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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New Year, A New Post, and maybe a new Shorty Award Winner ! #KONYH !!!

Haven't posted in a while, but New York City is still flowing with the actions, movements, and people who are still fighting to keep this city a place to be and live...and I'm still trying to capture all those moments....also I was nominated for a "Shorty Award", which is very cool, so if you dig my photographs that I post on all my Social Media and you have a Twitter account, hope you feel like voting for me. I'll provide more links at the end of the post.  

Idle No More Washington Square 

                                              Art Sheep Grazing in a Gas Station in the Village

                        Sometimes going over the bridge on the train can give you the best scenes in the city.

                             ...and sometimes just walking down the street can introduce you to a new friend.  

                              Turning The Tide to help those still hurting from the Hurricane Sandy

                                                Spider Man doing his thing in Times Square

                 She traveled all the way from Spain to revisit her old city and sport her Easter Bonnet.

                              The last thing I thought I'd see one day was a trapeze set up at the seaport !
                                                        Thats me !! Yeah right !!! lol

                    No matter what Mom was saying about stay outta the fountain, he just wasn't having it !!

                                            Big Bird always good for a laugh and a smile

                                                     No Angry Birds in Union Square

                        The never ending street talent is beginning to bring people back to Ground Zero

                                                   ....and Comic Con always cracks me up !!

                      I have a Facebook friend named Robin, I wonder if this was her way of saying hello

           Sadly, the murals of the 5 Pointz like this one were washed over, but the art will live doubt

                                                Old meets New as the skyline is changing

               Activists working hard all year round  to bring the crooks of Wall St to a well deserved jail cell

                  Coney Island fought back after the devastating Hurricane to welcome back everyone

              Staten Island marched for justice too from the lack of response and help to their community

                                                St Patricks Day brought many smiles

...and to see Newtown show up after their tragedy, showed the strength and resilience of some powerful youngsters who braved the parade through the snow and showed what character truly is. Well done.

                Nothing like walking by Union Square and seeing husband and wife duke it out in public

                                                  New York City...where my monarchy exists :)

So just click here VOTE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS to bring you to my Shorty Award page where you can Nominate/Vote (Nominate & Vote are the same thing :) )  for me to win in the category Photography !!! You do need a Twitter to do this, but sharing my page is also much appreciated !! OK, thats enough of my shameless plug Ha !!! You can also visit my journalist sight if you'd like to view some of my work not linked to this page. Here it is Demotix Edward.

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So thanks in advance for any help in the voting, and I'll be posting regularly for the rest of the year at least once a month and hopefully much more on this blog. I post almost daily on Facebook so friend me if you haven't and you will see MANY photographs of NYC that you haven't seen on this blog. Anyhow, right now I'm still recovering from wrist surgery and hope to be back in action very soon...but what do I know, I ain't a doctor...I'm just The King...wait for it.........of New York Hacks.

Much love to you all ~ Edward :)