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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flood Wall Street , new sight coming soon.

Working on a new way to get my street photography and my journalism of whats happening in New York City into one website, and its taking a bit longer than I anticipated, and a bit more $$$ than I thought.  ( Isn't that how it ALWAYS works :P ) 

So for now and in the future I will post a few pics, a few words, and most likely a few links to my work until I have the full media site running where all my videos, interviews, photographs, and stories of New York City will be available and updated weekly, and perhaps daily with a lot of new content from current events, NYC urban street life, United Nations coverage, Arts and Entertainment, and lots more right here from the King. 

I will have this site up to date by the end of the week hopefully and I will be covering the New York City Comic Con event with lots of photo coverage next week using all my social media outlets while also covering the events that occur during it, so I hope you jump on board with me and enjoy the ride. Thanks for visiting, your comments, patience, and most of all your never-ending support. 

Hope everyone is doing well. I am active on Facebook and Twitter, use Instagram sometimes, so I recommend you connect with me if you want to get my updates in a more timely manner and I would enjoy the company as I do here if you use those platforms. Thank you &  Much love to you all my friends ~ Edward :) #KONYH

Link to Photographs of the day below. Cheers all. #KONYH

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New Year, A New Post, and maybe a new Shorty Award Winner ! #KONYH !!!

Haven't posted in a while, but New York City is still flowing with the actions, movements, and people who are still fighting to keep this city a place to be and live...and I'm still trying to capture all those moments....also I was nominated for a "Shorty Award", which is very cool, so if you dig my photographs that I post on all my Social Media and you have a Twitter account, hope you feel like voting for me. I'll provide more links at the end of the post.  

Idle No More Washington Square 

                                              Art Sheep Grazing in a Gas Station in the Village

                        Sometimes going over the bridge on the train can give you the best scenes in the city.

                             ...and sometimes just walking down the street can introduce you to a new friend.  

                              Turning The Tide to help those still hurting from the Hurricane Sandy

                                                Spider Man doing his thing in Times Square

                 She traveled all the way from Spain to revisit her old city and sport her Easter Bonnet.

                              The last thing I thought I'd see one day was a trapeze set up at the seaport !
                                                        Thats me !! Yeah right !!! lol

                    No matter what Mom was saying about stay outta the fountain, he just wasn't having it !!

                                            Big Bird always good for a laugh and a smile

                                                     No Angry Birds in Union Square

                        The never ending street talent is beginning to bring people back to Ground Zero

                                                   ....and Comic Con always cracks me up !!

                      I have a Facebook friend named Robin, I wonder if this was her way of saying hello

           Sadly, the murals of the 5 Pointz like this one were washed over, but the art will live doubt

                                                Old meets New as the skyline is changing

               Activists working hard all year round  to bring the crooks of Wall St to a well deserved jail cell

                  Coney Island fought back after the devastating Hurricane to welcome back everyone

              Staten Island marched for justice too from the lack of response and help to their community

                                                St Patricks Day brought many smiles

...and to see Newtown show up after their tragedy, showed the strength and resilience of some powerful youngsters who braved the parade through the snow and showed what character truly is. Well done.

                Nothing like walking by Union Square and seeing husband and wife duke it out in public

                                                  New York City...where my monarchy exists :)

So just click here VOTE KING OF NEW YORK HACKS to bring you to my Shorty Award page where you can Nominate/Vote (Nominate & Vote are the same thing :) )  for me to win in the category Photography !!! You do need a Twitter to do this, but sharing my page is also much appreciated !! OK, thats enough of my shameless plug Ha !!! You can also visit my journalist sight if you'd like to view some of my work not linked to this page. Here it is Demotix Edward.

Add caption

So thanks in advance for any help in the voting, and I'll be posting regularly for the rest of the year at least once a month and hopefully much more on this blog. I post almost daily on Facebook so friend me if you haven't and you will see MANY photographs of NYC that you haven't seen on this blog. Anyhow, right now I'm still recovering from wrist surgery and hope to be back in action very soon...but what do I know, I ain't a doctor...I'm just The King...wait for it.........of New York Hacks.

