fishing wearin' black in 100 degree weather...Johnny Cash would be proud.

Kids perfecting their ollies and ...well, whatever else those moves are called....crazyairborneassbreakers ? that would be the name of my move lol

Whether you like casting in the surf or surfing on your any age, its all good.

Seahorse rodholders are convenient, and look cool.

Even nice of the city to put a Kings crown sign pointing to where I live. Ha !! :-)

...and kids were literally, Running on water !! Holy smokes !

Some come to reflect about their Saturday Night Fever, I choose to forget them, and the clothes I wore LOL !...maybe I'll let you see what the King looked like back in the day...I was into rock, disco, I tried it had too !!! Lol !! ...I dunno, maybe I'll dig up a pic to show you what the King was sportin" back then and post it at the end...

I came across Davy Jones locker too...

No booze, just Gold...oh well, I threw it back in the water...I heard Spongebob is broke, so I'm sure he could use it. :)

I was going to pretend to need help in the water just so they'd have to untangle their legs, but instead I chilled...we've all been there ;)

Even my fellow yellows were enjoying the beach today !

Fitting that they painted the stairs Taxi yellow for the King. :)

Airborne !

Mother and Son feeling the heat !

Father's teaching their son's to fish...tis a good Memorial Day.

...and actually catching some big blues !!

Of course he caught a big blue !!! He's a Yankee Fan !!! Lets Go Yankees !! Mets fans caught jellyfish ! lol

Very cool metal surfboard table to filet and clean your fish...even has a foot pump that brings up the salt water under the pier so its always available ! The Silver Surfer is pissed that he can't use his board anymore !! Blame Bloomberg !! LOL !!

Scales on the table is a good sign that the fish are bitin' !! Dont drink it !! Salt water !

Trying to get his hook back...Blues can bite...For real your digits or your hand will be sleeping with the fishies !!

One of my peeps heading home to put it on his grill !!

...and ready to catch more. .

Peaceful...hopefully all our friends involved with the war will hopefully be home soon, and this never ending war over. Period.

All the Flags flying !

Flag chart..

Harbor sunset...ready to call it a it was HOT !

Reflecting on friends & family who are lost, served, or still serving...wishing them a safe passage home so I can fish with them once again.

Always look in the rear view mirror peeps, sometimes its something worth looking at...Happy Memorial Day....well, Happy summer now ;) ~ #KONYH

Ha !! I didn't forget about mentioning if I'd show you the King back when I was a punk during the Saturday Night Fever I won't leave you hanging...This was when I was I think 16 in my hood...just finished delivering my paper route and a friend took this pic...What a mop on that head back then !! LOL That dungaree jacket saw some good concerts back in the day...Rush, Iron Maiden, Run DMC, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr...I dug all the music back then, still do...

A lot of loved ones are gone from those days, and I choose to remember them all on Memorial Day whether they served in the military or not...I loved them...and I miss them...and its important to reflect, remember, and rejoice in the times you were lucky to share with them....we're not promised shit in this world, so enjoy every moment peeps....just don't dress like this punk !! Always being told to get a haircut !! My Principal cut my hair once ! Story for another day!  Lol !!

So like I said, always look in the rear view mirror peeps, good and bad... there is always someone or something special worth looking at...and I just gave you a look into my rear view mirror, and I had good and bad back then...but its really worth remembering that good stuff... :-)

...but what do I know, I'm not a brilliant long haired paperboy who drew that graffiti on the pole .. ;)

I'm just a fellow yellow NYC Taxi Driver who checks his mirrors every now and then and smiles...and one day I might see you waving me down in one of them, and you'll get in, and then you'll share a ride with...

The King of New York Hacks...and I'll add that to the good stuff.   

Peace out peepers.