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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The King loves to meet REAL New Yorkers that bring a substance and aura to this city that can not be created elsewhere in the world and can sneak up on you in a New York minute at anytime. Well as I got out of my office late again and could not get a taxi to work the night, the catering hall across the street had about a hundred paparazzi's waiting for Elton John, Trump,Whoopi and a host of other celebrities to walk the red carpet when all of a sudden you hear Whoooooooooooo !!!!!! Whoooooooooooooo!!! Yeahhhh!!!!! Whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Coming from down the street and the scream getting nearer as this man was jogging and appeared almost like a reinarnation of Apollo Creed from Rocky fame. He stopped where all the paparazzi were and started screaming to them that he don't drink, he don't smoke, and he's seen Trump before and said he'll whoop his ass because hes a bad man. He screamed that he don't drink,don't smoke and keeps it real for America and its children. He was rhyming like Bruce Lee + Muhammed Ali = ME !! YOU want to know me Google Me I'm The Black Cherokee !!!

This was great stuff.

So instead of me doing my paparazzi stuff, I went and followed him jogging where he started screaming from the steps on Federal Hall and then he proceeded to Trinity Church to stand on these blockades that prevent cars from driving down Wall St and I videotaped him and asked him his name. Hope you enjoy it. He's also an artist and musician.
Here's his CD , his myspace OtisHoustonJrTheBlackCherokee!! , and here is another story about him from NYCTheBlog.

If you google him there is more about how he sets up next to highways here in NYC and waves to people screaming his thoughts and objectives. I also heard he does a weird act with oranges. I'll try to get that for you one day. Hopefully I will be able to get Joe the peeler, Cat on the Head guy, and The Black Cherokee all together for a Charlie Rose meeting with The King Of Hacks and really entertain the blogworld.

I love this shot, middle of Wall St screaming his words at hundreds of paparazzi as if the city was his , and at that moment....IT WAS HIS ...The Black Cherokee Otis Houston Jr. Obama, look out!

"DONT YOU BE TELLIN' ME WHATS GOOD , I AM GOOD AND YOU BETTER START LISTENING !!!".......Damn straight Otis, The King sure did!!


Enjoy the videos, the lighting sucks but you can hear his voice quite well. The one below is on the street right outside Federal Hall.

This next vid I took as he jogged to Trinity and began his speech, you can hear the King ask "whats your name" and he provides it along with other thoughts.Its funny how most New Yorkers just walk by without even batting an eye. That's what makes this city so unique, had he been doing this in Bakersfield, Ohio he'd probably be in a mental institution.

So in the last two weeks I was fortunate enough to meet REAL people like Joe the peeler and Otis The Black Cherokee, I may not be as real as they are but I am The King Of New York Hacks. Now Beat That !!!


  1. nice, never seen this guy before. really liked the blogs about him, definitely real is a good way to describe himself it seems.

  2. Takes all sorts. And you got 'em in NYC :)

  3. Holy COW. Ok, you need to tell this guy to roadtrip over into my state and scream at some people here. It might actually IMPROVE something!


  4. Oh hell. I want to see the video!! Why is is not coming up for me??

    You are right - if he did that in my town they would lock him up. I do love a good character. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We used to (possibly still do, I don't know) have a guy here who changed his name to Loon. He was a juggler. You've got to have jugglers. I want to see a juggler sometime.

    How does Otis make a living? Does he lay a boxing cape on the ground to collect money, or do people rush up to him and tuck it into his gloves? Or is he doing all this entertaining for free?

  6. Love it. Love "I didn't put me in there, they did it!"

  7. That was fantastic "They did it! They did it!!!"

    I love visiting New York. (via King of the Hacks)

  8. Listen king, like you I'm a native New Yorker. Through the years I noticed that when certain people stop taking their Meds. or their Meds are to strong they start to do and say crazy shit... Like jog around the Wall st. area with boxing gloves or sit on the corner of Broadway and Wall st. and peel potato's and Friggin carrotts. We all stop, look and listen to them. Sometimes we laugh. Then they just become annoying. They are not the the real deal, king. They are the forgotten one's of our city looking for the love they never had as a child. Sure they walk around with cat's on their head and jog around with boxing gloves. But what they really are saying is LOVE ME DADDY, LOVE ME...

  9. re: shlitze-What's not to like? ok, ok, they can be annoying, but it is in our character.