Much love to you all ~ Edward :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

#KONYH Street Photography NYC 2012

Video of my Street Photography from 2012 to the tune Lascia ch'io piangia by Chloe... Hope it brings you a smile folks... Enjoy :)


So many memories good and bad in 2012, this short video was just a fraction of the poignant moments frozen in New York City this year...I may not be Martin Scorsese or Robert DeNiro...but I still have my hack license as I remain and report NYC to you in 2013...The King of New York Hacks.

Have a safe New Years, please don't drink and drive.

Peace out peeps. See ya next year :) ~ Edward #KONYH

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The KING of Photography Jez Coulson, The Diners on the Edge of New York, and the K.O.N.Y.H.

Not a normal post , but one I hope you read on.. a great experience for King Edward :-)

Two weekends ago I was very fortunate to participate with an amazing group of professional photographers from the "World Photography Organization New York City Project "Diner on the edge of America" led by world renown reportage photojournalist, and New York City knighted KING of photography,  Jez Coulson   !!  ....Yes, I knighted him !! You wanna be knighted ?? Come and visit me !!  ;)

Jez Coulson is a New York based photojournalist and 'reportage artist' ,  he has won numerous awards for his work in journalism covering conflict in Africa and the Middle East and in Northern Ireland, he has also won awards and accolades for his commercial photography, and for his work as an artist. For more information about Jez, visit his website and blog.

View Jez Coulson's
You Tube Description of Workshop and Jez

I have conversed with many brilliant photographers since I started driving a taxi, and blogging...but this was my first interaction on a practical basis of actually holding a camera, WITH that professional,  using the techniques such as composition, depth, focus, and a King's eye hahaha..I already had that last one perfected ;) ...However , I was extremely fortunate to acquire the rest from this extraordinary workshop ! 

Diner on the edge of America ? In New York City ??....I liked this idea...No..I LOVED this idea !!!

I've been to so many diners over the last 20 years, more of them closed than are open !!! ...I had to participate in this project...A famous reportage photojournalist who eats at diners ?? 
The King must pursue this...he has to be too good to be true for a fellow blogger to be doing a project on NYC Diners ?...

...nope, it IS TRUE !! Here is a pic in a diner of Jez Coulson on the right and the brilliant Multi Talented Photographer/Editor/Creative Director  Amin Torres on the left who manages the famous blog BOCETOS, ...unfortunately you see a ketchup bottle that Jez would like to smash over my head right now for not taking it out of the picture before snapping it !!! Hahaha !! See ! I AM Learning !!! ( Sorry Jez!)  Just click on their names to visit their brilliant blogs which have won MANY awards and collectively had more than 30 million visitors pay attention to their New York City pictures that will leave the King's blog just a distant memory !....However, please feel free to visit my stale humor and pics every now and then anyway folks. :)

Jez has a gift for teaching, and speaking in front of a group.... he reminded me of a cross between Ewen McGregor, Charlie Sheen, and Atticus Finch...He is from England but has spent much time in America, AND diners...don't get me wrong about the Charlie Sheen reference, Jez has a verbal gift and structure while presenting with an English accent, that McGregor has perfected in his roles...and Sheen has also done extensively with charm  and humor, which make them both so successful as actors, and people...but he also has an honesty that he doesn't hide and wants to help you reach the highest level of talent you have without compromising yourself...thats the Finch that maybe I'm not clear on, but you'll just have to book meeting him for his Chicago Workshop from December 9th to 11th to know what I'm talkin' about !! ..

  Jez Coulson,  The King of Photographers has been "winning" long before Sheen started saying it...Jez has been around the world in very difficult places to take photos, such as South Africa, Northern Ireland, Rwanda... winning awards and being humble about it...If Jez wasn't carrying a camera, I'd expect him to be wielding a light sabre like McGregor...He's not only a cool dude, he's an artist...not just a photographer...and when you visit his blog, you'll see what I'm talking about...Trust the KONYH on this one, you won't be sorry.