  10. You have more excitement in 1 day than I'll ever see in a year in Minneapolis. The streets are quiet and move smoothly. Everyone just walks and looks forward. Soooo Different.

    I'm all cash right now....I just don't see any reason to own anything. Plus, we have to hold stocks for 5 days at our firm (in our own account) due to compliance reasons and 5 days is eternity now. I wish I could write about it, but I have a feeling I'm being "watched"

  11. This. Cannot. Be. Real. Yet you have photos. Okay, so at first, I hoped against all hope that indeed Carl Weathers somehow got all hopped up on something and was prancing around in that ridiculous hat and those shiny shorts. But THEN, when you wrote that this guy does strange acts with oranges, well....that's a whole other story. This, I HAVE to see. Anyone that does tricks with fruit I am into.

  12. Well if thats true steenky bee. you have to see what I can do with a pineapple a lemon and a banana.

  13. See...this is what I picture New York City to be like. Crazy:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments:-)

  14. More great stuff! I like to visit P-town and Key West to see some stuff like that, too, but when it happens in NYC, it's just better.

  15. @ nyc taxi photo-Yeah bro, he was no act , his stuff was for real and he has an agenda as crazy as it seems.

    @ braja-hey maybe the next Einstein or the next peeler dude.

    @ ms.Partly Cloudy-Damn Straight Ms. PC, HACK-ED Is BUDS WITH BLACK CHEROKEE !! Now Beat That !! LOL !

    @ brunhilda-you can see the video here if you have trouble

    @ gilighan qabista-and long live us who are recording it Gil !!

    @ real cab driver-oh we have jugglers RCD, In fact my man gene over at Pictures from a taxi had a ten year old juggler in central park recently , but I'll get one on here soon !!

    @ tonisu-how so , he seemed so...conservative lol !!

    @ gnightgirl- yeah that killed me too , They did It!!

    @ vodka mom-again They did It !!! We have to use that line !!

    @ schlitze-good points schlitze, reminds me of action hero actors who govern major states or ex-boxers who screamed and yelled about a machine that makes burgers....hmmmm maybe these guys are our future leaders!!

    @ nyc taxi- straight up NYC !!

    @ moe wanchuk-moe enjoy the silence of the streets , and ONE day is eternity now especially with leverage changing by the minute....oh and we ARE being watched...its gonna be a cold winter brother, but we'll weather the storm !

    @ steenky bee- as soon as I get the orange ct on film you'll see it SB..and the you will BELIEVE !!LOL

    @ schlitze-yes , schlitze we hear you have quite an anal cavity!! LOL

    @ susie-It is Susie, only thing missing is crazy delicious cupcakes. See you soon.

    @ hungry mother-Well said, an I agree, thanks for stopping by!

  16. What can he do with oranges? I really want to know.

    I think it's the crazy people that remind the rest of us that life should NEVER be taken seriously. The happiest people are those who just let go. How great that would be.

  17. This is the first blog I've seen that has the same template as mine. Nicely done.

  18. Oh yeah, I just came back to read this tale again. I laughed just as hard as I did the first time. (That's what she said)

  19. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Sorry, my eyes are blurry today...can't read....I Hab A Code!!

    - Jennifer

  20. I'm glad I got to hear him in that longer clip because CD Baby wanted me to log-in and I haate logging in for stuff.

    he looks in real good shape.

    Thanks, as ever for keepin' it real, Hack!

  21. I love that guy.

    I wish I could be over the top sometimes.

    Thanks KING - you rock as always.

  22. That is so funny that you mentioned how most New Yorkers walk by without blinking an eye. I just had a conversation with my roommate about that literally 15 minutes ago!

    She's never been to New York and she doesn't understand how such crazy things can happen and people just don't care. I told her that New York just needs to be experienced.

  23. Yet another reason to move back home. I LOVE that we NYers are so oblivious to guys like this and you're right, he'd be in a white coat in a second if he were anywhere else (except L.A. b/c this is truly the last stop on the crazy train)

  24. You gotta love it only in the City do these characters make it...:D Hey, you sure this wasn't some waiter/actor you paid to perform! LOL Have a fantastic week!!

  25. thank you ~ i needed a short vacation and you gave me one! [again]

  26. You see so many sights! So many interesting folks! Love his gloves! :)

  27. I miss NYC - thanks for bringing a little bit of NY back to my memory

  28. ^^Thanks!!