So how did King Eddie meet Jez Coulson ??  I've conversed with him over the years through our blogs because he has an affinity for New York City Yellow Taxi Cabs, and a great sense of humor.. like me !!  hahahaha....thats right :) ..when you see his pics with reflections of yellow cabs in diner windows, it just shows that even though he wasn't born here..He IS a New Yorker...some people live here their whole lives and don't GET New York...Jez "GETS" New York, and it shows in his pictures. Jez has actually done a photo trip with my friend and fellow yellow Noah  NYC Taxi Photo , if you've never seen Noah's NYC Taxi Blog, well... now you will ;-)  ...its brilliant.

Here is a pic of Jez taking a pic of the KONYH while my fellow "diner picture taking comrade L to the D to the double Cc ...the beautiful... world famous... photojournalism photographer Lauren DeCicca as she bites her lip not telling me I'm using too much flash !!" ( sorry :) ) ...they both really have the patience of Saints to deal with the likes of me..Once again, click on her name to see her brilliant work. :)

 ...and Saturday morning, the day of the first shoot..we began in a diner taking random pics...and I was fortunate enough to meet this lovely woman who was not camera shy...and I began to shoot photos while Jez Coulson told me how to change my point of rhythm.."keep snapping" said Jez...I snapped...Move your hands..I moved them...take that butter knife and stab yourself..."I refuse"...Jez smiled, ...he said "you have a chance at being a photographer matey" hahahaha :)  ....what a beautiful woman. :) ...I kept snapping...

...and kept snapping...

..and even when new customers came in...I kept snapping..

When I traveled to a different diner...I kept snapping...

I love random subway pics...

...The King loves taking a blurry picture...which to my surprise Jez encouraged...He said "Take the Pic"...he wasn't with me, but I heard his opinion on what would make a good picture ringing in my head....I snapped....and kept snappin...thanks Jez....

...and I arrived at another diner with a new perspective...I was seeing things differently now...I like this new point of view...I thought I was already a photographer because I took wrong I was...I snapped The Brooklyn Diner, in Manhattan :) Ironic no ??? LOL

...ordered what I always have ordered since I had my fist paper route when I was 7 years old and bought my first Vanilla Egg Cream...My favorite, and have never not ordered it in a diner.  :) ..This one was , as expected... delicious...if a diner makes it, its usually delicious...order on, it comes in chocolate too, but I'm a Vanilla Egg Cream Connoisseur and this was GOOD....Damn Good  :)

...Saw a Chocolate Milkshake which look pretty good too...Hey !! Remember folks this is about the focus of the plates and the depth of the photo,  not the food !! hahahaha Like we can resist !!! ...Like a true NYC diner, Brooklyn Diner gives you the extra shake left in the big tin...Nice !!

...and the Chef's work frantically while I snap away for a perfect photo !

...I asked what was the most popular dish at this diner, and this is what I got....HOLY SMOKES !! ....lets not discuss all the words to describe this Brooklyn Diner NY Hot Dog..Nuff Said !! hahahaha. :) ...I could not finish it and ate the rest later...Whoa !! Will not do that again !! Holla !!
This diner photography isn't good for my health !!

So I went to the editing session on Sunday , the last day where they pick a picture we took that is worthy... here is a brilliant shot of Universally known Jez, Amin,  and renown Steve Marshall who has the blog photo-dialogue...Yup , THAT Steve Marshall.... oh, and the fat head looking stunned in the right bottom corner,... well that's me, The KONYH :) ...hopefully you won't delete my sorry blog after you visit these pros !! ;)

Here, Jez is telling me all the things I did right ...AND all the things I did wrong !! Which is why I look like I'm gonna barf !!! The King is being schooled !!...and the best part is I'm lovin' every minute of it,  and am grateful to have such a brilliant teacher and colleagues to school me on how to take brilliant photos !! ...Wow..I'm not worthy I'm thinking to myself...sheesh, how the hell did I wind up surrounded by such talent  ???!! ...oh yeah, I'm the King, of Hacks :) ...

....and a few days later I arrive at the Chelsea Art Museum for the exhibition...and am BLOWN AWAY  by my colleagues work hanging on the wall ... along with MINE hanging on the wall....Brilliant !! .   :)  The King's pic is the lady drinking coffee !! Brilliant !! I am in AWE !! Our pics are being displayed til the 12 th of November !! Lovin it !! Come visit !!! Now you have a reason !! Hahahah !! ...seriously you do  :)

...and Here's King Edward with the "Mega" ( as Jez would say ) photo picked for the of the proudest moments of my New York City picture takin'taxi life... that would have never existed had I not become a NYC yellow taxi driver...or become a blogger, or have met Jez Coulson, and had his guidance along with my colleagues to take such a brilliant photo...Amazing is an understatement..felt pretty damn good , thanks Jez and all my fellow workshop mates. :)  Our work is being shown at Chelsea Art Museum until the 12th of November, now that is MEGA !!

Here's a pic of Amin and Jez once again laughing at too much flash !! Haha !! Hey mates I'm gettin better !! LOL...OK...I know I'm horrible !!

....and if you find yourself walking into a diner and wondering if your pic is being taken,  or if the King is driving by in the reflection of a New York City Minute,  through the shadow of a diner..pause and ask yourself why you're not in it , or taking it...or if you're suddenly in the lens of a photographer who is in a Diner on the Edge of America that was taught by none other than Jez Coulson who has a class in Chicago next month yourself a favor if you're near it and sign up...well worth the money, experience, and becoming a part of the World Photography Organisation which is second to none.

When I was a young NYC kid, a teacher had forbidden me to be creative...( and trust the King, I WAS creative !!)  ...because she said it was ignorant,  and my words would offend people... But in my  present time,  I've experienced enough of life, and have regained the soul of confidence to realize that I can have faith in a world that was almost stolen from me, only to be introduced in the present time as a spectator with a possibility, that my inner being of creativity can exist... and was a Diner on the edge of America....

Like many taxi drivers in New York City where the Autumn days are long and boring, I love taking pictures well into the evening... Then in the evening of a New York City moonlight, my inner being fades with memories, and sometimes those memories are like the whirlpools of time under the Hells Gate Bridge, where my Grandfather almost drowned once, but hung builds a balance that creates hope...the hope of life, and perhaps a picture...that will evoke my emotion..and perhaps yours..I hope.

Maybe someday The King will be a professional photographer, and amongst my colleagues we will all exist equally...maybe... sometimes all experiences blend into one...and King Jez Coulson will guide us through he did me...

New York City Diners were created by the world's immigrants and the hands of a time where an Egg Cream are not soon forgotten.... On some of these diners lie the remnants of a food  riot...deep beneath the scars of New York City's appetite are the recipes, and most of the ingredients are yours....

The King is possessed by the photos and food of New York City...and the teachings of Jez Coulson... AND my colleagues... Here are their brilliant links, I encourage you all to visit every one of them... :-) 
Thank You !!

My classmates. Please visit their "Mega" talented photo blogs :-)   Lauren   Veronique  Dana Ullman   Cheryl Ann Gould   Steve Marshall  Lauren DeCicca JEZ DINER INTRO YOUTUBE

The Chicago Diners on the Edge of America ...Sign up if you are near Chicago !! :-)

...and through their pictures and links there is a Yellow New York City Taxi ....and King Edward drives through it...Thanks for riding with me friends..

Peace out peeps..  :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

A friend Eric I Stand Up Comedian  wrote these words, which I found to be perfect for today. 
Sometimes, people do evil things.

Sometimes, evil things end up hurting innocent people tremendously.

Don't be convinced, by another, or by your own greed, or by your own envy, to do an evil thing.

Don't tolerate the behavior of people who do evil things.

Don't be afraid to say &/or do unpopular things, even to your detriment, if it will stop the spread of evil.

And as hard as it is to do all of the above and to STILL be a trusting person - be a trusting person.

Never forget.
~ Eric I , Stand Up Comic

Never forget.

...took my yearly walk yesterday downtown and have many thoughts and pictures to share...but for today I found what Eric said to be the best words to share...thank you Eric.

Today was a day to look around and remember how lucky we all are to have the people we have in our lives, and never forget... to be happy.

God Bless my fallen brothers and sisters, and I pray for a safe passage home for my brothers and sisters who remain at war.. 

God bless all of you..

~ Edward ...King of New York Hacks